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2 2 EMBRAER Vision The several IFE technologies are becoming more and more complex and it was EMBRAER decision to offer the IFE system development and certification as part of the aircraft basic configuration.

3 3 Why preference for Line-Fit? Embraer believes the line-fit solution is most effective and elegant way to install IFE All processes adopted are within Embraer standards making easier the integration with suppliers and system interfaces System Installation is part of the aircraft manufacturing, schedules, testing and planning Based on experience gained with IFE systems installation, Embraer can significantly reduce the implementation time of an IFE Line-Fit program

4 4 IFE System Design Phases Customer requirements LOPA definition System Development System Installation System Tests System Certification Entry in Service

5 5 Customer Requirements and Wish List Audio –AOD –Satellite Radio –PRA Video –VOD –Satellite TV –Digital Broadcast Communications –SATCOM –Wireless Phone –Cellular –Wireless Internet Access –SMS –VoIP

6 6 Where to install the LRUs? How to provide proper cooling to the equipment? How to design the aircraft harnesses? How will be the interface with seats and monuments? Where to install the system´s controls? Human factors requirements


8 8 E-Jets

9 9 All harnesses integrated with the aircraft basic harnesses AC DC FBW MISC System Development Strengths

10 10 Electrical power supply and control logic defined with the electrical system/avionics suppliers System Development Strengths EPGS AVIONICS LOGIC INPUTS FROM AIRCRAFT IFE SYSTEM

11 11 Strengths of the development Dedicated Avionics data bus interface Electrical/Structural hardware are the same specified for the whole airplane Interface with systems and interior under Embraer standards All provisions certified as part of the basic aircraft certification

12 12 Comply with segregation, voltage drop, type of wiring, interface with other essential systems (electrical, avionics, AMS, etc) Thinking about space and harnesses installation

13 13 Thinking about space and harnesses installation Comply with weight and balance requirements to locate LRUs Comply with customer requirements for spacious and comfortable cabin

14 14 Concept

15 15 CATIA model All models are created in CATIA, minimizing installation errors (lengths, structural supports, etc)

16 16 Actual Wiring Installation CATIA Model

17 17 Seats Integration, design and try-out to reach perfection

18 18 Study for Monitor Installation

19 19 Satellite TV antenna design RADOME ‽ ‽ ‽ SKIRT HOISTING POINTS ADAPTER

20 20 From manufacturing to Results ADAPTER PLATESKIRTANTENNA RADOME

21 21 Seats Interface

22 22 Rack Design Rack design should consider: –Accessibility, Maintainability –Light weight, Small size

23 23 HSD / WIRELESS Embraer has developed a HSD and Wireless Internet access system –Challenges: to have the same performance as encountered at home Costs for the passengers and airlines should be kept low

24 24 HSD System Architecture PC Network VoIP MPDS ISDN Antenna DLNA SDUHPA IRSWI-FI

25 25 Coverage Map

26 26 Phased-Array Beam type Antenna No aerodynamics, ice or interference problems

27 27 PC Power Outlets A solution for Business/First Class seats

28 28 PC Power Outlets A solution for Economy Class seats

29 29 115/220 VAC Outlets Customers are requesting outlets for other applications and different standards

30 30 System Certification Although the majority of the IFE Systems are optional, the certification must comply with RBHA/FAA/EASA and other authorities requirements. Authorities are concerned about functionalities and integration with essential aircraft systems.

31 31 Entry in Service The airlines are getting excited with the new IFE systems and new technologies. The passengers are changing their habits giving preference to fly with the airlines that offer more options of services. Statistically, the tickets sales are increasing 10% due to the IFE systems implementation.


33 33 Lineage 1000

34 34

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