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I Live In a Place Called Rotorua. Rotorua has a lot of geothermal activity. One road rule that might be different to your countries rule: Always drive on the left-hand-side of the road.

2 Our countries’ national colours are white, black, red and silver.
Symbols and Colors Our countries’ national colours are white, black, red and silver. The Kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand because, It’s a flightless bird that originated in New Zealand.

3 Languages Hobbies and Sports
Hi I’m Blaike, most of the people in New Zealand speck English and Some Maori, what’s Maori you ask? Well Maori is the language of the Maori people that came here long long ago .Here’s an example of a Maori word is Kia ora that means hi. Hobbies and Sports Hi I’m Blaike one of my hobbies are playing on computers and ipads, I like computers because they have lot of cool games and programs on them and that they can pretty much answer every question I ask. Ipads are so fun they have hundreds or even thousands of applications that you can play on and you can play with an A.I called Siri. An A.I means Artificial Intelligence, you can ask her to turn on music, play games, Google search and more! .

4 Family Heritage Ike Douglas James Esa Mike Ella Annie (N.Z) Allen
Wiremu Pia Jim Haley John Teens Tristan (N.Z) Blaike Toby (A.U-N.Z) Henry Meka Poppy J Tyler Ruben Family Heritage

5 Festivals and holidays in New Zealand
Here’s a few examples of Holidays , Waitangi Day , ANZAC Day , Christmas Day . Waitangi day was the day the treaty was signed. ANZAC Day is a day to remember the people who fought in wars and other conflicts. Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and this is a time that kids get real excited about presents.

6 Clothing My school is Rotorua Intermediate School or R.I.S
For short. At this school students wear two uniforms, the first comes with a button top, a polar fleece jacket, shorts or pants and shoes and socks or sandal’s.   When I’m not at school I wear a t-shirt, a jersey, maybe a cap or wide brim hat, a pair of shorts or pants and a pair of shoes and socks or jandal’s.

7 Māori Clothing An example of a piece of Māori clothing: Piupiu, a kind of skirt. There’s lots more like cloaks but you can find out more on wikipedia.

8 Food For lunch at school 2 fruits, a packet of chips or popcorn, maybe a sandwich and a yogurt. At home. At home my family has different foods for dinner for different nights, one example is macaroni and cheese with bacon.

9 National Dish Here’s a National Dish of New Zealand, Hangi. It’s Hangi is a meal that is cooked underground

10 Music in New Zealand One of New Zealand's most famous singers are Lorde. Lorde has reached the #1 spot on the USA. Some of her cool songs are Royals, Tennis Court and Team.

11 fun fact The Smelly air (That smells like rotten eggs.) comes from the natural hydrogen sulphide emissions.

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