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NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Fall 2014-15. BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND Your child’s journey to college begins now.

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2 BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND Your child’s journey to college begins now

3 CHHS Administrative Team Principal Conrad Streeter

4 CHHS Administrative Team Assistant Principals – Laura KoehlerA-Di – Karen WoodworthDo-Kr – Aurora GuiterrezKu-Q – Jay ZellerRa-Val – Amy DillVan-Z

5 CHHS Administrative Team Counselors Chansi ShopeA-Col Claudia McWhorter Com-Harr Amanda Vargas Hart-Mas Stephanie Cook Mat-Ram Erin Booher Ran-Vam Lindsey Hopkins Van-Z

6 CHHS Administrative Team Robin Davis Student Advocate Services Specialist Responsible for providing support services and/or outside referrals to students struggling with difficult personal relationships, ineffective or poor coping skills, substance abuse or those lacking basic needs. Supportive services include campus based support groups, substance abuse screening, Big Brother Big Sister mentoring and conflict mediation.

7 A Word from our Principal Mr. Conrad Streeter

8 Nuts and Bolts of Colleyville Heritage Policies and General Information

9 We Believe… C ultivating relationships with dignity, care and respect H ighly effective Instruction H onest, Open and Responsive communication S uccess for each student

10 Attendance If a student is absent a parent should call the attendance office that day. Parents will receive an automatic phone call if a student misses class. Make sure the number you want called is listed! Please bring in doctor’s notes when a student visits a physician, is in the hospital, etc.

11 Attendance Early Dismissal – If you know ahead of time your student needs an early dismissal, please send a note specifying time, reason and a call back number. Students will need to turn the note into the attendance office before class.

12 Attendance Attendance for credit – The 10% Rule! – The parent or guardian will receive notice prior to and at such time when a student’s attendance drops below 90% of the days the class is offered. Semester 1 = 4 days Semester 2 = 5 days – A student may work with his/her principal to complete a plan if they have attended at least 75% but fewer than 90% of class days. At CHHS we call this Seat Time! – If students fail to attend 90% of the class day OR do not complete seat time they will lose credit for the class even if they pass. This means your student will have to retake the course!

13 Parking, Pick up and School Visitation Traffic – – Afternoon pick up – area of the parking lot near tennis courts is one direction from Heritage to the access road. When visiting campus park in circle drive, do not park in reserved numbered spots. When entering the building you will need to ring the bell and check in with the receptionist in the attendance office. You MUST present your ID when checking in. If you would like to eat lunch with your child we encourage you to check them out and take them off campus. Please do not join your student in the Panther Den.

14 What if my child is sick? Make sure to call the attendance office. Class continues…so – Check teacher web sites for missed work – Check Skyward for missing grades – Get a Study Buddy for each class – You have ONE day for every day absent to turn in assignments.

15 Medications Prescription medicine must be given to the nurse in the original container and will be dispensed according to package directions. – Exceptions Epi Pens and inhalers must have doctors signature on file in the nurses office ALL medications require a permission slip. Permission slips are available online or on the table in the back as you leave the auditorium. Please return them to the nurse’s office.

16 Medications Students may carry non prescription medication as long as: – The medication is in the original container – The student has a signed permission slip on file. Permission slips are available online or on the table in the back as you leave the auditorium. Please return them to the nurse

17 Lockers We do have lockers available for those who want one. Please see the receptionist in the attendance office if you would like to request a locker.

18 Lunches 4 lunch periods – 30 minutes long – Lunch will be during 3 rd and 7 th periods Students can bring or buy lunch – Free and reduced forms are available in the counseling office for qualifying students. Students may also schedule an appointment to see their counselor during this time.

19 Telecommunication Device Policy Students are permitted to use their technology during passing periods and at lunch. A student may use their device for instructional purposes during instructional time with the permission of the classroom teacher and in accordance with district policy. No telecommunication devices will be permitted in ISS.

20 Teen Screen Mental Health Screening The Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas will be offering a free mental health screening for all CHHS 9 th grade students, the week of September 8 th. Teen Screen is a nationally recognized mental health assessment created by Columbia University. Data from this screening will allow counselors the opportunity to provide any necessary referrals for a variety of health related needs. Additional information and parental consent forms will be sent to all 9 th grade parents via email, the first week of school. If you have additional questions, please contact Robin Davis in the counseling office.

21 Dress Code What Not to Wear – If you are wearing a hat, it will be taken up and returned Friday after school. – Don’t wear sunglasses inside.

22 Dress Code Don’t do this to you hair. Students will remain in ISS until color is fixed.

23 Dress Code Wear ThisNot This

24 Dress Code Instead of these, wear these please

25 Dress Code Skirts and Shorts Remember the Fingertip Rule: Arms FULLY extended to the side

26 Dress Code Leggings Leggings are ok as long as the skirt over them meets the fingertip rule. Leggings are NOT pants! OKNot OK

27 Dress Code NO Tank tops – girls or guys For girls shirts, must come to the edge of the shoulder. For guys, all shirts must have sleeves.

28 Dress Code And remember… NO advertisements of alcohol, drugs, weapons or tobacco No inappropriate content And please wear shoes!

29 Dress Code If you are out of dress code, you will be sent to the office. In the office, you can: Call for new clothes Go to ISS for the day The office provides t-shirts ONLY, no pants.

30 Nuts and Bolts of Colleyville Heritage The Academic Piece

31 When to contact a teacher Your child’s grades drop Your child does not want to attend class Your child shares stories that seem unusual Your child expresses concern about other students

32 Tutorials Tutorials scheduled by teacher – are usually posted on the classroom door or web site. Teachers usually have a list of outside tutors available.

33 Homework and Teacher Websites If your child misses school, he/she missed work ! Teachers will post their assignments and calendars on their websites. Be sure to check regularly.

34 School Supplies Teachers will state the needed supplies for their course during the first few days of school. Please ask your student what supplies they need after the first few days.

35 When to contact the counselor... To share personal information that may be affecting your child – divorce, health issues… Help with interpretation of test scores To get information about career, colleges, graduation You see a drop in grades/ a marked change in behavior Unresolved issues with other students, teachers…

36 Setting up a counseling appointment Your student may request an appointment with his counselor by speaking with the counseling office secretary. – Students are able to schedule appointments at a time convenient for them. – We encourage parents to make their child responsible for their own school business by scheduling their own appointments.

37 SKYWARD Parents and students have their own access codes for Skyward. Please be sure to check your student’s grades OFTEN. A zero will significantly effect a student’s GPA. You may also check your students attendance records in Skyward.

38 Credits 26 state credits are required for graduation – Review the Program of Studies for course requirements – available online. – Credits are earned by semester. – Check on line for progress reports and report card dates. (Calendar/ secondary info calendar) – A transcript is the legal document of course completion

39 Transcripts

40 Schedule changes & level Changes Level Changes – Students may request a level change (AP/PAP) at the end of the first three weeks and six-weeks reporting periods. Deadline times and dates will be posted on the counseling office website. All changes will be based on space availability.

41 Develop a Post Secondary Plan Freshman – Career Exploration – what do you want to be when you grow up? Select a high school curriculum that will support your goals! Sophomore – Refine career goals and begin researching ways to achieve your goals Junior – College entrance exams and being narrowing your post secondary options Senior – apply, apply, apply!

42 GPA calculations and Class Rank

43 Cumulative GPA All high school courses taken in grades 9-12 will be calculated in the cumulative GPA with the exception of: Summer school courses taken between the 8th and 9th grade year Summer school courses taken for credit recovery Credit by examination, with or without prior instruction Traditional correspondence courses, with the exception of courses taken through TXVSN

44 Class Rank Effectively immediately, the district shall not calculate or report class rank except for students in the top 10% as required by law. Class rank for students in the top 10% will be provided on a certification of class rank. The lowest weighted GPA used to determine class rank for each class will be listed on each high school counseling website and will be updated at least once annually.

45 Ranking GPA: To determine the top 10%, including valedictorian and salutatorian, only grades earned in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Languages Other Than English (LOTE), and AP courses not associated with these subjects will be included in calculating the Ranking GPA.

46 GPA Scale and Course Weighting

47 Special Course Weighting Dual credit courses will be given Pre-AP weight. Courses for which AP is a prerequisite will be given AP weight.

48 Weighted grade scale for the class of 2017 This scale will be used for the grades earned in the 2013-2014 school year. The full scale is available in the Program of Studies.

49 This weighted grading scale will be used starting in the 2014-2015 school year.

50 GPA Reporting Options Students will have three options when requesting GPA for college admissions or other GPA requests. – Cumulative GPA –all courses taken in grades 9-12, except as excluded in district policy. For general reporting purposes, this is the GPA the district will use. – Ranking GPA - Only courses taken in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, LOTE, AP courses not associated with these subjects. – Unweighted 4.0 GPA- All courses taken in grades 9-12, except as excluded in district policy with no weight assigned.

51 Semester Averaging GCISD board policy states: – if the semester grades from both the fall and spring semesters equal a 70 or above when averaged together, the student will receive credit for the course. – For example, if a student received a 68 in the fall semester, but finishes the spring semester with a 72 in the year-long course, the average would be a 70 and, therefore, the student would not have to make up the class during summer school

52 Get Involved! Studies show that students involved in extracurricular activities have higher grades & universities like well-rounded students! Enjoy different activities such as: – Theater – Athletics – Choir – Band – Cheerleading – Pep Boys – Multicultural Club – Drill team – Student Council CHHS will host an involvement fair the 2 nd or 3 rd week of school during lunches.

53 Parenting Tips Get involved – know your child’s friends and parents Set boundaries – you are still the parent! Use the district, school, teacher and counselor web sites Participate in activities and presentations at school Make sure your child is getting a good night’s sleep – not texting or watching TV!

54 It takes a village to raise child… student, parent, teacher, administrator, counselor, nurse. Check out stories that seem unusual. Ask questions without accusing Follow your instincts Allow your child to learn from his/ her mistakes We are a Panther TEAM!

55 Visit our website for additional information: Under Counselors

56 The Counseling Department has a Facebook page! Search Colleyville Heritage High School Counseling Center

57 Make sure your email address is listed in Skyward. We will frequently send email blasts with important school information.

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