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2015 Business Plan Competition 1 13 th Annual Business Plan Competition Friday, May 1, 2015 Finalists’ Meeting.

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1 2015 Business Plan Competition 1 13 th Annual Business Plan Competition Friday, May 1, 2015 Finalists’ Meeting

2 2015 Business Plan Competition 2 Our Agenda 1.Asking Questions 2.Team Action Items 3.BPC Judges information Social Enterprise Commercial Enterprise 4.Presentation mechanics

3 2015 Business Plan Competition 3 Our Agenda - continued 7.PowerPoint Presentation suggestions 8.Decision and awards 9.Receipt of award and certificate 10.Team pictures and photo releases

4 2015 Business Plan Competition 4 Your Questions Please ask any questions during the meeting. If you have a question, chances someone else does as well, but they aren’t asking. Email additional questions no later than Wednesday, April 29 th by 5 p.m. to That permits us to email our response to all in a timely manner. Check your email several times daily for any further updates and responses to questions.

5 2015 Business Plan Competition 5 Team Action Items 1.All team members should complete the following and return to Mrs. Stillwaggon: Today’s Attendance Sheet Photographic Release 2.Sign up for Competition Day presentation times. 3.Sign up for Sticht practice sessions on April 29 and 30 th. 4.Develop presentation PowerPoint Slides.

6 2015 Business Plan Competition 6 Team Action Items (cont.) 4.E-mail copy of your PP presentation to Mrs. Stillwaggon by 2 p.m. Thursday, April 30 th (for our files). 5.Prepare any notes for your presentation. 6.Practice, practice, practice. (Prepare using feedback and hypothetical questions.) 7.Sign up for a time to practice in Sticht practice session on April 29 th or 30 th.

7 2015 Business Plan Competition 7 BPC Social Enterprise Judges – Profiles Doug Muetzel ‘80, Wesley Spectrum Services David Andrews ‘86, IBM, Network of Hope (Chairman of the Board) John Stillwaggon ‘84, Stillwaggon & McGill, CPAs

8 2015 Business Plan Competition 8 BPC Commercial Enterprise Judges – Profiles David Dietrich, At Home Senior Services Mike Buckman ‘82, E-Lynx Wendy Mascio ‘88, Medical Equipment Source Ron Miller ‘75, AECOM David Metzloff ‘77, Process Control Corp.

9 2015 Business Plan Competition 9 BPC Judges - Details 1.Will be seated middle, third row – eye level. 2.Have copies of your plan and financial statements one week before competition. 3.Will have a copy of your PowerPoint slides. 4.Will wait until presentation is completed before asking questions.

10 2015 Business Plan Competition 10 BPC Judges – Details (cont.) 5.Judges will utilize a standardized review/rating form. 6.Will deliberate immediately following the presentations to select winners.

11 2015 Business Plan Competition 11 Presentation Tips

12 2015 Business Plan Competition 12 Presentation Mechanics Presentation:15 minutes Presentation will be stopped at time. Student timekeeper will sit behind judges. You will see two warning cards from the timekeeper (at 1 minute before your time is up and again at 30 seconds before your time is up). Practice so you don’t go long.

13 2015 Business Plan Competition 13 Presentation Mechanics Questions/Answers: 10 minutes Any team member may address/answer. The judges have already read your plan. Transition/Setup: 5 minutes 2 wireless microphones Gather materials and leave stage. Next team takes stage and brings up slides. Opportunity for judges to complete ratings.

14 2015 Business Plan Competition 14 Presentation Mechanics (cont.) 1.Develop approximately 8-10 slides 2.Delivery runs about one-minute per slide (average) 3.Introduction should: Your names and team name “Hook” the audience to pay attention Clearly state business’ purpose/mission Preview your presentation

15 2015 Business Plan Competition 15 Bring your slides on a flash drive!

16 2015 Business Plan Competition 16 Presentation Mechanics (cont.) 4.Suggested topics. Do NOT include all the sections of your plan. Slide Information Number of Slides Executive Summary1 Vision and Mission 1 Opportunity1 Market Strategy1-2 Business Strategy1 Organization and Operations 1 Core Competencies 1 Financials1-2

17 2015 Business Plan Competition 17 Presentation Tips 1.All team members should be on the stage. 2.You may divide responsibilities among presenters. 3.Check the visibility of your slide show. 4.Utilize technology appropriately. It should enhance, but not dominate.

18 2015 Business Plan Competition 18 Presentation Tips (cont.) 7.Practice transition/hand-off between presenters. 8.Present to the judges and audience, not the slides. 9.Maintain eye contact with judges – all of them. 10.Don’t turn your back on the audience to view your PP presentation. Use the “confidence monitor.”

19 2015 Business Plan Competition 19 Presentation Tips (cont.) 11.Use podium as appropriate. 12.Refer to your notes as necessary. Master, don’t memorize…this isn’t speech class. 12.Be aware of your posture, hands, and feet. 13.Watch your time!

20 2015 Business Plan Competition 20 Presentation Tips (cont.) 15.Question and Answer Don’t over-think the question – give short, specific answers. If you don’t know the answer, admit it. Stand your ground when challenged, if you believe in your answer. Listen.

21 2015 Business Plan Competition 21 Presentation Tips (cont.) 16.Don’t say, “That’s a good question.” 17.Don’t say, “Ummmmm.” 18.Professional/business attire (unless otherwise pre-approved) Men: suit or jacket and tie women: suit or slacks/skirt & blouse

22 2015 Business Plan Competition 22 Notification and Awards 1.Winners announced and awards presented Saturday, at the Parents’ Day Awards Convocation beginning at 10 a.m. in Harbison Chapel. All teams must attend! (Details to follow.)

23 2015 Business Plan Competition 23 Notification and Awards (cont.) 3.SocialCashServices 1 st Place$5,000in kind services 2 nd Place$3,000include legal, web 3 rd Place$2,000development, and accounting services* 4.CommercialCashServices 1 st Place$5,000in kind services 2 nd Place$3,000include legal, web 3 rd Place$2,000development, and accounting services* *see Mrs. Stillwaggon for more info.

24 2015 Business Plan Competition 24 Notification and Awards (cont.) 5.If, in the judges’ opinion, there is no business plan of acceptable quality for an award category, the award will not be made. 6.If your team places, you will receive a “giant” check at the awards ceremony, but will receive the real money from Financial Services.

25 2015 Business Plan Competition 25 Notification and Awards (cont.) 7.Each winning team member will receive the prize money approx. one week after the Competition. Cash prizes are taxable. No taxes will be withheld from the awards. Winners are personally responsible for any tax liabilities incurred in the acceptance of this prize. Any cash prizes will be given to you via direct bank deposit (if you are an employee of the College, otherwise in the form of a check) a week or two after the competition. Winners should see Mrs. Stillwaggon to discuss the terms of the in-kind gifts.

26 2015 Business Plan Competition 26 Notification and Awards (cont.) 8.Results communicated internally throughout the campus and externally through the media. 9.Winners’ names are displayed on the Business Plan Competition plaque on the 3 rd third floor of HAL. 10.Winning teams’ information will be posted on the Entrepreneurship website.

27 2015 Business Plan Competition 27 QUESTIONS

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