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Mrs. Fernandez’s Kinderhive 2013-2014. It is my mission in live to help students love learning, to value their education and take responsibility for it.

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1 Mrs. Fernandez’s Kinderhive 2013-2014

2 It is my mission in live to help students love learning, to value their education and take responsibility for it. I hope to encourage parents to be my partners in this venture.

3 School Website: School Phone number 954-435-1570 Fax 954-435-1571 Teacher email Teacher cell 786-290-6611

4 Classroom door opens at 8:00 A.M. Instruction begins at 8:15 A.M.

5 Class ends at 2:30 Dismissal is until 2:45 student not picked up will be taken to aftercare. Early Dismissal days end at 12:30 for Kindergarten.

6 Please pull all the way up to the front of the drop off area, this will help expedite drop-off and ensure safety as well. Never drop off students in the parking lot. If drop off is over park on the grass and walk your child to the office for a late pass. If they are late but the teachers and security are still there they will be issued a tardy pass in the front hallway.

7 Car riders are to be picked up on the far left lane closest to the building also pull all the way up to the front of the covered area to ensure that we can get as many students safely into their cars as possible.

8 After School Care is provided at a cost and the after care staff are available tonight for any questions you may have.

9 15 minutes prior to the start of school your child may have breakfast daily.

10 The tardy bell rings one (1) minute after the school commencement time for your child’s particular grade level. All children who are not in their rooms at this time are marked “TARDY”. After the first week of school, all students who are late will not be admitted to class without a tardy pass from the campus secretary. A student is allowed THREE (3) tardies per semester.

11 A written note from a parent or guardian must be sent to the teacher when a child returns from an absence. The note should include the date and the reason for the absence. This information is necessary for the school records. A telephone call may be made to the school in lieu of a note at 954-435-1570. Parents must call the school in the morning to report an absence.

12 Somerset Academy Central Miramar offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast costs $2.50; lunch costs $3.50. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. Reduced price is $.30 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch. Your child has a lunch number and card that gets scanned as the go through the lunch line daily.

13 Payments may be made in the cafeteria in advance for your child’s account.

14 Communication Folders are the Red and White folders that match the planner.

15 BEE Binders Bring Everything Everyday The binder will contain the Schedule, contact page, parent resource pages, planner, homework folder, communication folder, and money pouch.

16 Homework packets are given each week details of what is to be done daily. They are due Monday of the following week. The purpose of homework is two fold to review what is taught in class and to establish a routine for you and your child. It is imperative to establish this daily routine now.


18 90-100 = 1 70-89 = 2 0-69 = 3

19 Please send written documentation as soon as possible after your child returns to school. Emails may also be sent.

20 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Pre K3-Grade 5) Girls POLO Red or White w/ LOGO on LEFT CHEST BOTTOMS Black or Khaki Skirt, Short or Skort PANT Black or Khaki Pant or Capri DRESS UP White LS Oxford w/Logo and Black Skirt Boys POLO Red or White w/ LOGO on LEFT CHEST SHORT Black or Khaki Short PANT Black or Khaki Pant DRESS UP White LS Oxford w/ Logo and Black Pants and Black Tie WINTER WEAR Black or Red Fleece Jackets w/ LOGO Black or Red Hooded Sweatshirt w/ LOGO Red/White Long Sleeve Polo w/ LOGO Black Sweatpant with Somerset on Leg

21 Needs to be big enough for the binder, raingear and change of clothes. No rolling book-bags allowed.

22 Please keep a change of clothes for your child in a labeled zip lock bag in the book-bag. For bathroom accidents or lunch accidents.

23 SAFETY is our number one priority please plan on weather and traffic in order to not be in a rush during drop off and pick up this will result in a positive experience for all concerned.

24 Please be sure that you send in all supplies as soon as possible. We need 4 packs of crayons per student because they get a new pack each grading period there is a reason for each and every item requested. At this time we have only 8 - 1 inch binders. Setting up the BEE Binders takes time and is the best way to keep students organized. Please bring them in as soon as possible.

25 Birthdays may be celebrated by bringing in cupcakes for the class during recess time. We have recess at 12:00. Please let me know if you are planning to celebrate your child’s birthday.

26 Respect yourself, others, and property. Consequences First time:Student will move bee to the “warning” outside of the hive, and lose 3 minutes of “free time.” Second time: Student will move bee to “yellow” and lose 6 minutes of “free time,” and comment in agenda stating they were on “yellow.” Please be sure to review with your child what they did to hopefully refrain from doing it again. Third time: Student will move bee to “red”, lose 10 minutes of “free time,” and a note will be sent home in agenda, please sign and returned the following day. Each time on RED will count as a strike after three strikes a detention will be issued.

27 ACTS OF DISORDERLY CONDUCT MAY INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING: 1. Classroom tardiness 2. Lying 3. Acting in a manner as to interfere with the educational process 4. Abusive language between or among students 5. Failure to complete assignments or carry out directions 6. Disrespect to teacher or any other adult 7. Acts of violence or the threat of violence 8. Failure to submit daily homework assignments POSSIBLE SANCTIONS: 1. Verbal and written reprimand 2. Contact with parent 3. Withdrawal of privileges 4. Detention (in school – lunch/recess/office detention; after school detention) 5. In-school/out-of-school suspension 6. Expulsion

28 There are many opportunities to help our class. Take home projects. Snack donations. Chaperones for fieldtrips. As well as classroom donations from our Wish List/Giving Tree.

29 Parents can help by: Showing a sincere interest and by providing your child with a quiet place which is conducive to study and learn. Showing an interest in all work that your child does. Inspiring him/her through encouragement while reviewing the work done. Resisting all temptation to do the work for him/her or giving “too much” direction. Reading books as a family is an important part of home learning.

30 Money Matters It is mandatory that all student accounts (i.e., Before/After Care tuition, extra curricular activity fees, uniform fees, field trip fees, lost/damage book fees, property damage fees, or late pick up fees) be current and up-to-date at all times. When submitting payment, please adhere to the following procedures: 1. Place payment and invoice, if any, in a sealed envelope. Write your child’s name, teacher’s name, grade level, and purpose on the outside envelope. 2. Enclose payment coupon/invoice in envelope, if any. 3. Write the purpose of payment in the memo portion of any payment. 4. Do not enclose field trip permission slips in the payment envelope, as these should be given to the classroom teacher. Checks are only accepted for payments over $20.00

31 We must have two face to face conference per year. One now at the beginning and one towards the end. However, I am available for phone conferences as well as email communication as needed. Notes in planners should be short and sweet otherwise please email. Also allow 24 hours for me to respond, please. I have provided sign up sheets for conferences.



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