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Looks Kód ITMS projektu: 26110130519 Gymnázium Pavla Jozefa Šafárika – moderná škola tretieho tisícročia Vzdelávacia oblasť: Jazyk a komunikácia Predmet.

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Presentation on theme: "Looks Kód ITMS projektu: 26110130519 Gymnázium Pavla Jozefa Šafárika – moderná škola tretieho tisícročia Vzdelávacia oblasť: Jazyk a komunikácia Predmet."— Presentation transcript:

1 Looks Kód ITMS projektu: Gymnázium Pavla Jozefa Šafárika – moderná škola tretieho tisícročia Vzdelávacia oblasť: Jazyk a komunikácia Predmet Anglický jazyk Ročník, triedy: Sekunda Tematický celok: Vzhľad Vypracoval: Ing. Diana Matisová Dátum:

2 Parts of body Read and learn the new vocabulary.

3 Appearance Translate the new vocabulary. Describe people in the photos. general: fat, good-looking, handsome, plump, pretty, short, slim, tall, thin, beautiful, muscular age: old, middle-aged, a teenager, young hair colour: black, blond, brown, dark, fair, grey, red, white, dark, plain hair style: curly, long, short, straight eyes: blue, brown, green, grey face: long, round, square skin: dark, pale

4 Special features Translate the new vocabulary. Describe people in the photos. Hair: beard, moustache, dyed hair, ponytail, shaved head, spiky hair, wig Face: earrings, pierced eyebrow/nose/lip, make-up, pale/dark skin, red cheeks Other: broad sholders, tattoo

5 Be aware! Anorexia nervosa is characterized by low body weight, inappropriate eating habits, obsession with having a thin figure, and the fear of gaining weight. It is usually found more in females than in males. Due to the fear of gaining weight, people with this disorder restrict the amount of food they consume. Anorexia is a lifelong illness. Patients suffering from Anorexia nervosa may experience dizziness, headaches, drowsiness and a lack of energy. Those suffering from anorexia often view themselves as "too fat" even if they are already underweight. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by binge eating and purging, or consuming a large amount of food in a short amount of time followed by an attempt to rid oneself of the food consumed (purging), typically by vomiting, taking a laxative or diuretic, and/or excessive exercise.

6 Fashion and clothes Read and learn the new vocabulary. Clothes - General anorak, belt, blouse, cardigan, dress, gloves, jacket, jeans, jumper, overalls, overcoat, pullover, raincoat, scarf, shirt, sweat-shirt, T-shirt, tie, skirt, mini- skirt, shorts, socks, suit, sweater, trousers, beret, cap, hat, helmet, boots, sandals, slippers, shoes, trainers, sneakers, jogging suit, tracksuit, bikini, swimming costume /swimming-suit, swimming trunks, contact lenses earrings glasses hair band jewelry ring Material cotton, denim, leather, linen, rubber, silk, suede, wool, woolen, plastic, nylon, polyester Patterns check, checked, flowery, patterned, plain, spot, spotted, stripe, striped, tartan

7 Fashion adjectives I stylish / fashionable = wearing clothing that is popular now Karen is so stylish! She must read all the fashion magazines to keep up with the latest trends. chic = the same as ‘fashionable’ or ‘stylish,’ but it sounds better because it’s a French word! Have you seen Jenny’s chic new coat? Latest = newest, most recent Do you have the latest edition of Vogue yet? must-have = something you absolutely must have! The new Prada handbag is this season’s must-have accessory!

8 Fashion adjectives II in = popular, fashionable; short for ‘in style’ Blue is the in colour right now. Crocodile bags are very in this season. hot = wanted, everybody has to have it The new Prada boots are so hot all the stores are sold out and there is a waiting list for them! trendy = what everyone else is wearing right now; a new, popular style The internet makes it so easy to find trendy clothes! I really like to see what celebrities are wearing.

9 Fashion adjectives III essential = necessary, important, you must have it Elle magazine has a great section on fall’s essential boots and bags. vintage = old, but high quality and valuable; the item of clothing may have been worn before by someone else. Ellen was shopping at a thrift store last week and she found an amazing vintage Chanel jacket. iconic = famous, memorable, representing a certain time and place Anna Nicole Smith will be remembered for her iconic Guess ad campaign in the early 1990s.

10 Fashion adjectives IV timeless = something that is still beautiful no matter how much time passes, no matter what the current trends or styles are Grace Kelly wore a beautiful, timeless gown on her wedding day. On the other hand, Princess Diana’s wedding dress is NOT timeless. When you see a picture of the dress, you know right away she was married in the 1980s! Classic = traditional, always fashionable/stylish, popular for a long time Ralph Lauren has put his unique touch on the classic little black dress. fave = informal, slang, short for ‘favourite’ Stella McCartney is my fave fashion designer.

11 My opinion Use the new vocabulary and describe what people wear in the photos. Due to giving opinion use these phrases: In my opinion... It seems to me that.... To be honest... Personally, I believe... The thing is... I mean... If you ask me...

12 Some questions Answer the questions: What is fashion for you? Do you think you are fashionable? What kind of clothes do you prefer wearing? Where do you usually buy your clothes? Do you usually shop for clothes alone or with your friends? What do you think about brand name clothing? Do you like wearing handmade clothes? What is trendy for clothing these days? Who is the most stylish person in your class? What are you wearing now? What is your favourite piece of clothing What colour looks best on you? Do you often wear accessories and make-up? What do you usually wear when you go at a party? What do you usually where when you go to school/ college?

13 Použité zdroje fashion-adjectives/ fashion-adjectives/ laurie/hugh-laurie-with-beard-wallpaper/download/ laurie/hugh-laurie-with-beard-wallpaper/download/ mac-make-up-line_ htm mac-make-up-line_ htm fancy-cuppa.html fancy-cuppa.html


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