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A Decade Approach to Humanities 1900-1909 Created by: Ms. Miller.

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1 A Decade Approach to Humanities 1900-1909 Created by: Ms. Miller

2 Interesting facts about this decade 76,000,000 Americans in 46 states (by the end of the decade.) Policeman arrests woman for smoking in public 8,000 cars - 10 miles of paved roads 1900 - Auto deaths 96 San Francisco Earthquake took 700 lives and cost over $4,000,000 in damage. Average worker made $12.98/week for 59 hours Life expectancy: 47.3 female, 46.3 male - 33.0 blacks

3 Arts & Architecture The early twentieth century marked an era of beginnings and endings. Americans had yet to make their mark on the art scene. Many American artists went to Europe to paint.

4 Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright designed his beautiful low and straight lined homes. http://www.youtub XHl9RbbU

5 The Biltmore Estate With 250 rooms, the Biltmore estate is the largest private home in the US. tch?v=ssPPUXpULYk&feature =related

6 Pennsylvania Station Old Penn Station New York City with aerial & skyline views of Manhattan & Empire State Building etc. - YouTube Old Penn Station New York City with aerial & skyline views of Manhattan & Empire State Building etc. - YouTube

7 The Vanderbilt Mansion g&feature=related g&feature=related

8 Pennsylvania Station, the Biltmore Estate and Vanderbilt 50-room New York City dwelling were designed by Charles Follen McKim of McKim, Mead, and White in New York

9 Books and Literature Yellow Journalism William Randolph Hearst & Yellow Journalism - YouTube William Randolph Hearst & Yellow Journalism - YouTube During this decade newspapers changed to the four-column, tabloid style paper in 1900. Two newspaper magnates, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, turned producing newspapers into a war when they began adding special sections including special reports and multiple frame cartoon strips.

10 Novelists Many of the novelists produced 'happiness novels' because the women were the greater readers of fiction. Best selling authors produced many fine books we still enjoy; L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful World of Oz, Mary Johnson's To Have and To Hold, Jack London's Call of the Wild, Alice Hegan Rice's Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, and Owen Wister's The Virginian. Willa Cather, [Pictured at left] Zane Grey, William Dean Howells, and Carl Sandberg were publishing. As in other decades, books reflected the times in which people lived. Notable books covered topics like big business, urban problems, racism, women's issues and worker's problems. Zane Grey

11 Books That Define the Time History of Woman Suffrage, 1881-1902 | Susan B. Anthony Sister Carrie (1900) | Theodore Dreiser Frank Norris (1901) | Frank Norris The Souls of Black Folk (1903) | W.E.B. Du Bois The Shame of the Cities (1904) | Lincoln Steffens The History of the Standard Oil Company (1904) | Ida Tarbell The Jungle (1906) | Upton Sinclair The Great American Fraud (1906) | Samuel Hopkins Adams

12 EDUCATION The decade brought progressive education. Annual teacher pay during this decade was $325. At the University of Chicago laboratory school the first elementary school was founded by John Dewey. Italian educator and physician Maria Montessori became known for her new teaching method. High schools had become popular 20 years before and junior high schools were a few short years away. The biggest problem was population growth because of the influx of immigrants to America. Teacher education improved during this decade and testing became the norm. In 1900 the Association of American Universities was formed to promote high standards among colleges. Philanthropists like Rockefeller, Phelps-Stokes, and others encouraged the education of Afro-Americans, but the South and part of the North continued the practice of racial segregation in education. Mary McLeod Bethune, Educator opened the first Negro Girls School.

13 Fads of the day: Ping pong - invented in Britain in the 1890s it was an inexpensive mimic for lawn tennis, played by the rich. Speeding - The element that made motoring sport was its dangerous speeds. By 1906, 15 states had speed limits of 20 miles per hour. Whee! The American Boy - 1900 Theodore Roosevelt, excellent article about the American Boy becoming the American Man.

14 Fashion: The fashion of at the turn of the century was formal and romantic. Men wore long slim trousers with a bit of fullness at the top. A cap with goggles and a linen duster made up the motoring outfit. Shoulders were broad and padded. The lightweight, cotton knit shirt became popular for beach and sports wear. Women wore the high, straight-front corset with long hips making the waist as small as possible. Garters came in during this decade. The skirt grew shorter to accommodate stepping onto the new automobiles and trolley. The Early 1900's - YouTubeThe Early 1900's - YouTube

15 People were very clothes conscious The popular hobble skirt measured a yard around, necessitating a knee-high slit at the side to make walking possible.

16 HISTORIC EVENTS AND TECHNOLOGY Many changes during this time were brought about through advances in technology. The turn of the century decade began one of transition and progress and is considered the first decade of materialism and consumerism. The Industrial age was in full swing, mass production made prices fall to all time lows. 1900's City Life.wmv - YouTube Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs were read more than any book other than the bible.

17 Teddy Bears became a fad started from a cartoon of a bear with Teddy Roosevelt (Letter's to his Children)

18 Technology =us_nw0SDh8Q =us_nw0SDh8Q Radio Telephone

19 Movies =KKMfGiuL2Z0 =KKMfGiuL2Z0 The Haunted House: 1908 =Zo2EKNRIQlE&feature=related =Zo2EKNRIQlE&feature=related The Magician 1900 =wEl82cDNfu0&feature=related =wEl82cDNfu0&feature=related Frankenstein: 1910 Frankenstein (1910) - Full Movie – YouTube Frankenstein (1910) - Full Movie – YouTube The Mystic Swing: Silent Movie =i4Ejh8o-WKw =i4Ejh8o-WKw Joan of Arc 1900 =Oq_7T5IHsgA&feature=related =Oq_7T5IHsgA&feature=related Faust and Marguerite: Silent Movie It was the first motion picture adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

20 Nickelodeon theater Love and War =tEYdRF9N0BM =tEYdRF9N0BM d7Y

21 Music =B6JYhIDF5IU =B6JYhIDF5IU =561IgNMQDdw =561IgNMQDdw =57pdrR-iQF8 =57pdrR-iQF8 =STKEA4XPSjQ&feature=related =STKEA4XPSjQ&feature=related =870eCnOOfHo&feature=related =870eCnOOfHo&feature=related =pWMKYdmEzck&feature=watch_ response =pWMKYdmEzck&feature=watch_ response =t3ZtOLTfwQE =t3ZtOLTfwQE =bj9uJwoqcFU =bj9uJwoqcFU =ghUJeWrX6Y4&feature=related =ghUJeWrX6Y4&feature=related =zz8yNa4uZN0 =zz8yNa4uZN0

22 Dance The Cakewalk =22cDEo-4eUs =22cDEo-4eUs Belly Dance-Ella Lola-1898 Turkish Song-1900 Belly Dance-Ella Lola-1898 Turkish Song-1900 – YouTube Belly Dance-Ella Lola-1898 Turkish Song-1900 – YouTube

23 Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso Cubism Period 1907 – 1945 RxwuCIpBGPs RxwuCIpBGPs Picasso - his academic works, blue period and rose period 9iuCbkiM9u0&feature=related 9iuCbkiM9u0&feature=related Picasso's Women through seven works xy4LbasVi-4&feature=related xy4LbasVi-4&feature=related PABLO PICASSO with CHOPIN NOCTURNE Edgt94t1rLE&feature=related Edgt94t1rLE&feature=related

24 Gustav Klimt jOLhR04K28 z4dB8KVdzs

25 Claude Monet /claude-monet-9411771 /claude-monet-9411771 =EqDYO9F9AvU&feature=related =EqDYO9F9AvU&feature=related =oSMVyFmBnbY =oSMVyFmBnbY

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