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Presenting a Winning Argument Tess George Speakwell Training © 2011.

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1 Presenting a Winning Argument Tess George Speakwell Training © 2011




5 Do the homework

6 Go with the flow

7 “The Homework” Know the AudienceDevelop a Convincing Message Be Competent and Care

8 “The Homework” Know the AudienceDevelop a Convincing Message Be Competent and Care

9 Persuading the Police

10 Common Ground

11 What matters?

12 WIIFMWIIFM Benefits!

13 Success!

14 Contract Negotiations

15 Motivating employees

16 Selling to the Boss Values Worries Personality

17 “The Homework” Know the AudienceDevelop a Convincing Message Be Competent and Care

18 I want my listeners to agree that… I want my listeners to… because… Give them reasons

19 Cell phones present a danger to health.

20 It is wrong to grade on a curve.

21 The drinking age should be lowered to 18.

22 We have a professional dress code. Sarah is wearing a very short skirt. Sarah needs to wear a longer skirt.

23 Being ethical is more important than making money. An employer needs to offer health insurance to employees in order to be ethical. We need to offer health insurance even if it lowers our profits.

24 Deductive Using principles, laws, rules or beliefs as the premise of the argument. All men are mortal Socrates is a man Therefore, Socrates is mortal

25 “Every time we have used the program, management response has been positive. This is a very popular program and I’m sure you’ll like it.”

26 Reasoning by Example Inductive Using specific examples to come to general conclusions.

27 This worked for our customer in New Jersey so well, it should work in their Massachusetts location, too.

28 Reasoning by Analogy Since A and B are essentially alike, what is true of A is true of B.

29 Our managers are leaving for other companies because they aren’t being paid enough here. We need to increase salaries to remain competitive.

30 Reasoning by Cause One event is claimed to be the result of another.

31 Studies show that students who take music lessons get higher grades. Students should take music lessons if they want better grades.

32 Causation vs. Correlation X caused Y Y caused X X and Y are associated because of other factors

33 Causal Mistakes Wrong cause Insufficient cause Post hoc

34 Evidence: Relevant Clear Timely Unbiased

35 Overcome Objections Anticipate Develop rebuttals Use direct or indirect method

36 Getting Organized Benefits Problem- Solution Motivated Sequence

37 Benefits The purchase of this equipment will: Improve safety Reduce customer complaints Save money in overtime pay

38 Problem- Solution Problem Cause Solution Solution Needed!

39 Motivated Sequence Attention Need Solution Vision Action

40 Be Competent and Care

41 Let your emotion show Stir the other’s emotions

42 If you Know the Audience Deliver a Clear Message Are competent and show that you care

43 You can present a Winning Argument


45 Does it make sense to major in Liberal Arts?

46 If the point of education is to make money If Liberal Arts majors don’t make money Then, a Liberal Arts education misses the point.

47 If the point of education is personal fulfillment If Liberal Arts offer the greatest opportunity for personal fulfillment Then a Liberal Arts education gets to the point

48 Remember last winter? 2,000 citizen complaints – long waits for the snow truck 1,000 Miles of Road

49 Trucks vs. Wait time Number of TrucksHours to Clear Roads 150 3 (Current Fleet)16.6 5 (Purchase of two)10

50 Cost Comparison TrucksOvertime 2010 2 = 100,00070,000

51 We should buy two new trucks Because: We want fewer citizen complaints Citizens complained about waiting too long for the truck Two more trucks will increase clearing time (in a 4-6 inch fall) by 6.6 hours

52 Mr. Smith His Employer The US Government The City Government The Hospital

53 What’s in a Word? Persuasion Argument Winning

54 Message You Audience AMYAMY

55 Message You Audience AMYAMY

56 Building an Argument ConclusionReasonEvidenceAssumptionEvidenceReasonEvidenceAssumption

57 Building an Argument ConclusionReasonEvidenceAssumptionEvidenceReasonEvidenceAssumption

58 Assumptions - beliefs Value : what is most important. Descriptive : how the world is, or will become.

59 It’s a “dog-eat-dog” world out there. (descriptive)


61 It’s more important to get ahead than to be fair. (value)

62 Most people want to be and try to be good. (descriptive)

63 It’s more important for everyone to have their basic needs met than for a small group of people, even if they worked for it, to have a lot.(value)

64 Logos -Building an Argument ConclusionReasonEvidenceAssumptionEvidenceReasonEvidenceAssumption

65 Logos -Building an Argument ConclusionReasonEvidenceAssumptionEvidenceReasonEvidenceAssumption

66 Convince other to: Agree with you Do what you want By means of: Reasoned Argument Emotions

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