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Ozarks Technical Community College Career Employment Services.

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1 Ozarks Technical Community College Career Employment Services

2 Dress To Impress If you had a job interview tomorrow, what outfit would you wear?

3 “Clothes make the man (woman). Naked people have little or no influence in society.” ~ Mark Twain


5 First Impression Test – Women Who would you hire?

6 First Impression Test – Men Who would you hire?

7 Casual Meeting / Interview / Career Fair) Use Common Sense Be Conservative Research Online or Read Articles / Books Talk to Department Store Professionals Discuss with Teachers Career Professionals / Business Leaders / HR Professionals Forget what you see on TV

8 Should you be judged by what you wear? Perhaps not, but the reality is, of course, you are judged. All About First Impressions Every part of the interview process is about judgments Résumé Cover Letter Phone Interview In-Person Interview

9 Make a Lasting Impression 41% of employers more often promote people who dress better 64% of employers surveyed have banned flip flops – 49% have forbidden mini-skirts – 38% have banned sleeveless shirts – 28% have prohibited jeans article “How to dress for success at work”, July 30, 2008

10 Research the prospective employer - companies and even industries have definable corporate cultures. Professional Position vs. Skilled / Non-Skilled Labor Position When in doubt ask HR Department or Recruiter If you must ask…ask it professionally Like it or Not - Different Standards for Men and Women

11 No matter how conservative!

12 Your Mother is Right!

13 Conservative two-piece business suit (dark blue or grey is best) Black = Power Grey = Neutral Blue = Loyalty Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best, pastel is next best) Stripe in shirt is fine Stay away from “wild” or “crazy” patterns Button-Up Low Cut = Never Clean, polished conservative shoes Same color as belt Do not wear open-toed shoes

14 Well-groomed hairstyle Clean, trimmed fingernails Minimal cologne or perfume Empty pockets--no bulges or tinkling coins No gum, candy or cigarettes Light briefcase or portfolio case Don’t overdo your jewelry Wear only one or two rings Avoid jingling bracelets, giant hoop or dangling earrings, and any other flashy jewelry No visible body piercing (nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc.) Ask someone you trust, “How do I look?”

15 Put Away the Sports Jersey!

16 Tailored suits in navy, gray, beige Natural fabrics - wool/wool blend for the suit, cotton for the shirt, silk for the tie Seasonal fabrics & colors Dark suit, light shirt Business shoes and over-the-calf matching socks Matching tie in low-key colors Stay away from cartoons or sports symbols

17 Shoes & belt should match Facial hair Depends on position - mustache normally acceptable Jewelry Watch College ring, military ring, wedding band No earrings Pants Proper fit – not too loose or tight

18 It’s About Fashion – Not Red Carpet Glamour!

19 Women: Consider These Tips/Advice Avoid loud or flashy styles and colors Most recent fashion isn’t necessary Use makeup sparingly Stay away from bold colors Lipstick should be natural Nail polish should be natural Low -heeled shoes No open-toed shoes Heels should be 1 – 2 ½ inches Hosiery

20 Job experts and employers are split on the notion of pants vs. skirts, so choose a suit that’s professional Skirt length should be at the knee, a little below the knee and never shorter than the knee Opt for a briefcase rather than a purse Hair – a natural color – bold highlights can be a mistake

21 Do you think a female should wear a skirted suit rather than a pantsuit to the interview? Yes5 (4%) No29(24%) No opinion65(55%) Other19(16%) No answer1(.8%) 119 Courtesy of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

22 You’ve Got the Job – Now Keep It!

23 occupational hazard Have you cleaned up your Social Media accounts lately?

24 Men Not expected to wear ties Business or sports jacket is appropriate Stylish, solid colored pants Long-sleeved solid or striped dark shirt Dark socks Matching belt and shoes Women Business skirt or pants Conservative blouse or sweater Blazer or vest is appropriate Flat or low heels Neutral hosiery Belt, scarf, and accessories should remain understated

25 Business Casual Business Casual Women Men

26 Sometimes when employees hear that business casual is their company's policy on dress, some take the opportunity to really dress down. Trade slacks for jeans Shirts for T-shirts or sweatshirts The summer months = treacherous minefield of work fashion DON’TS. Tank or tube tops Flip-flops or tennis shoes Shorts No bare skin! Remember - You are going to work, not a picnic or a ballgame.

27 Business attire is an investment Seek professional advise Basic / Classic styles Save the fun stuff for the weekend or company picnic Dress appropriately for business occasion

28 Ozarks Technical Community College Career Employment Services Thank You! Questions? In cooperation with : Malinda Stevens Former Human Resources Manager Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC)

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