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Welcome to HOSA Meeting 1/13/2015 Please Sign In & Have A Seat.

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1 Welcome to HOSA Meeting 1/13/2015 Please Sign In & Have A Seat

2 Hope you all enjoyed and had a safe break! We also hope you studied and prepared for your event if you're competing at Area or State… AREA: February 13, 14 @ Kingwood HS STATE: April 9-11 @ Dallas Please, PLEASE be studying for your event. When we advance, it recognizes HOSA here in PHS. We need to be striving for State and Nationals!

3 Thank you for those who came to the HOSA Bonfire! Hope y’all had fun :)

4 HOSA Yearbook Picture is on ??????? We will be wearing our Black “Cute enough, Skilled enough” Shirt So, if you have not purchased your shirt, come to Ms. Clark, they are $15 Hurry quick! Because others are wanting to purchase them too! If it is not possible for you to purchase one, then please let Ms Clark know, arrangements can be made. You may also place deposits.

5 Phase 3 For Area Competitors, Must haves: ●Professional Attire Girls: Black Dressy Pants (Slacks) or Skirt near the knee, white blouse that does not show cleavage, comfortable black shoes, preferably flats -No Heels. If you’re wearing a skirt, we advise maybe black tights underneath. Boys: Black Dressy Pants, white button up shirt and black dress shoes. ●Hair well groomed. Hair should not be on your face. ●Photo ID If you have lost your school photo ID or do not have a license, etc. Please go purchase a new one soon from the school ($3). ●Printed out Event Guidelines. If you did our Phase 1, you should have it ●Kingwood HS Address: 2701 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339


7 Suggestions/Recommendations ●If your event requires a team, you should have already had a study group made. Gather every week until Competition, practice, study and judge each other on your knowledge, skill, and presentation. ●Read thoroughly through your event guidelines; make sure you understand all the requirements to your event. ●At this point, you should be basically completely finished with the information you need if your event requires a presentation, continue to practice PRESENTING. If your event requires only studying, then continue to STUDY. ●For Presenters: Do not be nervous, judges want you to do well, they are on your side. They want to give you as many points as you can have (they are teachers). ●Come in with confidence and extra-friendliness ●Greet and shake the judges hand when entering and leaving (depending on your event) but do not mention your name or school. ●At Area, stick together, Kingwood HS is a large school, you do not want to get lost and not participate and be disqualified from your event. You will have time to look for your event room. ●Have FUN & ask an officer or Ms Clark for any questions! Only ONE month left.

8 What We Expect We know we will be on your best behavior, but here is a few tips: ●Opening and Closing Ceremony are professional events, feel free to applaud and cheer, but be respectful and applaud at the appropriate times ●DRESS CODE is a must ●Mrs. Clark will be working an event most of Friday, so we will be under the authority of chaperones ●Bring snacks, a jacket, and things to occupy your time, we will have long periods of sitting in our assigned room ●If your competition is on Friday ONLY, then you are not required to come the next morning. However we would like for everyone to be there at 4 pm for awards (should be done by 7). ●They will be serving us dinner, please be courteous and pick up after yourself ●You must be passing all classes under UIL eligibility requirements to compete

9 Recap/Feedback For Area Competition: 1.Who has not studied? 2.Should we have after school practice for help, studying and presenting? 3.(A-Day) Eat together at a restaurant (Jason’s Deli)? or eat here at school and not miss school? If we choose to eat at Jason’s, you have to bring your own$$$

10 Possible Upcoming Events for HOSA…… ●Yearbook HOSA Picture ●Rewarding Party/Bowling Night(?) for Area Advancing to State Competitors/ includes ALL MEMBERS ●Guest Speakers! ●UT Health Science Tour!

11 Thank you for coming! Remember even if you didn’t advance in your competition does not mean HOSA is over, we do more than just competition! :)

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