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PASSIVE QUIZ. Complete the following sentences with the correct passive structure.

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2 Complete the following sentences with the correct passive structure

3 Complete the sentence 1.Email _____ (invent) in … a.1971 b.1981 c.1991 Email was invented in 1971.

4 Complete the sentence 2. A baby cat ____ (call) … a.A kitten b.A calf c.A cub A baby cat is called a kitten.

5 Complete the sentence 3. The America actress Marilyn Monroe ____ (marry) …… a.twice b.three times c.four times The American actress Marilyn Monroe was married three times.

6 Complete the sentence 4. More than 300 languages _____ (speak) in … a.China b.Peru c.Indonesia More than 300 languages are spoken in Indonesia.

7 Complete the sentence 5. The books 1984 and Animal Farm ___ (write) by … a.Oscar Wilde b.George Orwell c.Agatha Christie The books 1984 and Animal Farm were written by George Orwell.

8 Complete the sentence 6. The 19 th football World Cup took place in 2002. The 25 th football World Cup ___ (hold) in … a.2026 b.2028 c.2030 The 25 th Wolrd Cup will be held in 2026.

9 Complete the sentence 6. King Henry VIII of England ____ (marry) a.Three times b.Five times c.Six times King Henry VIII of England was married six times.

10 Complete the sentence 7. The 28 th Olympic Games took place in 2004. The 35 th Olympic games ____ (hold) in … a.2030 b.2032 c.2034 The 35 th Olympic games will be held in 2032.

11 Complete the sentence 8. The telephone ____ (invent) by … a.Thomas Edison b.John Logie Baird c.Alexander Graham Bell The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

12 Complete the sentence 9. The painting Mona Lisa _____ (steal) … in the last hundred years. … a.once b.Twice c.three times The painting Mona Lisa was stolen once in the past hundred years.

13 Complete the sentence 10. In the film The Titanic, Rose Dewitt Bukater ___ (play) by … a.Kate Winslet b.Julia Roberts c.Gwyneth Paltrow Rose Dewitt Bukater was played by Kate Winslet.

14 Complete the sentence 12. A baby dog ___ (call) … a.A cub b.A foal c.A puppy A baby dog is called a puppy.

15 Answer the following questions with full sentences

16 Answer the questions 1. When was the Eiffel Tower built? a.1869 b.1889 c.1909 The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889.

17 Answer the questions 2. When was Kennedy assassinated? a.November 1961 b.December 1961 c.November 1963 Kennedy was assassinated in December 1963.

18 Answer the questions 3. Which city is known as the “Big Apple”? a.New York b.Los Angeles c.San Francisco New York is Known as the Big Apple.

19 Answer the questions 4. Who designed the mini-skirt? a.Mary Quant b.Biba c.Yves Saint Laurent The mini-skirt was designed by Mary Quant.

20 Answer the questions 5. Where was Christopher Columbus born?? a.Portugal b.Spain c.Italy Christopher Columbus was born in Portugal.

21 Answer the questions 6. Which of the following was not written by Shakespeare? a.Nicholas Nickleby b.The Tempest c.Twelfth Night Nicholas Nickleby was not written by Shakespeare.

22 Answer the questions 7. When was Australia discovered? a.the 16 th century b.the 17 th century c.the 18 th century Australia was discovered in the 17 th century.

23 Answer the questions 8. When was Mount Everest first climbed? a.1953 b.1963 c.1957 Mount Everest was first climbed in 1953.

24 Answer the questions 9. Who designed the first helicopter? a.Leonardo da Vinci b.Albert Einstein c.Napoleon The first helicopter was designed by Leonardo da Vinvi.

25 Answer the questions 10. When was McDonald’s founded? a.1935 b.1975 c.1955 McDonald’s was founded in 1955.

26 Answer the questions 11. Who invented television? a.Marconi b.John Logie Baird c.Edison Television was invented by John Logie Baird.

27 Answer the questions 12. Where was paper invented? a.Japan b.China c.India Paper was invented in China.

28 Answer the questions 13. Which country sold Alaska? a.Canada b.France c.Russia Alaska was sold by Russia.

29 Answer the questions 14. Who directed Jurassic Park? a.Oliver Stone b.Stephen Spielberg c.Francis Ford Coppola Jurassic Park was directed by Stephen Spielberg.


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