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Adolescent Psychology

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1 Adolescent Psychology
Mosuo culture Crystal Mendoza Kristen Gomez Kaitlin Burke Georgia Huston Adolescent Psychology Dr. Sara Villanueva 2 December 2013

2 Introduction- Origins
Population: 40,000 people. Lugu Lake in Southern China Known as “The Kingdom of Women” - matriarchal community. Tibetan Plateau No standing army Isolated

3 Mosuo Women- China

4 Physical Milestones of the Mosuan culture
Age of Sexual Autonomy Age of puberty Physical Maturity (Most information is with a hetero couple)

5 Additional Biological Variables
Diet Lifespan Education Isolation Health

6 Gender Roles Walking Marriages— women have more power
Family Responsibilities—men have less responsibility Children live in maternal household

7 Ceremony Life Ceremony occurs at 12-14-years-old
“Skirt Ceremony” for girls “Pants Ceremony” for boys

8 Cognitive Domain Synaptic Pruning—”use it or lose it” principle
Agrarian society with emphasis on family-focused relationships Gender roles vary significantly Both girls and boys are taught to value, seek, and enjoy sexual activities Women do majority of physical/manual labor

9 Language and Education
No written language—all history, culture, and religion passed down orally Formal education system extremely underdeveloped Clash of traditional rural/familial education with formal education Very few students graduate from high school, few-to-none attend college

10 Belief Systems Tibetan Buddhism Daba Four Noble Truths
Presence of Suffering Desire brings Suffering Suffering can be ended through achieving Nirvana Steps to Nirvana are known as the “Noble Eightfold Path” Daba “Original” religion of the Mosuo culture, has been largely replaced by Buddhism in recent history Nature worship Daba priests still called to perform special events

11 Closing Uniqueness of the Mosuo Culture
Walking Marriages/ Women as head of household “Skirt” and “Pant” Ceremony to mark the age of adulthood Variation/reversal of gender roles in the household Western World vs. Mosou culture Tourism in the area has recently boomed. The modern is growing around the ancient.

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