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HISTORICAL INFLUENCES ON FASHION Early 20 th Century 1901 - 1920 Survey of Historic Costume (Fairchild Publications, 2003)

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1 HISTORICAL INFLUENCES ON FASHION Early 20 th Century Survey of Historic Costume (Fairchild Publications, 2003)

2 Political Influences World War I –More women in workforce Practical, comfortable clothes Shorter skirts (above ankle) –Military cuts –Trench Coat

3 Technology Influences Automobile –Development of “travel” fashions: the duster, goggles, caps with visors, veiled hats –History of AutomobileHistory of Automobile

4 05motveil.jpg The duster was the typical “driving” fashion of the early 20 th century

5 HISTORICAL INFLUENCES ON FASHION 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s Survey of Historic Costume (Fairchild Publications, 2003)

6 Social Life of the 1920’s Revolution of mores and values Prohibition – lead to the “speak-easy” (later, known as the nightclub) Flapper Era - “The Roaring Twenties” –Body more revealed –Short hair –Increased use of make-up –Introduction of the “trouser”

7 mcelvrs/flapper.jpg Typical 1920’s Flapper style: Short hair Silhouette: Straight, “tubular” dress Shortened hemline Lots of rouge and lipstick

8 World War II French couture (fashion) cut off during German Occupation On the home front: –Leather shoes rationed –“L-85 Regulations” restricted quantity of cloth to be used for civilian clothing Restricted use of nylon, wool, silk, natural rubber

9 Let’s go to the Movies - hairstyles Jean HarlowShirley Temple

10 Sports Influence Increased participation by women “Sportswear” established as separate fashion category

11 Art Influence of the Period Art Deco –Architecture and interiors –Geometric shapes –Cubism –Notables: William Van Allen Pablo Picasso Henry Dreyfuss

12 Surrealism (“beyond the real”) Fabric prints and appointments that seem out of place Notable: Salvador Dali

13 HISTORICAL INFLUENCES ON FASHION Post WWII through 1964 Survey of Historic Costume (Fairchild Publications, 2003)

14 Teen Market Emerges Originated in Britain Teddy Boys – first independent teen fashion movement Significance: –Promoted BY and FOR young people –Began among lower classes (trickle-up) –Evidenced as lifestyle cult

15 Teddy Boys Fashion Longer coats with velvet or satin collars “Drainpipe” ties Slicked back hair D.A. haircuts oys.htm

16 Teddy Girls Fashion Velvet collars D.A. haircuts Turban-style headwear Lace-up espadrilles


18 5/13/concealing.pregnancies/ Lucille Ball’s pregnancy, the focus of the 2 nd season of I Love Lucy, freed designers to more publicly address the need for fashionable maternity clothes

19 Political Scene John Kennedy – no hat at inauguration influenced decline of hat in men’s fashions Jacqueline Kennedy –Pill box hat –A-line skirts –Low-slung pumps –Revival of empire style (from Greek)

20 Pillbox Hat dy/jackie-kennedy.jpg A-line styling Empire waist

21 HISTORICAL INFLUENCES ON FASHION Vietnam Era Survey of Historic Costume (Fairchild Publications, 2003)

22 Mod Fashion of the 1960’s Elegance Edwardian flair “Long” hair

23 “Beatlemania” Beatlessullivansinging.jpg

24 Rockers Fashion of the 1960’s Leather jackets Motorcycles

25 Hippie Fashion Eclectic clothing Long hair Thrift store purchases Communal living ngellkg/1960.HTML

26 Mod fashions of the 1960’s Color Eclectic Mini skirt fashion.htm

27 Unisex Fashion angellkg/1960.HTML Ties Pantsuits Annie Hall look archives/Hall.jpg

28 African Fashion Influence dashiki African caftan Kente cloth

29 Jeans rule g/1960.HTML Levi Strauss Trademark

30 Op ArtPop Art artsdidactica/art/pintura/pop_art /warCAMP.jpg kitaoka/opart-e.html

31 /medium/08/94/28-01.jpg Fash2/Fashion2.htm

32 HISTORICAL INFLUENCES ON FASHION Survey of Historic Costume (Fairchild Publications, 2003)

33 U.S. History Social/Technology Baby Boomers having children –“Kiddie Couture” (NY Times)

34 Changes in the Fashion Industry GATT Treaty (General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade) Apparel production shifts to 3 rd world countries NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

35 Major Fashion Trends Retro (retrospective) Revival of previous styles

36 1970’s power suit revisited the padded shoulders and the tailored jacket of the 1940’s html

37 In the 1980’s formal wear was reminiscent of the lower waist lines of the Roaring 20’s and the puffed sleeves of the 1950’s, ushering in a revival of the “romantic” era

38 Major Fashion Trends Yuppies and Preps –Power suits (Yuppies) –Classic tweed, tailored skirts, pants, shirts, loafers, oxfords, low pumps (Preps)

39 Other 1970’s Fashion Trends

40 com/history8c.htm Other 1980’s fashion trends

41 Major Fashion Trends Punk – a London original Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols is the most popular and visible icon of the 1980’s British punk movement WellAlwaysRemember.2/SidVicious.htm

42 Major Fashion Trends African American Revival –Inner-city youth influence –Rap/hip hop musicians –Revival of kente cloth (and imitators) –Baggy pants, over-sized shirts –Dreadlocks –Emergence of black fashion models, designers

43 Rappers NWAdreadlocks cus/fashion/hiphop.html Influence of the African American movement through the 1990’s.

44 The emergence of black models and designers reflected the importance and impact of the African American fashion movement

45 Consumer Changes of the Era Baby Boomers older (32-50) Obesity –Styles, stores targeted to larger consumers –Revolt of “heroin chic” (skinny bodies) Fitness Craze –Leggings, high tech fabrics, micro fiber –Jogging suits –High tech athletic shoes Continuation of casual wear – “Casual Fridays”

46 Review of Fashion Influences Silhouette Hemlines Technology Fabrics/textiles Political arena Current events Media Consumer changes

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