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Scotland Kristi Steinberg 10a SÜG.

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1 Scotland Kristi Steinberg 10a SÜG

2 Scotland itself Scotland gets it's name from the Scots, the people who first arrived in the late 3rd to mid 4th centuries AD. It was not until about 500AD that they built up a sizeable colony.

3 Scotland - Physical Characteristics
Scotland is divided into three main regions Scotland also includes 787 islands Scotland is also well known for its lochs

4 Scotland - Government and Commerce
Scottish Parliament was elected in 1999 This is the first time Scotland has had its own parliament in 300 years Scotland is divided from England by a wall

5 Scottish Weather At most times of the year it is perfectly possible to have glorious sunshine, chilling cold, together with wind, rain and even snow - all in the one day! This means people's lives can be driven by the weather alone; its often impossible to plan an outside event because of the risk of changeable weather. 

6 Scottish Dress and Tartans
A mans skirt made from woollen cloth is the kilt The tartan kilt has long been the most recognisable cultural tradition of the Highland Scots Tartan Fabric

7 The history of scotch whisky
1494 the water of life the whisky that they produced was stronger and much harsher than what is now produced today

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