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DRESS for SUCCESS For: The Internship Class By: Janice Valle- WBL Coordinator.

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1 DRESS for SUCCESS For: The Internship Class By: Janice Valle- WBL Coordinator

2 You will Learn: First impressions What to wear What not to wear Personal Hygiene Grooming

3 Do You Know? True or False #1-You can lose a job opportunity by a first impression #2-You can wear anything you want to your job interview #3-Wearing too much perfume is not a good choice on your job interview #4-Brushing your teeth and combing your hair may help you get that job #5-You can wear your best flip flops to an interview

4 First Impressions The first introduction is your appearance Your attire sets the tone of the interview Create a positive first impression Dress for a competitive edge

5 What To Wear Men Ladies Dark suit or sport coat and slacks White long sleeved dress shirt Polished dress shoes Matching belt Tie if possible Dark business suit w/skirt or slacks Light colored blouse Low heeled shoes Blazer if no suit Natural shade pantyhose

6 What Not to Wear Sporty, revealing, or dressy clothes Heavy perfume/cologne Excessive jewelry Casual shoes or flip flops Heavy makeup Wild nail designs Wild hairdo

7 Personal Hygiene Bath or shower No body odor Clean hair Clean and trimmed fingernails Brushed teeth, fresh breath

8 Grooming Neat hair Clean and pressed clothes Clean/polished shoes Light makeup/nail polish-ladies Light perfume/cologne Minimal jewelry

9 Final Check Before interview check the mirror Make sure you look confident Have your resume in a folder No candy, gum, or objects in mouth

10 Q&A #1- Is it ok to chew gum during a job interview? #2- Would it show you want the job when you dress in sweatpants? #3- Could you get a job by a first positive impression? #4- If you have body odor do you think you will get the job? #5- Will you show more confidence looking well put together?

11 Summary Remember the first impression Wear the appropriate clothing Smell good, look good Feel confident

12 Answers- T&F #1-True #2-False #3-True #4-True #5-False

13 Answers-Q&A #1- No #2- No #3- Yes #4- No #5- Yes

14 Assignment Research the listed resources Prepare an outline of how you would prepare yourself for a job interview Or you may share your experiences preparing for a job interview Bring it into our next class for class discussion Pay attention to details on your outline Be creative- add a photo, etc.

15 Resources Books: Quintessential Careers: Dress for Success Books:books for making a first great impressionQuintessential Careers: Dress for Success Books Web Sites: SYMS Dress to Achieve: a career site created to help you with the basics of proper job interview attireSYMS Dress to CareerGear:a non-profit organizationCareerGear

16 Need Help? Questions/concerns talk to me I can help you Janice Valle Your WBL Coordinator

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