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Arnaudville Elementary 8th Grade Parent Handbook 2013 – 2014 approved by _______.

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1 Arnaudville Elementary 8th Grade Parent Handbook 2013 – 2014 approved by _______

2 Notes ________________________________________ Dates to Remember February 18: Bio-Med Parent Meeting February 21: Box Tops for Education Due March 10 – 14: Explore Test March 18: Phase I Leap Test April 7 – 10: Phase II Leap Test April 11: Field Trip Balance Due May 1 – 2: Beta Convention May 8: Field Trip to Galveston, Tx. May 9: Spring Fest May 27: 8th Grade Class Night 13

3 Table of Contents Promotional Requirements.................... 2 LEAP Test Dates.................................. 3 Tech Prep Activities............................. 4 Beau Chene Contacts...........................6 8th Grade Class Trip.......................... 8 8 th Grade Class Night.........................10 Calendar of Events............................12 Notes..............................................13 1 Dates to Remember November 1 – December 3: AVON Fundraiser November 14: Beta Induction @ 6:00 p.m. November 15 – 21: Book Fair in Library November 22 – December 19: Gumbo Raffle December 2 – 13: Candy Cane Gram Sales December 5: AES Band plays Acadian Village December 13: Field Trip Deposit Due January 23: Community Coffee Labels Due January 31: Job Shadowing February 3 – 26: Mardi Gras Crawfish Raffle February 13: 7 th & 8 th Bio-Med Trip 12

4 The morning of May 27th, students will report to school at the regular time. Following morning announcements, students will have a special breakfast at school. Following the breakfast, students will report to the gym for a required class night practice session. Upon completion of practice, students will be dismissed. Dismissal will be at approximately 11:00 AM. Students are not allowed to check themselves out and leave campus on their own. They must be checked out by parents or by another adult. Other adults checking out students must be at least 18 years old and have a written note from the parent. Students without rides may remain at school until their bus arrives at the end of the school day. 11 Promotional Requirements The parish grading scale for the 2013 - 2014 school year as follows: Grade Percentage Quality Points A 100 - 93 4 points B 92 - 85 3 points C 84 - 75 2 points D 74 - 67 1 point F 66 - 0 0 points To be considered for promotion at the end of the year, students must earn an average of at least 6 quality points (D) in reading, math, English, science, and social studies. In addition, they must earn at least a D during the last six weeks grading period in reading, math, English, science, and social studies. Students must take and pass the state- required 8th grade LEAP and score at or above the Basic/Approaching Basic combination in ELA and Math to be promoted to the next grade level. 2

5 Eighth Grade Class Night The eighth grade class night is scheduled for May 27, 2014. The program will be held in the AES gym and should last about 90 minutes. All 8th grade students are expected to attend. Student Dress Code for Class Night BOYS: Button-down shirt Slacks (no jeans) and a belt Tie Dress Shoes and socks (no tennis shoes) GIRLS: Dress, slacks, or skirt outfit (top must be tucked in or top must overlap the pants or skirt at the waist by at least 3 inches) Dress (a dress that is strapless, has a halter top or spaghetti straps can only be worn with a jacket worn over the dress) Dress or skirt length may not be more than 3 inches above the knee Dress Shoes (No flip flops or tennis shoes) 10 LEAP Test Schedule All students in grade 8 must take and pass the state-required LEAP test in language arts and mathematics. Students must also take the LEAP in social studies and science. The state grade level tests in language arts (English and Reading) and mathematics are a principal criteria for promotion to high school. Eighth grade students will take the LEAP test in Spring 2014 on the following dates: Phase I testing (writing and math constructed response) is scheduled for March 18th. Phase II testing (the remaining sections of ELA and math, plus science and social studies) is scheduled for April 7 – 10 3

6 Tech Prep Activities Tech Prep is a program that St. Landry Parish Schools use in helping our students prepare for choices they make beyond high school. Tech Prep activities provide opportunities for students to explore options available to them. Tech Prep activities include: 1. Developing a Five-Year Plan 2. Job Shadowing Five-Year Plan of Study After LEAP testing, 8th grade teachers meet with students to discuss choices students are faced with during the next five years (four years of high school and the first year after high school graduation). Students will create a five-year plan at school. This can be changed at home over the years to reflect the students' goals as they may change. 4 Additional Requirements for trip: 1) Based on report card grades from the first 5 grading periods, students must have a minimum of 5 quality points in each of the following subjects: English, math, reading, science, and social studies. 2) Students must not have more than 10 unexcused absences for the school year (up to the day of the class trip). 3) Students with out-of-school suspensions during the 2013 - 2014 school year may attend the class trip only with approval from all teachers and administration. If a student becomes ineligible (to be determined by school administration) for the field trip after fees are paid, only fees paid in cash will be refunded at the time of the trip (May 8, 2014). Money earned through fund raising will not be refunded. Since our departure time (from school) will be at 5:00 AM and our scheduled return to school will be at 10:00 PM, parents are responsible for providing transportation for their child to and from school on the date of the class trip. After the December 13 deadline for payment of fees by students, we can determine the number of parents who may attend the trip (space permitting). All adults participating in the class trip must ride the bus. The fee for all adults to attend the trip is $110. 9

7 Eighth Grade Class Trip The eighth grade class trip is scheduled for Thursday, May 8, 2014. The trip to Galveston, Tx. includes visiting the Aquarium Pyramid, Rainforest Pyramid, 4D Special Effects Theatre, and Colonel Paddlewheel Boat ride which are all located at Moody Gardens as well as dinner at Rainforest Café. The $110 cost per person includes bus expense, all admission fees, lunch, snacks, supper, and a class shirt. Students must pay $50.00 by Dec. 13, 2013. This can be done in any of the following ways: 1) AVON fundraiser (in November) 2) Turning in Community Coffee labels or Box Tops for Education. (Due Jan. 23 rd & Feb. 21 st ) 3) Pay cash or check (now to Dec. 13 th ) 4) Gumbo Raffle (Nov – Dec, 2013) The remaining $60.00 must be received by April 11. This can be done in any of the following ways: 1) Crawfish Raffle (February 2014) 2) Pay cash or check (due April 11 th ) 8 Job Shadowing On Friday, January 31, 2014 all 8 th grade students must shadow someone in an occupation of interest. Each student is responsible for selecting and making contact with the person he or she wants to shadow. Students will complete career-related activities in Social Studies class during the second grading period. These activities are designed to assist students learn more about job-related opportunities for their future. Students do not come to school on Job Shadowing Day. Parents are responsible for getting their child to and from the work site. All students are required to participate in Job Shadowing activities as part of their Social Studies grade. 5

8 Beau Chene Contact Arnaudville Elementary is a feeder school to Beau Chene High School. Therefore, our eighth grade students are in contact with the Beau Chene guidance counselors during the year. This contact is designed to help prepare students for their upcoming entrance to Beau Chene High School. Contact with counselors includes: 1. Explore Test 2. High School class scheduling 3. Tour of Beau Chene High School Explore Test During the week of March 10 th – March 14 th, the Explore Test will be administered to all 8 th grade students. The Explore Test is similar to the ACT (but at an 8 th grade level). This information is used to help high schools prepare students for the college track. Test results will be explained to 8 th grade students once the scores become available. 6 High School Class Schedules In May, Beau Chene counselors will come to school to discuss required freshmen classes and the scheduling of electives. Student identification pictures are also taken on this day. Parents must sign elective course forms before students submit them to counselors. Final schedules for freshman year will be received in the mail in August, 2014. Tour of Beau Chene In May, Beau Chene High School invites 8th grade students from its feeder schools to tour the campus. This tour takes place on a school day. Students get to tour the school, learn about classes, clubs, organizations, and sports offered at Beau Chene High School. Students return to the AES campus before the end of the day. 7

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