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1 Characterization

2 What is characterization?
The way a writer reveals characters to the reader. (The better the characterization the more the character will seem real!) There are two types: Direct or Indirect.

3 Direct Characterization
States Directly what the character is like. Ex. Sergeant Randolph was the cruelest drillmaster in the regiment.

4 Indirect characterization
Speech Allowing us to hear the character speak. “I don’t have to do what you say,” declared Darlene, pinching the new babysitter.

5 Indirect characterization
Revealing the character’s thoughts and feelings Ashley didn’t like the looks of the squash pudding but decided to eat some to please the cook.

6 Indirect characterization
Effect Showing how others react to the character. “Go wake up my sister?” Lulu said. “Sure, Mom. Just give me armor and a twenty- foot pole, and I’ll be all set to go.

7 Indirect characterization
Actions Ex. Toni glanced around, then tossed empty soda can on the grass and kept walking.

8 Indirect characterization
Looks Describe the appearance of the character. Ex. Wanda’s hair was pink, and every pink hair stuck up from her head. Underneath all that pink hair, though, was a pair of innocent blue eyes.

9 A. Ed Johnson scratched his head in confusion as the sales rep explained Dralco’s newest engine performance diagnostic computer. The old mechanic hated modern electronics, preferring the old days when all he needed was a stack of manuals and a good set of tools. B. “That Ed Johnson,” said Anderson, watching the old mechanic scratch his head in confusion as the sales rep explained Dralco’s newest engine performance diagnostic computer. “He hasn’t got a clue about modern electronics. Give him a good set of tools and a stack of yellowing manuals with a carburetor needing repair, and he’d be happy as a hungry frog in a fly-field.”

10 A. Julie owned a multitude of outfits and accessories, and it always took her forever to decide which combination might impress Trent. As usual, she called her sister several times for advice. After doing so, Julie decided to give the navy blue skirt with the white sweater a try. B. Julie held up six different outfits in front of the mirror and pondered which would go best with her navy blue shoes, pastel eye shadow and the diamond earrings she’d already procured from her overflowing vanity. After ninety minutes of mixing and matching, and cell-phoning her sister three times for advice, Julie finally made up her mind. She’d give the navy blue skirt and white sweater a try, hoping Trent would love it.

11 Peter was bored with the TV program, but the remote control was inexplicably across the room, so he just watched it anyway. Jan would be in soon, and she could fetch the remote control for him then. How could you say this if it were direct characterization??

12 Why do characters do things?
This is called motivation… The reason characters behave the way they do A motive… Is the reason why one character does something.

13 2 types of characters Static- Stays the same throughout the story
Dynamic- changes throughout the story

14 Protagonist- good guy Antagonist- bad guy/causes problems

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