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Tang Costume Cheongsam

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1 Tang Costume Cheongsam
A sip of Chinese traditional costume Tang Costume Cheongsam Share Chinese culture, Holoong promote China style products for global Chinese culture lovers.

2 Costume in Tang Dynasty

3 The brief introduction of costume in Tang dynasty (618-907)
Women’s dress and personal adornments of the Tang Dynasty are outstanding in China’s history. Women's clothing is a leader in historical costumes, clothing texture known as selection of

4 natural and graceful and bold, magnificent and elegant dress- up accessories. Though its shape is still a continuation of the Han Sui legacy, it is in a class by itself , having been affected by the impact of the Northern minorities Xianbei, as well as by the Western Regions.

5 Three main categories Weimao(帏帽)&Ruqun(襦裙) Cross-dressing(女着男装)
Hufu(胡服) Then I will follow the time order to give you a presentation of women’s costumes Weimao and ruqun are the main costumes of women in Tang dynasty

6 襦裙 Ruqun dated from Pre-Qin Dynasty. It was the most popular in the Tang Dynasty.

7 襦裙即上为短襦或衫,下着长裙,佩披帛加半臂的传统装束。
Half-arm jacket Ribbon(长带) dress Ruqun is a kind of clothes that had a short jacket , a long dress and a shawl. 襦裙即上为短襦或衫,下着长裙,佩披帛加半臂的传统装束。

8 Ru 单 襦 复 襦 jacket Ao(袄) Ru 短襦 Long dress 长裙 Half-arm半臂 shawl 长巾 (披帛)
Single skirt Ru Complex skirt 复 襦 8 Ao(袄)

9 The general features of women’s costume in Tang dynasty: 1) topless(上空装,袒胸装) 2)exposed arm 3)oblique(斜的)collar 4)large sleeves 5)long skirt dress All of these make it deserve the most typical open clothing style. The clothing materials are exquisite, the structure is natural, graceful and elegant, and adornments are splendid.

10 The open clothing style and its softness and lightness make the women’s costume in Tang dynasty so unique and distinctive.

11 The national power of the High Tang was strong
The national power of the High Tang was strong. The trades and cultural exchanges with Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Persia波斯 and other countries gradually became frequent, and they mutually dispatched 派遣emissaries and accepted students of other countries. In this way, a special open and romantic style of dress and personal adornments was formed. influence

12 influence 朝鲜半岛民族服饰主要吸收了唐服长裙垂地的特征来突出个子,但更加强调蓬松的质感。
日本和服则吸收了唐服高超的服饰图案,以美妙的图案来衬托人物,但色泽上多采用和色搭配。 influence

13 How does costume in Tang Dynasty come into being?


15 First,in Chinese history, the Tang Dynasty (AD ) was a period of unity and prosperity when the polity and economy were highly developed. Second,Based on the progress made in silk reeling and dyeing techniques, the variety, quality and quantity of textile materials reached an unprecedented height. Third, The Tang government was tolerant, and often appreciative of religions, art and culture from the outside world.

16 As an important cultural element, woman’s costume in various forms in the Tang Dynasty well illustrates the open-mindedness and affluence during that period.

17 Ruqun is made up of the top jacket and long gown and a skirt on the bottom. The Tang women inherited this traditional style and developed it further, opening up the collar as far as exposing the cleavage between the breasts. This was unheard of and unimaginable in the previous dynasties, in which women had to cover their entire body according to the Confucian classics. a big progress

18 Will you accept your girlfriends/
yourselves dressing very open?



21 Long dress From ancient times ,the relationship between dress and woman  is like greenery and flower. The dress can foil the femininity  and temperament of woman and  set women's figure off to  advantage.  Through the dress, the charm of woman is surely manifestinating.  从古至今,裙子和女人的关系就好比绿叶和鲜花, 裙子衬托出女性的娇柔与气质,勾画出女人的丰姿和曲线, 女性的魅力通过裙子尽显无余.

22 The Cheongsam definition
The Qi Pao or Chi-Pao, also known as the cheongsam or mandarin gown 。 A body-hugging one-piece 。Chinese dress ; The English vocabulary cheongsam comes from the Cantonese。 It is known in Mandarin Chinese as the qípáo in Beijing and Shanghai .

23 Why call Qipao china dress
Qipao, which is famous with its harmony and unity ,is known as the representative of the Chinese dress culture. It shows the elegant temperament of Chinese women, demonstrates the culture and virtues of our nation . It creates an impression of simplicity and quiet ,charm, elegance and neatness. . It’s a magnificent rainbow of the human culture.

24 The evolution Republic of China

25 The modern version, which is now recognized popularly in China as the "standard" qipao, was first developed in Shanghai in the 1920s,

26 The styles of Qipao, long sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless

27 Various Jin

28 高领 无领 Collars

29 Openings

30 Representative figures
张爱玲 Eileen Chang ( ) A well-known writer,who was addicted to cheongsam Life is a colorful gown, covered with lice.

31 First lady of Republic of China.
宋美龄 She owns the most number of qipao all over the world.

32 Charm of oriental women
In the film 《In the Mood for Love》(似水年华) ,Maggie Cheung (张曼玉)change more than 23 sets of qipao, after the movie release, It set off a rush of “cheongsam Can’t it arouse our deeply thinking about the cultural change of cheongsam?

33 Cheongsam in modern times



36 Today, with its variety of styles, the cheongsam shows its charm in many markets. It combines the elaborate elegance of Chinese traditional with unique elements of style.



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