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Describing People-Appearance

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1 Describing People-Appearance
He isn’t very tall. He’s short and stocky. She’s tall and slim. She’s got a lovely figure. He’s quite a big guy. He’s quite well-built. She’s a bit overweight. She’s quite plump. He’s very fat. He’s absolutely enormous. He’s very thin. He’s so skinny.

2 與appearance搭配的用語 Size 12! Are these your shoes? You’ve got really big feet, haven’t you? You’ve got such long legs. Would you like to move the seat back a bit? My boyfriend’s got a really hairy chest. It’s like being with a gorilla. You’ve got such lovely long nails. Are they real? He’s got such a deep voice. I find it very sexy when he speaks to me on the phone. Poor Tim! He’s had really bad skin ever since he was 13.

3 身體特徵 The accident left a scar on his forehead.
He’s got a birthmark on his back. I’ve just had a tattoo done on my leg. He’s got a mole on his neck.

4 Describing People-Clothes
jeans shorts pants trousers skirt tie bow tie boots trainers sandals slippers high heels clogs flip-flops T-shirt blouse shirt sweatshirt jacket dress waistcoat

5 Adapted from: Interchange-Intro 3rd ed.

6 Jewelries and Accessories
Necklace Ring Earrings Watch brooch Handbag Scarf Umbrella Sunglasses hat

7 Describing People - Talking about Clothes
衣服的材質(Materials) cotton; wool; linen; silk; denim; leather suede; fur; polyester 衣服的花樣(Patterns) striped; floral; plain; checked

8 結合衣服材質與花樣 I really like the checked dress made of silk. Julia is wearing a denim skirt. You look amazingly young on that floral silk blouse. I think I’ll get my brother a striped cotton shirt.

9 形容衣服的用語 (p.29/ex5) A: You’re looking very smart today. B: Yes, I’m on my way to a job interview. A: You must spend a fortune on clothes. B: I don’t really, but I must admit I do like to dress well. A: Will I have to wear a suit to the meeting? B: No, I expect most people will be wearing fairly casual clothes.

10 4. A: I need a new dress for this party but I don’t know what color to go for.
B: Well, pink’s supposed to be fashionable at the moment. It’s this season’s color. 5. A: Why are you throwing that jacket out? B: It’s worn-out. It’s got a hole under the arm and most of the buttons are missing! 6. A: I like your new trousers. They’re very smart. B: I start my new job tomorrow and I can’t turn up wearing scruffy old jeans. Everyone there is very well-dressed.

11 “不適合我” (p.29/ex6) It doesn’t fit me. It’s too tight. It doesn’t suit me. I’m too old for it. It’s the wrong size. This top doesn’t go with my skirt. They don’t match at all. These jeans don’t go with this jacket.

12 Describing People-Character
正面(positive) 的評語 She’s got so much personality. Anne’s got a great sense of humor. My mom’s great fun. Do you know the movie star-Tom Hanks? He’s my kind of person. Tom’s very generous. He bought everyone a drink last night.

13 6. Claire’s very hard-working. She never leaves the office until six.
7. Tina’s very outgoing. She makes friends with everybody in the class. 8. Brian’s very easy-going sort of guy. Nothing seems to worry him. 9. Jack’s such a cheerful little boy. I’ve never seen him in a bad mood. 10. Simon’s very thoughtful. He’s always buying me little presents on my birthday.

14 負面(negative)的評語 She’s a bit difficult at times.
My new neighbor isn’t easy to get on with. Mike can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Lin’s little girl can be a pain in the neck. Tony isn’t very sensitive. He’s always saying the wrong thing.

15 6. Mark’s so aggressive. He keeps getting into fights.
7. You’re so absent-minded. You keep forgetting where you put things. 8. Joe isn’t very self-confident. He often worries about what people think of him. 9. That new student seems so vain. He’s always looking in the mirror.

16 其他的形容性格之用語 shy; miserable tense; mean modest loyal lazy; moody proud
arrogant; stubborn silly; selfish; nosey modest loyal proud honest Go to p.31/ex5 & ex7

17 Describing People-Other Adjectives
1. A: I locked my keys in the house this morning. B: That was a very careless/silly thing to do. 2. A: I’m thinking of getting myself a private pension. B: Good idea. That’s very wise/sensible thing to do. 3. It was very generous of you to pay for all the drinks. 4. It was a bit dishonest of you not to tell them they’d given you too much change.

18 5. It was very brave of you to go to India on your own.
6. A: I invited Sue and Gerry for dinner. They turned up an hour late and didn’t even apologize! B: That was very rude of them. 7. Sarah spilt coffee all over the carpet. It made a terrible mess. I think that was a bit clumsy of her. 8. A: I know I’m going to get this job-the interview went so well. B: I think you’re being a bit optimistic.

19 11. A: I hope Bob doesn’t become manager. I don’t like his accent.
9. Aren’t you being selfish to persuade Liz to give up her job? You know how important it is for her. 10. A: I’ve looked at fifteen apartments and I haven’t seen one I really like. B: Don’t you think you’re being fussy? You’ll never find one that’s perfect. 11. A: I hope Bob doesn’t become manager. I don’t like his accent. B: Don’t you think you’re being intolerant? You can’t dislike him just because of the way he speaks! Go to p.33/ex4 & ex6

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