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The Professional School Interview

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1 The Professional School Interview
Lorenzo Foster, MS I Gretchen Gillyard, MS II Sharhonda Ansley, MS I Tomasina Parker, MS II Margo Thomas, MS II Christina Edwards, MS III LSUHSC Shreveport School of Medicine SNMA Chapter

2 How do you get an interview?
Undergraduate work: GPA MCAT Activities outside of the classroom: research, community service, organizations Complete AMCAS application Send in secondaries Wait for invitation to interview Expenses

3 Why do I have to be interviewed?
Purpose is to match a face with the name on paper and to see what kind of personality you have. Medicine is not just about science. You must be able to communicate to other people well and the interview tries to see if you are able to do that. Sale yourself because the school is trying to sale itself to you. The people who interview you will be the people to speak up for you during the admissions committee so show your best face.

4 Kinds of interviews Blind Interviews: only read your personal statement One on One Group interviews Being interviewed by a fourth year medical student Exit interviews

5 Day before the interview
If out of town, arrive the day before the interview and stay in the hotel Be familiar with the school and why you want to attend that school Have everything lined up to get to the interview on time. Tardiness is not a good first impression.

6 Day of the interview Be aware that everything you say and do that at the medical school you are interviewing at can be a factor in you getting in or not. In other words: Be yourself but do not be too loose.

7 Expected Questions Why do you want to be doctor? You should be able to answer this question in 2 minutes or less Ethical Issues Current events How do you describe yourself? What motivates you? If you get a tough question, answer it the best your can

8 Attire “What do I wear for the interview?”

9 Nails Avoid extremely long or uncut nails
Avoid Flashy nail polish colors Keep nails neat and groomed

10 Jewelry No more than 2 rings per hand or one earring per ear
Avoid flashy and gaudy jewelry No tongue rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings etc.

11 Shoes Avoid open toe and backless Mules are a No No!

12 Short Skirts Skirts should be no more than 3 inches above the knee
Capris and Leggings are a definite NO NO!

13 Tatoos If you have one that is visible when wearing your suit, cover it up!!!

14 Bare Legs Wear stockings even in summer, humid weather
Wear nude tone stockings

15 Handbags Avoid printed or trendy handbags

16 Men Avoid turtlenecks Strong Cologne Leather Blazers

17 Hair Cornrows ? Dreads ? Braids ?

18 Proper Attire

19 Ladies


21 Men

22 Men

23 Resources

24 Preparing For the Professional School Interview

25 Resources Questions Research Current Events


27 Websites
Right hand corner of screen --- “jump to” Scroll down to BIG GUIDE Look at Undergraduate Section Things to do each undergraduate year Study Tips MCAT Application process INTERVIEWING

28 Univ. Of Louisville

29 STEP 2 Interview Questions

30 Get a list of questions before the interview
Think About and Answer all the questions HONESTLY MOCK INTERVIEW


32 STEP 3 RESEARCH Purpose Technique Conclusion


34 SPECIFICS What do interviewers look for and assess?
What turns interviewers off? What kinds of questions are asked? What kinds of interviewing approaches do students encounter


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