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1520s German Lilies Tailor Shop 2009

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1 1520s German Lilies Tailor Shop 2009

2 1520s German  Men’s  Shoes  Pattens  Hosen  Braies  Shirt  Doublet  Fallingrock  Hat  Women’s  Shoes  Pattens  Hosen  Braies  Chemise  Dress  Hat


4 Pattens  Wooden Over Shoes  Protect Leather Shoes from Weather and Wear  good web resource for pattens good web resource for pattens

5 Schuhe Amman_schuhmacher.jpg uh.jpg

6 Unterhosen Van Leyden image of milkmaid wearing footless leg covering Unusual piece for women to wear If worn, made out of silk or linen Artwork of the time depicts “tidy whitey” style as opposed to boxers Some styles hosen attached to waistband of unterhosen

7 Hosen  Can be joined or separate  Attached with ties to doublet com/pics2/pianist2.jpg

8 Mannshemd  Linen undershirt  High necked  A shirt with a gold decorated collar was an obligatory gift from a bride to her prospective husband  Wealthy men owned around shirts  Laborers owned less than 10

9 Scharlach  Second type of man’s shirt  Red wool shirt worn over hemd  Worn in winter

10 Men’s Doublet Barthel Beham Jost Amman

11 Men’s Fallinrock usstellungen/kurzwe il/win.htm#winter

12 Frauenhemd z/Anglicky/1_Origina ly/02_Renesancni/I_ 02_65.htm Georg Pencz

13 Women’s Klied  Wide neckline  Placket in front  Lacing  Pleated skirt attached to bodice, long skirt e.html?/html/c/cranach/lucas_e/5/06woman.html


15 Hans Holbein Dress Back


17 Brustfluck


19 _Originaly/02_Renesancni/I_02_ 01.htm Hopfer, Daniel (ca ): Das Liebespaar

20 Queen Mary of Hapsburg’s Dress  shoulder seams are slightly behind the shoulder  fabric's width is 58 cm  sleeves with the cuffs are nearly fingertip length  cuffs and neckline trim are lined with rough canvas  bodice lined with green wool  skirt is lined from the waist to about knee-height with thick white woven wool  rest of the skirt is lined with thick homespun linen /hungarian.html


22 Men’s Hat as_e/5/01duke.jpg Niklaus Manuel Eidgenosse “Die fünf Landsknechte“, Radierung von Daniel Hopfer, um 1530 Erhard Altdorfer

23 1501/1550


25 1530

26 Women’s Hats


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