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Agenda Project Responsibilities Advance Planning Brief for Industry

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2 Agenda Project Responsibilities Advance Planning Brief for Industry
Army Service Uniform Update Fire Resistance Clothing Update Research and Development Investment Plan

3 Sarah Morgan-Clyborne
PM CIE Active Projects Terry Monroe MAJ Clay Williamson Fire Resistant Clothing Electronic Stun Devices Modern Army Combatives Kit Fuel Handlers’ Coverall Dave Geringer Army Combat Uniform Service Uniform Modernizations Clothing Bag Modernization IPFU Enhancements ACU Ancillary Items MOLLE Family of Flashlight Review APM key project responsibilities Sarah Morgan-Clyborne On-the-Move Hydration System Military Combat Eye Protection JSLIST JSLIST Glove/AFS JPACE STEPO JC3 MAJ TJ Wright MAJ Robert Helms Cold Weather Stove Glove Enhancement Initiative Modular Boot System Generation III ECWCS Modular Sleep System Cold Weather Gloves Combat glove Advanced Tactical Parachute System MC-6 Electronic Automatic Activation Device Parachutist Drop Bag Military Free Fall

4 Advanced Planning Brief for Industry
May 9-11 Posted on FedBizOpps No fee Springfield, VA Registration contact: Lushana Offutt, a contractor for SY Coleman PM CIE Industrial Base Liaison

5 Army Service Uniform Prototype Configurations
Officer NCO Junior Enlisted Service Cap (CPL & above) Beret (SPC & below) Gray Shirt (Military Creases) Gray Shirt (Military Creases) Heavier Coat Fabric Heavier Coat Fabric Belted Low-waist Trouser Belted Low-waist Trouser Trouser Stripe (CPL & above) No Trouser Stripe (SPC & below) Heavier Trouser Fabric Heavier Trouser Fabric

6 Army Service Uniform Schedule
FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 CONCEPT EVAL SYST DEVEL DEMO PRODUCTION Phases & Milestones Concept Approval Intro to AAFES 30 SEP 07 Intro to Clothing Bag 1FY09 MPD 4FY11 CSA Decisions Concept Designs Technical Development Develop Shade Standards Remains on Schedule Pattern Modifications This is an aggressive schedule. Technical development completed for introduction of all required optional items to meet 4QFY07 AAFES introduction and FY09 clothing bag items. Shade standard must be established for the optional poly/wool shirt fabric. Burlington’s closure of its Hurt, VA finishing plant and movement to Raeford, NC delaying submission of Gray 510 poly/wool shirt fabric for shade evaluation. Shade standards were established for AB 451 poly/wool serge for issue trousers and slacks, and AB 450 polyester for maternity tunic and skirt, AB 451 polyester fabric for maternity slacks, and gray 510 poly/cotton shirts. . Supply Requirements Packages (SRPs) for Government furnished AB 450 and AB 451 fabric and ASU clothing bag uniform items were submitted to DSCP in Jan-Feb 07. SRPs must be modified to change yearly quantities to match available DRMD 903 upfront funding for new item introduction. Availability of FY07 funding for DMRD 903 bill means FY09 ASU procurement by DSCP will match current FY07 availability of Army Green Uniform. The fit test at Ft Jackson ,SC (16 Oct – 3 Nov 06) and at Ft Lee, VA (5-9 Nov 06 is concluded) Active Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard Soldiers were fit into the ASU to validate changes made to garment patterns, and validate men’s athletic fit sizes. Optional Purchase outer garment specifications were released on 25 Sep 06. Natick certified AAFES’ suppliers for optional poly/wool uniform items in Jan 07. Optional poly/cotton shirt fabric supplier Certified 29 Jan 07. Optional poly/cotton shirt suppliers expected to be certified by 30 Mar 07. Develop Specifications Fit Test Outer Garment Spec Release Supply Request Packages (SRP) Shirt Approval Certify Suppliers AAFES Production Delivery of AAFES Uniform Production (Current Fabric) Modify Garment Contracts Delivery of AAFES Officer Uniform Coat Production (10.3 oz) Delivery of AAFES Poly/Cotton Shirt Production Modify Shirt Contract DSCP Production Delivery of AAFES Poly/Wool Shirt Production GFM Solicitation GFM Award Delivery of DSCP Uniform Poly/Wool Production (10.3 oz) Delivery of DSCP Uniform Production Contract Solicitations/ Mods Contract Awards Delivery of DSCP Poly/Cotton Shirt Production

7 Technical Development Optional Purchase Items – for AAFES
Fabric Shade Spec Patterns Remarks Men’s Coat Tropical Wool Women’s Coat Men’s Trousers Women’s Slacks Skirt Men’s Service Cap Women’s Service Hat Gray Poly/Cotton Shirt Fabric N/A Men’s Shirt Women’s Overblouse Maternity Shirt Maternity Tunic Maternity Skirt Maternity Slacks AB450 Poly/Wool Serge Fabric AB 450 and AB 451 share same specification Optional Officer’s coat and issue item AB451 Poly/Wool Serge Fabric Gray Poly/Wool Optional Shirt Fabric TBD 31 May 07 Burlington’s poly/wool fabric for the optional shirt failed its second shade evaluation on 8 Jan 07. It was too green. Burlington reps visited Natick on 18 Jan 07 to review their submission. Burlington discovered that they were not using the correct poly/cotton shirt shade sample, which PM-CIE provided to them, as their target shade. Burlington reassessing submission plan. Schedule impacted because Burlington is closing its Hurt, VA finishing plant, and is moving all finishing operations to North Carolina. Shirt spec is completed with the exception of the shade standard. = Action Complete

8 Technical Development Clothing Bag Items – For DSCP
Fabric Shade Spec Patterns Supply Requirements Package Remarks Gray Poly/Cotton Shirt Fabric N/A AB 450 Poly/Wool Serge Fabric AB451 Poly/Wool Serge Fabric Men’s Coat Women’s Coat Men’s Low Waist Trousers Women’s Low Waist Slacks Skirt Men’s Shirt, S/S Men’s Shirt, L/S Women’s Shirt, S/S Women’s Shirt, L/S Supply requirements packages for clothing bag items were submitted to DSCP during the period 12 Jan -2 Feb 07. In order to reduce the unfunded upfront FY 07 and 08 DRMD 903 implementation costs, the Army’s by year requirement of each ASU item must be recomputed to align FY 09 requirement to match current FY07 requirement levels. Requirements fro FY10 and out years must also be recomputed. Additionally, HQDA must provide DSCP a letter of intent that it will pay the DRMD upfront bill. = Action Complete

9 Fire Resistant Clothing Update
Army Aviation Combat Uniform (A2CU) DSCP to handle requirement Improved Combat Vehicle Crewmen Coverall (iCVC) FR Combat Shirt More compatible with body armor – issued in lieu of ACU top Based on Urgent requirement fro OIF/OEF Army contract FR ACU Southern Mills “Defender” Fabric Supply Request Package submitted to DSCP Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble Skin out layered system Focused on Mounted and Air Soldier Solicitation posted on FedBizOpps 27 Feb 07 A2CU and iCVC: Transitioning current DSCP contracts from iABDU to A2CU and CVC to iCVC Determining final design configurations based on user evaluation feedback Authorizing Abrams as an alternative fabric on the iCVC. Decision Point on Abrams for A2CU is APR 07 Army will contract for limited production of these two items to bridge DSCP’s migration to these new versions. FR Combat Shirt: Nothing additional FR ACU: Expected demand is around 380,000 right now. DSCP expected to convert some of the ACU contracts. Fabric selected contains NO Nomex FREE: Comprehensive FR layered clothing system worn with either the iCVC or A2CU. Industry will submit complete systems or individual items and results to specified bench tests 3-phase down selection Lab Test results will allow for contracts with the top 3 performing systems. Will order 50 sets of each. Human Factors evaluation will narrow to 2 systems. Will order 500 of each. User Evaluation will select the final system and configuration. Initial Army order subject to funding but target is 300,000 sets over 5 years. Specific FREE items (all FR): Next to Skin Layer--t-shirt, male and female undergarments, sports bra, long sleeve shirt and pant Mid weight underlayer–long sleeve shirt and pant Socks Light weather outer—softshell or windshirt-like top and bottom Intermediate weather outer layer—integrated softshell/fleece jacket, pant and vest Extreme weather outerlayer—Oversized parka with removable liner. Doubles as system rain jacket. Balaclava—both hot and cold weather versions Cold weather flyer’s glove FR continues to be an Army priority

10 R&D Investment Plan Hydration Improved Textiles Eye Protection
Purification Cooling NBC Protection Improved Textiles Fire Resistant Durability Integration of Electronics Multi-Function (NBC, bug repellent, anti-microbial) Eye Protection Laser Transition Lenses Improved Ballistics and comfort Parachutes Static line personnel airdrop Military Free Fall Parachutes Ancillary Equipment These are the areas in which we expect to invest R&D dollars over the course of the POM.

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