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Bellahouston Academy School uniform consultation 2012.

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1 Bellahouston Academy School uniform consultation 2012

2 Responses Over 500 students filled in a questionnaire. Majority of students would like the uniform to be improved. Majority of pupils would like a school cardigan in shorter style. Significant majority felt that the current sweatshirt was outdated.

3 Responses (continued) Significant majority of pupils would like two versions of uniform - hot and cold weather The pupils would like to see a blazer introduced across all year groups. In the comment section, many students mentioned that girls should all wear the same school skirt.

4 Head Teacher response Received feedback from pupils and pupil council. Met with all the Depute Heads (SMT). Contacted the Parent Council and other parents. Decided upon the new school uniform from August 2012 onwards.

5 New school uniform – August 2012 Plain black blazers with school crest for all pupils. White Shirt/blouse. School tie (junior and senior). V neck jumper with school name embroidered (knitted and sweatshirt). School cardigan with school name embroidered. School skirt – 2 lengths and 2 styles (plain and pleated).

6 New Uniform Strengths Easy to identify ( visible tie) All look the same Simpler (fewer versions of the same item) One place to get all uniform items Only 2 items compulsory Jumpers/Cardigans designed by pupils Challenges Cost Waterproof / cold weather? ????

7 Design our school emblem Competition for item to be embroidered onto the jumpers/cardigans: Bellahouston Academy

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