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The 1950s POP CULTURE.

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1 The 1950s POP CULTURE

2 Conformity Why did people in the 1950s conform?
Need for Stability after WW2 and G.D. Did not want to be “Un-American” – Era of Communist Hunt

3 Morality Fairly Strict Society Rebellion was not acceptable
Surge in Religion – felt good indicator of Anti-Communist Added “Under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance Gender Roles strongly held


5 FASHION Prior to the 1950’s, teen clothing very reserved/ proper but to some extent that changed in the 50’s. Guys Hair longer w/ sideburns and slicked back with grease. Jeans Leather jackets (collar turned up to be “cool”) Girls Ponytails Pedal pushers, Scarves. Poodle Skirts popular because 1) Easier dancing, being spun around letting the skirt twirled. 2) skirt was loose and free, a sign of freedom.





10 Youth Culture EMPHASIS ON YOUTH IN 1950s!
Drive-in movies – Good for dates Sock Hops – informal HS dance Fast food restaurants TV in 90% of homes by 1959

11 The Music ROCK N’ Roll evolved in the 1950's from rhythm and blues,
Electric Guitars strong rhythm youth-oriented lyrics. Allowed Teenagers to break out of the mainstream conservative American middle class mold.

12 Rise of Television Before 1952 – freeze on any new TV stations so industry had time to plan for expansion and problems , station #s jumped from 108 to 500 Programs usually broadcasted live Favorites: Mickey Mouse Club, I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver

13 Changes in TV On-The Scene Reporting
Game Shows – offered large cash prizes Businesses spent $$$ on TV Advertising $170 million in 1950 $1 billion by 1955 $2 billion by 1960 TV Guide = HUGE magazine, TV Dinners created so did not have to miss favorite show

14 The Beatniks Subculture that expressed the social and literary nonconformity of artists and poets non-materialistic lives Shunned regular work Sought a higher consciousness – Zen Buddhism, music, sometimes drugs Went against the dress/mentality of the 1950s… attracted Media attention and imaginations of college students.

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