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IMPRESSIVE PRESENTATIONS Basic Business Presentation Skills Copyright © 2004 by the Center for Professional Communication.

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1 IMPRESSIVE PRESENTATIONS Basic Business Presentation Skills Copyright © 2004 by the Center for Professional Communication

2 HOW we say things counts at least as much as WHAT we say.

3 WHAT MUST THEY KNOW What deserves time What can you cut SCOPE What really matters What will grab them CRITICALITY What pattern makes it easy ORDER

4 Hybrid Persuasive Sequence Attention Getter Thesis Statement Audience Motivation Content Overview Attention Restatement of the problem Research that supports problem Need/Problem Statement of Solution Research and other information that positively supports solution Solution Short and long-term benefits of solution - WIIFM Benefits Specifically request action for audience to take Action

5 Basic Presentation Skills Audience Analysis Audience Analysis Attire Attire Voice Voice Physical Presence Physical Presence Q & A Q & A

6 Understand Your Audience What do they expect? What do I want? Who is my audience?

7 Audience Analysis  Size  Demographics  Consider age, occupation, gender, ethnicity, race, education level, and religion.  Psychographics  Consider attitudes, values, lifestyles, and opinions.  Geographics  Consider audience members’ places of origin, presentation locale, intercultural communication influences, similarities and differences in cultural standards and expectations.  Complex Information

8 Nerves  Everyone has them  Recognize the physical symptoms  Sweating  Tense muscles  Stomach “butterflies”  Dry mouth  Rapid heartbeat  Practice

9 Professional Attire  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Survey results say more skin revealed = less power/credibility/influence  Conservative is always acceptable  Stylish, but not high-fashion  Dark or neutral suit color  Shined dress shoes  Belt loops => belt that matches shoes  Nothing to attract attention away from what you have to say

10 Professional Attire  Men  Conservative tie  Long-sleeved solid-colored white (or very light-colored) shirt  Light-colored suits April-August only  Clean shaven  No jewelry unless wedding ring  Hair short or secured off face and neck

11 This … Not This …

12 Professional Attire  Women  More fashion choices = more mistakes  Pantyhose and unrevealing foundation garments  Skirts/pants with traditional waistbands (set at actual waistline)  Solid-colored white or light-colored shirt  Small stud earrings and wedding ring  Hair short or secured off face and neck  Heels up to 3”—no open toes or heels

13 This … Not This …

14 Professional Attire  Women – Skirt Length? “dresses that hit just below the knee – universally the most flattering length. This length says “Take my work seriously, and my sartorial elegance means I’m a good bet for senior positions.” This is the sweet spot of skirt length as far as I am concerned because ‘too short’ reminds us of recent grads and gets the wrong kind of admiration from male colleagues and questionable looks from female colleagues – neither of which is helpful to your long term career goals. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PhD is an author, academic, entrepreneur, international speaker and accredited executive coach specializing in strategic career development and leadership coaching for high-potential executive women.

15 Voice  Pitch  Rate  Volume  Be conversational  Adapt to the audience  Pauses 3-seconds or less

16 Graffiti UMYeahUH Ya Know Like

17 Identify Fillers Find Patterns AnticipatePauseReplace Graffiti

18 Physical Presence  Gestures  Natural but controlled  Movement  Relaxed but purposeful  Posture  Back straight but relaxed  Eye contact  Direct and sustained

19 Your posture says a thousand words Your hands help you connect Eyes are the window to your soul Rapport Building


21 No Scripts!  Why? It interferes with an essential goal: connecting with your audience nonverbally. Your audience may assume you are not knowledgeable about your material. You could sound memorized and too rigid, rather than confident.  Tip: Key words are memory triggers of a point to be made, not full statements of the point.

22 No Scripts!  If you absolutely cannot present without reminders then … For shorter presentations you may use key words either on slides or on one note card. For longer presentations (over 20 minutes per speaker), you could use one sheet of paper with a brief outline.

23 Common PowerPoint Mistakes 1.) People tend to put every word they are going to say on their PowerPoint slides. Although this eliminates the need to memorize your presentation, this ultimately makes your slides crowded, wordy, and boring. You will lose your audience’s attention before you even reach the bottom of your…

24 Bad Color Schemes Clashing background and font colors can lead to: Distraction Confusion Headaches Nausea Vomiting And loss of bladder control

25 Data vs. Effectiveness








33 Amount of Animation vs. Effectiveness Original chart from: Simple, but Effective Active & Confusing Effective, but Boring Active, but Ineffective Static and Dull Dull, but Static Busy, but Useless ADD Only Dull Triangle Useful and Amusing Dizzying Trapezoid

34 Q & A Do’s  Assign content experts  Bring reference materials  Practice answers  Maintain your presence  Listen carefully  Clarify questions  Rephrase  Use silence

35 and Don'ts  Don’t refuse to answer  Don’t make up responses  Don’t leave team members dangling

36 TIPS FOR A DYNAMIC DELIVERY  PRACTICE!  Know your material, but never memorize.  Look at your audience at least 80% of the time.  Vary your voice, expression, and body language.  Use selective notes.  Stick to your allotted time.  Slow down and listen to yourself.  Don’t apologize (unless you really did something wrong!).  Remember to use natural gestures.  PRACTICE!

37 To Do the Very Best You Can… PRACTICE Utilize the Neeley Professional Development Center for practice and for coaching.

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