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The Cialitron by LevTech

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1 The Cialitron by LevTech

2 OPERATION 30 minutes continuous use by single operator
Maximum operator payload of 200lbs Steering column mounted thrust throttle Operator adjusted lift power Standing position Dual rudder steering

3 SAFETY Lift power adjusted prior to mounting
All motors started and checked prior to mounting Pre-operation inspection of steering and skirt integrity Protective gear to be worn Fan-blade housing Initial trials conducted with supervision and balance assistance

4 LIFT FAN ANALYSIS Air flow vs. rpm curves for various fan manufacturers require a 12 inch fan, 6 and 8 blades, and fixed pitch of degrees A fan of this size needs to rotate at approximately 3600 rpm

5 LIFT ENGINE Air pressure and lift calculations with a fan efficiency of 70% and a motor efficiency of 85% require a 2.5HP motor The lawn mower engine is oversized by approximately 0.3HP to compensate for pressure losses in the skirt, fan, and platform assembly

Reynold’s #: Air Drag: Exposed surface, plate approximation: 1.1mX1.6m μk assumed to be ~ 0.04

Newton’s 2nd Law: After solving differential eq. and taking t to gives max velocity Select a fan that satisfies the constraints

30’ diam. 2 blades, 6 hp, 1725 max rpm, 9500 max cfm, 13 degree pitch Eq. yields 6 max mph The important properties that affect hover speed: weight, kinetic friction, and fan volumetric flow rate and diameter

Gas engine with at least 4.5 hp Engine inefficiency: need hp 6.4 hp, ¾’’ diameter shaft, 4 stroke, electric start, on/off start, choke, and throttle 16.9 L x 13 W x 13.8 H, 55 lbs

10 PLATFORM DIMENSIONS Dimensions for the plywood platform are 2.5’ x 6.25’ 6” extended outrigger system maintains the necessary space for all equipment and the rider Balance was a contributing factor in the sizing of the platform


12 STRESS ANALYSIS Max Moment = PL/4 Max Stress MY/I = 535 PSI
Yield Stress of wood = 4,350 PSI Safety Factor ~ 8


14 CONTROLS Rudders swing side to side by moving handlebars
Rudders attached with door hinges and supported by rod Throttle cables for lift and thrust engine attached to handlebars

15 SKIRT DESIGN Pliable and Durable
Material: Reinforced nylon from a whitewater raft Attached to outrigger and base to form semi-circle ring Reinforced holes

16 BUDGET *We currently have a useable engine for lift, but, since it cannot be left on the Cialitron after the final demonstration, we are looking for a permanent engine

17 WAIVER AND RELEASE Since our project has a notable risk of injury to the person and property of the rider, we thought it best to draft a waiver releasing Columbia University from liability for any/all injury sustained while riding the Cialitron. All members of LevTech have signed this waiver. Any person wishing to ride the Cialitron must sign a waiver.

18 Where do we go from here? Next Steps:
starting fabrication of the parts for which we currently have materials (including the lift engine) ordering parts from McMaster et al. continuing our aggressive search for engines that fit within our budget increasing the intensity of our donation campaign

19 REFERENCES Baker, Russell, et al. “Solar Splash 2002 Columbia University Technical Report Boat #13.” Columbia University, 1 May 2002. Beaty, William J. “Ultra Simple Hovercraft.” Science Hobbyist <>. 27 Jan 2005. “A Comparison of Different Hovercraft Lift, Thrust and Transmission Systems.” Airlift Hovercraft.<>. 29 Jan 2005. “Episode 17: Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine.” Mythbusters. 6 Oct The Discovery Channel, 29 Jan 2005. “Hovercraft Theory.” Ben’s Hovercraft. 24 Sept 2003 <>. 27 Jan 2005. Kurtus, Ron. “Determining the Coefficient of Friction”. School for Champions. 15 Dec Feb <>. McMaster-Carr Supply Company Feb <>. P. Ponk Aviation. “Propeller Tip Speed Calculator.” Hoverhawk. 10 Feb <>. Vawter, Richard. “Drag Force in a Medium.” Western Washington University. Dec Feb <>. White, Frank M. Fluid Mechanics. Fifth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002.

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