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Hip and Pelvis Ms. Bowman.

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1 Hip and Pelvis Ms. Bowman

2 Articulations Pelvis Two innominates articulate with the sacrum to form the sacroiliac joint Innominates formed by the fusion of the ilium, ischium, and pubis 8 bones in pelvis Sacrum Coccyx Ilium-2 Ischium-2 Pubic-2


4 Bony Landmarks

5 Functions Support the spine and trunk
Transfer weight from trunk to lower limbs Attachment site for muscles of the trunk and thigh Protection of the pelvic organs

6 Articulations Hip Formed by the articulation of the femur and the acetabulum of the pelvis Forms ball and socket joint

7 Femur Longest and strongest bone in the body
Articulates with the tibia to form the knee and the pelvis to form the hip

8 Femur Significantly less moveable than shoulder, but much more stable
Neck of the femur has little blood supply


10 Gluteus Maximus Origin- outer surface of ilium and posterior surface of sacrum and coccyx Insertion- proximal posterior femur, iliotibial band Action- extends and externally rotates the hip

11 Tensor Fasciae Latae Origin- outer edge of iliac crest
Insertion- iliotibial tract Action- flexes, abducts, and internally rotates hip

12 Gluteus Medius Origin- proximal outer surface of ilium
Insertion- lateral surface of greater trochanter of femur Action- abducts hip, internal and external rotation of the hip

13 Gluteus Minimus Origin- middle outer surface of ilium, below gluteus medius Insertion- anterior border of greater trochanter of femur Action- abducts and laterally rotates hip

14 Piriformis Origin- internal surface of sacrum
Insertion- greater trochanter of femur Action- externally rotates hip, abducts thigh

15 Hamstrings Origin- ischial tuberosity, proximal posterior femur
Insertion- semimembranosis:posterior medial condyle of femur; semitendinosus: proximal medial surface of shaft of tibia; biceps femoris: head of fibula, lateral condyle of tiboa Action- knee flexion, hip extension

16 Adductors Origin- anterior part of pubic bone, ischial tuberosity
Insertion- medial side of femur Action- adduct and laterally rotate hip

17 Gracilis Origin- distal margin of pubic bone
Insertion- proximal medial surface of shaft of tibia Action- adducts hip, flexes knee

18 Sartorius Origin- anterior superior iliac spine
Insertion- proximal medial tibia Action- flexes hip, externally rotates hip, abducts hip, flexes knee,

19 Quadriceps Origin-rectus femoris: front part of ilium vastus group: proximal shaft of femur Insertion- patella via patellar tendon Action- extends knee, flexes hip

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