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PET/CT Modality Combination

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1 PET/CT Modality Combination
Clinical LOINC – Diagnostic Imaging PSWilson, February 14, 2013

2 Positron Emission Tomography
“Is a technique that measures physiological function by looking at blood flow, metabolism, neurotransmitters, and radiolabelled drugs. PET offers quantitative analyses, allowing relative changes over time to be monitored as a disease process evolves or in response to a specific stimulus.​”

3 Applications of PET Cardiology Oncology Neurology

4 Use of PET for Oncology Metabolism and Physiology
Staging or Restaging of Cancer (not initial dx) Prior to Chemo, Radiation Tx, or Surgery Always full body Always injection of FDG

5 Computerized Tomography
Majority of imaging is Head/Torso or full body Used as a complement to PET May or may not have IV or Oral Contrast

6 PET with CT PET for physiology, CT for anatomy
2 settings, different times, thus 2 reports Problem with overlay due to repositioning Current is a single unit Same setting, same position Single report

7 Protocols for PET Head and Thorax Whole Body Mid Skull to Thigh
Head/Neck Cancer Whole Body Breast Melanoma Sarcoma Mid Skull to Thigh Everything else

8 Protocol for CT With IV Contrast Without Contrast
Gastrointestinal (also Oral and/or Rectal) Neuro Endocrine Without Contrast Thyroid Renal Breast With and Without IV Contrast Lung

9 LOINC Perspective Observation is the same whether or not the images were obtained from a single or different machines Rarely dictated as a separate report Diagnosis is not pertinent (captured elsewhere in HL7 Staging versus Re-staging (same protocol) Separate CT report for any additional images for diagnostic purpose

10 Proposed (Breast,Thyroid, Renal)
LOINC_NUM COMPONENT SYSTEM METHOD_TYP new1 Multisection + Multisection ^WO Contrast Skull base to mid thigh PET.CT new2 Head to diaphragm new3 ^patient new4 Multisection^WO contrast Breast.left CT new5 Breast.right Breast.bilateral

11 References

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