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BASKETBALL Helen Yang 7th Grade.

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1 BASKETBALL Helen Yang 7th Grade

2 ORIGIN OF BASKETBALL Basketball has a clear origin in contrast to other sports because it did not evolve from an ancient game or another sport. The inventor was Dr. Naismith, who created it when faced the problem of having to come up with an “athletic distraction” in 14 days while working at the YMCA International Training School. It was created in 1891

3 ORIGIN OF BASKETBALL The original game was played with peach baskets and a soccer ball The first basketball game took place in 1982, where the court was half the size of today's courts, and only one point was scored during the match. The reason why a backboard was added is because the audience in the balcony used to interfere in the game by handling the ball.

The International Basketball Federation, better known as FIBA hosts a Basketball World Cup every 4 years. The trophy is called the Naismith Trophy, named after Dr. James Naismith The current champions are the United States, after beating Turkey in the final of the 2010 tournament.

There are 28 teams participating in the FIBA Basketball World Cup They include separate tournaments with men’s, women’s and mixed Yugoslavia currently holds the most titles in the FIBA World Cup It was founded in 1950

The United States’ basketball team is USA Basketball. They represent the United States in the Olympics and are a part of FIBA USA Basketball has won the last FIBA World Cup and also won a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics

Coming off his successful season in the NBA, LeBron James became leader of the Olympic team. LeBron plays for the Miami Heat in the NBA and has won two NBA championships, four MVP awards, two NBA finals MVP awards, two Olympic gold medals, an NBA Scoring Title, and a NBA Rookie of the Year Award

8 THE COURT A traditional basketball court has two hoops, one for each side 2 Shooting guard- usually the team’s best shooter 3 Small- should be able to do a little bit of everything on the court 1 Point guard- typically the team’s best ball handler and passer “coach on the floor” 5 Center- typically skilled at gathering rebounds, contesting shots, and setting screens on plays 4 Power forward- down in “post” and “low-blocks” similar to the center The court is generally around ft. by ft.

9 EQUIPMENT NEEDED The equipment needed to play basketball properly and safely are: A basketball Basketball hoop Basketball shoes with good traction- to help stay upright during hardwood basketball games Basketball shorts- improves agility and play alongside keeping you cool Socks- prevents feet from blistering

10 GENERAL RULES OF PLAY The court is divided into two sections by the mid-court line Two teams of five players try to score by shooting a ball into a hoop The objective is to try to prevent the other team from shooting into your team’s hoop and to try and shoot into theirs The ball is moved around the court by passing or dribbling, you cannot run while holding the ball

11 BASKETBALL WARM-UPS Jog- jogging gets blood pumping and warms your body up. It also prepares your body for the physical exertion that is to come in a game of basketball Skipping- skipping also works up a light sweat and gets your body temperature up

12 BASKETBALL WARM-UPS It is also important to stretch right after warm-ups to prevent muscle tearing and allow a greater range of motion Practice shooting baskets- helps practice aim and warms up arm muscles Dribbling a ball around

13 BASIC SKILLS NEEDED Dribbling- dribbling allows players to move up and down the court, maneuver past defenders, and execute plays. Shooting- shooting is needed to score points. This requires the ability to properly hold and throw the ball into the air toward the basket while avoiding defenders Jumping- in offensive, jumping is used for the jump shot in the beginning, shooting and sometimes catching a pass. In defensive, it is used to block shots or passes

14 BASIC SKILLS NEEDED Running-running is how you will move around the court. When you have the ball, running will help you to avoid defenders and get to the basket quicker. On defense, you often will find yourself needing to run after the opponent. Passing- passing is important because basketball is a team sport that involves finding a team mate who is open for a shot. The ability to pass the ball to this player can make the difference between scoring and not scoring.

15 DEFENSIVE TIPS Heads up, don’t look at the ball! Looking at the ball distracts from what’s in front of you and makes the ball much easier to steal that way Knees bent, back straight. The closer you are to the ground, the safer the ball Keep the ball on your fingertips, not palms. This gives you better control Increase your speed! It helps when you dodge the offense

16 OFFENSIVE TIPS Pass with two hands, this way you can control the ball better Step into your pass.  Put your weight into your pass to ensure proper velocity and control. Tuck in your elbows while shooting Increase your speed! It helps to get to the basket faster

Jammed fingers- occurs when the ball contacts the end of the finger and causes significant swelling of a single joint.  Knee injuries- Basketball requires extensive stop and go and cutting maneuvers which can put the ligaments and menisci of the knee at risk. Deep thigh bruising Facial cuts Stress fractures-Stress fractures can occur from a rapid increase in activity level or training or from overtraining.  

18 INJURY PREVENTION Ankle sprains- rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) Jammed fingers- Application of ice and buddy taping the finger to the adjacent finger may provide some relief and allow the athlete to return to play. Knee injury- Can be often be treated with ice, bracing and a gradual return to activity. Sometimes may need a corrective surgery Deep thigh bruises- rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Commercially available girdles with thigh pads are now available for protection. Facial cuts- the cut may require stitches or a "butterfly" sterile tape. Ice may provide pain relief and decrease swelling. Players can return to play after all blood is removed and the wound is dressed. Stress fractures- a period of immobilization and non-weight bearing is recommended. Return to play is permitted once the fracture has completely healed and the athlete is pain free.

Basketball helps develop stronger muscles and bones because of the weight being put on your arms and legs It also helps with endurance because basketball requires a lot of constant motion and running It develops agility because you also need to change different directions fast to avoid people stealing the ball

Basketball can also help with balance because playing requires fast changes in motion and good balance keeps players from falling It can help with speed Basketball keeps your body in shape Basketball also teaches a lot about teamwork, planning and communicating

Playing basketball can improve your immune system by strengthening your body Basketball can also increase your lifespan, as many sports do

High school basketball YMCA Youth Basketball League Adult Basketball New Jersey’s Basketball Mecca


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