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Muscles of Facial Expression And Mastication

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1 Selected Skeletal Muscles Along With Origin, Insertion And Action Of Some Major Muscles

2 Muscles of Facial Expression And Mastication
Origin Insertion Action Masseter Zygomatic bone/arch Mandibular ramus/angle Elevates mandible Temporalis Temporal bone/fossa Coronoid process of mandible Digastric Inferior mandible Hyoid bone Depresses mandible

3 Muscles Of Head and Neck
Origin Insertion Function Sternocleidomastoid Manubrium (sternum) and medial clavicle Mastoid process of temporal bone Head rotation Digastric Inferior mandible Hyoid bone Depresses mandible

4 Anterior Chest Inferior Chest Plate Muscle Origin Insertion Function
Rectus abdominis Pubic symphysis Xyphoid process, costal cartilages of ribs 5-7 Flexes vertebral column, compresses abdomen Pectoralis major Clavicle, sternum, costal cartilages of ribs 1-7 Greater tubercle of humerus Flexes, adducts and medially rotates arm Biceps brachii Coracoid process and supraglenoid tubercle of scapula Radial tuberosity Flexes forearm

5 Posterior Muscle Origin Insertion Function Trapezius
Occipital protuberance; dorsal spinous processes of thoracic vertebrae Clavicle, scapula (acromian process of spine) Extends head, elevates scapula Latissimus dorsi T7-sacrum; iliac crest Humerus head Extends arms, adducts and medially rotates arm

6 Posterior Muscle Origin Insertion Function
Rhomboidis (major and minor) Dorsal spinous processes of C7-T5 Medial border of scapula Adducts scapula Deltoid Clavicle, acromian process, spine of scapula Deltoid tuberosity of humerus Abducts arm Triceps brachii Scapula and humerus Olecranon process of ulna Extends forearm

7 Anterior Face and Neck Anterior Face

8 Antero-medial Postero-lateral

9 Posterior Shoulder And Brachium
Anterior Shoulder

10 Posterior Forearm Anterior Forearm

11 Medial Forearm Lateral Forearm

12 Anterior Posterior Muscles Origin Insertion Function Ilipsoas
Transverse processes ofT12-L5; iliac fossa Lesser trochanter of femur Major flexion of thigh Sartorius Anterior superior iliac spine Proximal tibia Flexes and laterally rotates thigh

13 Lateral Medial

14 Posterior Thigh The biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus muscles are collectively called hamstring muscles. Muscles Origin Insertion Function Hamstrings Ischial tuberosity Head of Fibula, proximal part of tibia Extends thigh Glutens maximus Iliac crest, sacrum, coccyx Proximal part of femur

15 5. Rectus femoris 6. Vastus medialis 7. Vastus lateralis
1. Psoas major  2. Iliacus  Together these two muscles make up the iliopsoas  3. Gracilis  4. Sartorius  5. Rectus femoris  6. Vastus medialis  7. Vastus lateralis  Muscles 5,6,7 together with the Vastus intermedius , which is under the Rectus femoris, make up the Quadriceps femoris. Muscle Origin Insertion Function Quadriceps femoris muscles Ilium (rectus femoris) and femur Tibial tuberosity Extends leg; rectus femoris also flexes thigh

16 Lateral Leg Muscle Origin Insertion Function Tibialis anterior Lateral condyle and head of tibia Metatarsal 1 Dorsiflexion Gastrocnemius Condyles of femur Calcaneous Plantar (flexes) foot


18 Histology Of Muscles


20 Skeletal Muscle




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