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Dr. Francois du Toit Department of Diagnostic Radiology Kimberley Hospital Complex.

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1 Dr. Francois du Toit Department of Diagnostic Radiology Kimberley Hospital Complex


3  Ext Iliac  Common Fem ▪Crosses under Inguinal Ligament  BRANCHES ▪Superficial Circumflex Femoral a. ▪Superficial Inferior Epigastric a. ▪Superficial Pudendal a.  Profunda Femoris a. (biggest branch)  Common Femoral  Superficial Femoral a.

4 External Iliac Artery Common Femoral Artery Inguinal Ligament Profunda Femoris Artery Superficial Femoral Artery

5  Biggest Branch of Common Femoral a.  5cm distal to Ing. Ligament  6 BRANCHES ▪2 Circumflex Femoral  Medial  Lateral ▪4 Perforating Arteries (4)

6  Form ring around upper Femur  Lateral Circumflex has 2 branches ▪Ascending branch than anastomoses with superior gluteal a. ▪Descending branch to the knee

7  Supply muscles of thigh  Surround Femur  Last is continuation of Profunda a.

8 Lateral Circumflex Perforating arteries Profunda Femoris

9  Passes in Adductor Canal ▪Between Vastus Med / Adductors / Sartorius  Through Adductor Hiatus ▪At junction of upper 2/3 and lower 1/3 of femur ▪Into Popliteal Fossa  Popliteal Artery  Just before this – descending branch to genicular anastomosis

10 Adductor Brevis Adductor Magnus Superficial Femoral Sartorius Vastus Medialis Popliteal Artery Lateral Superior Genicular Artery

11  Branches to Genicular Anastomosis and Knee Joint  Divides at lower border of Knee Joint ▪Posterior Tibial artery (which gives off Peroneal a.) ▪Anterior Tibial artery

12 Popliteal Artery Inferior Lateral Genicular Artery Anterior Tibial Artery Posterior Tibial Artery Peroneal Artery Tibioperoneal Trunk

13  Larger of the two  2.5cm from its origin  Peroneal a.  Then descends and becomes more medial  At the ankle ▪Medial malleolar branch  Then passes posterior to medial malleolus ▪Halfway between tip of malleolus and midline ▪Branches  medial and lateral plantar aa (the principal supply of the foot)

14 Posterior Tibial Artery Medial Malleolus

15  Descends to lie posteromedially of the fibula  Runs behind tibiofibular joint  Ends as Calcaneal Branch

16 Peroneal Artery Calcaneal Branch of Peroneal artery

17  Passes above upper margin of interosseus membrane  Descends anterior to membrane  Becomes superficial at ankle midway between malleoli  Continues as Dorsalis Pedis Artery ▪Passes between 1 st and 2 nd metatarsals to join plantar arch


19 Dorsalis Pedis Artery Anterior Tibial Artery


21  Superficial System ▪Long & Short Saphenous  Deep System ▪Accompany Arteries  Normal direction = Superfical  Deep  Valves  Superficial > Deep  Distal > Proximal

22  Long (Great) Saphenous  Starts on medial side of dorsum of foot  Passes anterior to medial malleolus  Ascends to ▪posterior side of medial knee ▪anterior side of medial upper thigh  Drains to Femoral vein

23 Great Saphenous Vein

24 Great Saphenous Vein in anteromedial thigh Great Saphenous Vein in Posteromedial knee

25 Great Saphenous Vein Femoral Vein

26  Short Saphenous  Begins lateral side of dorsum of foot  Passes posterior to lateral malleolus  Ascends on back of calf  Pierces deep fascia over popliteal fossa  Drains to Popliteal Vein

27 Short Saphenous

28 Popliteal Vein Small (Short) Saphenous Vein Lateral Superior Genicular Vein

29  Accompany Arteries  Usually paired … BUT may be more than two veins that accompany each artery

30  Connects Superficial to Deep vv.  Variable in site and number  >2 in medial aspect of lower leg above ankle  Also found in medial aspect of lower thigh


32  Anatomy for Diagnostic Imaging 3 rd Edition, Stephanie Ryan  3D Human Anatomy Atlas Version 2, Argosy Publishing 

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