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Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province , China

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1 Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province , China
METDA Corporation Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province , China

2 Headquarter Research Center 34.3 h㎡
General Briefing Headquarter Research Center 34.3 h㎡

3 Industrial Production Base 66.6 h㎡
General Briefing New Development Zone Industrial Production Base 66.6 h㎡

4 METDA Overview METDA is the International Marketing/Sales company of HSRI. The Holding Company-Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute (HSRI) of Micro Electronic Technology Development Application Corporation (METDA Corp.) was founded in 1956 with achievements of China’s first Transistor, first Silicon IC, first GaAs IC and first Semiconductor Laser. METDA has been serving our customers in wireless, fiber optics, aerospace, avionics, medical and satellite communication industries with high-performance, cost competitive and high reliable products. METDA is structured by 9 Specialized Divisions, 7 Research Departments, 5 Pilot Production Lines, 2 Research and Development Centers, 8 High-Tech Self-invested Corporations and Joint Ventures including several star companies like Bowei and Puxing. Overseas sales of METDA in 2013 is USD 26 million

5 Application Areas Radar Satellite Communications Aerospace
Communication station Optical Communications Public Security

6 Product Offering GaAs and GaN MMIC & devices Silicon devices
RF& Microwave Hybrid Integrated Circuits Microwave& Millimeter wave components, modules and subsystems Optoelectronic devices and modules MEMS devices and modules Packaging Solutions

7 GaAs Devices and MMIC The GaAs and GaN Division has won more than 100 National Technology Awards Main categories include GaAs/GaN MMIC Power Amplifier Chip, GaAs Power FET, GaAs MMIC Low Noise Amplifier Chip and GaAs Low Noise FET. Also includes T/R module solutions. Products are widely served in wireless communication and radar markets. Customized products can be offered

8 GaAs Products Range GaAs MMIC FET Power Amplifiers Low Noise FETs
Digital Phase Shifters Digital Attenuators Switches Limiters Digital True time Delay Power divider/ combination Multi-Functinal Chip Low Noise Amplifiers FET Low Noise FETs Power FETs Internally Matched FETs

9 GaAs Microwave& mm wave MMIC
GaAs MMIC GaAs Microwave& mm wave MMIC (1)LNA f:1-40GHz (4) Digital Attenuator f:1-40GHz (2) Power Amplifier f:1-40GHz Pout:20-42dBm (5) Switch f:DC-40GHz PIN and FET (3)Digital Phase Shifter f:1-40GHz RMS:2.5° Bits:1、4、5、6、8 (6) Limiter f:2-6G、6-18G;C、X Limiting Level:15dBm Max Power:43dBm(CW)

10 GaAs MMIC Ultra Low Comsuption Low Noise Amplifier 2.2×1.8×0.1mm
GHz Gain:24dB Noise Figure:1.0dB P-1 :4dBm I/O VSWR:2.0/2.0 20mA GHz Gain:21dB Noise Figure:1.2dB P-1 :-1dBm I/O VSWR:1.8/1.5 8mA 40-46GHz Gain:20dB Noise Figure:3.5dB P-1 :0dBm I/O VSWR:2.0/1.6 6mA

11 GaAs Power Amplifier MMIC
GHz 1W/14dB/18% 34-36GHz 5W/15dB/20% 16-18GHz 14W/16dB/25% 8-12GHz 14W/20dB/40% 6-18GHz 5W/17dB/18% 5-6GHz 16W/24dB/38%

12 GaAs Power Amplifier MMIC series
band Pout L band S Band C Band X Band Ku Band K Band Ka Band 6~18GHz 16W NC1185C-506 14W NC11139C-812 NC1176C-1618 12W NC1173C-2734 NC1168C-812 NC1155C-8510 NC1175C-1518 10W NC1148C-1314 8W NC1137C-5258 NC1145C-812 NC1147C-1517 6W NC11140C-1216 NC11118C-2224 5W NC1157C-2844 NC11108C-506 NC1159C-1215 NC11191C-3436 NC11120C-618 4W NC11151C-7785 NC1152C-1617 NC11112C-2022 NC11119C-2631 NC1186C-618 3W NC11132C-2127 NC11148C-1215 NC1199C-3436 NC1128C-618 NC1160C-618 2W NC1117C-2242 NC11131C-2127 NC1126C-812 NC11115C-1518 NC11107C-3436 1W NC1171C-1216 NC1172C-2426 NC1187C-506 NC1108C-8511 NC1189C-1318 NC11111C-1927 NC1188C-3436 NC1141C-3436 NC1133C-618 0.5W NC1170C-1216 NC1114C-2945 NC1121C-203 NC11149C-506 NC1144C-812 NC1123C-2440 NC11145C-3337 0.2W NC11129C-1319 NC1137C-2227 NC11114C-4854 NC11138C-812 NC11143C-1317 NC1140C-1418 NC1198C-3238 NC11141C-618 0.1W NC1104C-5258 NC1102C-812 NC1129C-812 NC1177C-1214 NC11147C-1230 NC1122C-1918 NC11142C-520

13 GaAs Internally Matched Power Transistor
GHz 25W/14dB/45% GHz 25W/13dB/50% 5-6GHz 80W/8dB/35% GHz 60W/7dB/35% 8.8-10GHz 35W/7.5dB/40% GHz 18W/5dB/23%

14 GaAs Internally Matched Transistors

15 GaAs T/R Chipset T/R Chipset Series: 5.2-5.8GHz GaAs MMIC
34-36GHz GaAs MMIC 16 categories from L to Ka Band Every T/R Chipset contains: Limiter LNA Switch Digital Attenuator Digital Phase Shifter Driving Amplifier Power Amplifier Driver

16 GaN Products Range Capability of simulation for Epitaxial Material strucutre, device structure, circuit design of GaN power devices/MMIC within 100 GHz. High accurate GaN device model is built matched to the processing platform which forms the model store for GaN Active, Passive device. Already shifted from 3 inches to 4 inches at 2nd Quarter of 2014.

17 GaN Power MMIC Product Series
90-96GHz 0.5W/8dB/10% 34-36GHz 13W/14dB/20% 16-18GHz 30W/20dB/35% GHz 50W/23dB/40% 6-18GHz 10W/16dB/20% 2-18GHz 3W/7dB/15% GHz 50W/25dB/45%

18 GaN Power Transistor Series Products
9-10GHz 130W/7dB/36% GHz 120W/12dB/55% 5-6GHz 100W/8dB/40% 4.4-5GHz 120W/10dB/45% GHz 150W/12dB/45% GHz 30W/13dB/60% GHz 65W/15dB/60% 0.9-2GHz 100W/11dB/45%

19 3mm MMIC Product LNA SPST Switch SPDT Switch Balance Mixer 90-96GHz
I/O VSWR2.0/2.5 Gain 18dB P-1 :2dBm Noise Figure 4.5dB 90-96GHz Insertion Loss 1.8dB VSWR 2.0:1 Isolation 30dB Speed 5ns 90-96GHz Insertion Loss 2.5dB VSWR 2.0:1 Isolation 25dB Speed 5ns RF/LO frequency: 86-100GHz IF frequency: DC-4GHz InP Processing

20 Silicon devices The Silicon Research and Development facility of HSRI provides different ranges of Silicon Transistors and Hybrid Integrated Circuit. Microwave Power Transistors include Continuous-wave Transistors, Linear Power Transistors, Power Pulsed Transistors and LDMOS Power Transistors. The facility has also built an advanced 4″1um production line for customization offering. Products are widely served in Solid State Array Radars, Microwave Communications and Telemetry areas; low noise chips and low power LDMOS chips are widely served in TV receiving systems while optic-diodes are used in security systems of airports and stations.

21 RF& Microwave Hybrid Integrated Circuits
The Mini-Packaged Microwave/RF circuit centre of HSRI has developed into the largest Microwave/RF circuit supplier in China. Main categories include Crystal Oscillator, Surface mount RF/Microwave cost-effective components and High Reliable RF/Microwave components. Customized sub-system& integrated assemblies can be offered. Products are widely served in communication system, such as PHS, GSM, GSM-edge, CDMA and WCDMA&WLNA system. Moreover, those high reliable components are well equipped in aerospace& avionics industries with frequency range up to 40 GHz.

22 RF& Microwave Hybrid Integrated Circuits
Filters Oscillators RF/Microwave Amplifiers VCO and Integrated PLS RF/Microwave Mini Integrated Circuit

23 RF& Microwave Hybrid Integrated Circuits
New Update: TR Power Switches Frequency ranges from P band to X band, power ranges from 10W to 1500W, carrier and metal package can be selected. Typical P band Parameter Typical X band Parameter Frequency:100~400MHz Frequency:8.5~10.5GHz Insertion Loss:0.3dB Insertion Loss:0.7dB Isolation:50dB Isolation:30dB Peak Power:1500W Peak Power:20W (10%Duty Cycle,Pulse width 0.1ms) (40% Duty Cycle,Pulse width 6ms)

24 RF& Microwave Hybrid Integrated Circuits
FBAR Chip Filter: FBAR:Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator Dielectric Filter SAW Filter FBAR Filter Performance Dielectric Filter SAW Filter FBAR Filter Frequency 1MHz-10GHz 10MHz-3GHz 500MHz-10GHz Insertion Loss 1-2dB 2.5-4dB 1-1.5dB Rejection <40dB <45dB <50dB Temp Figure -10~+10ppm -35~-95ppm -25~-30ppm Quality Q >1000 Power Capacity >>1W <1W >1W Anti-Static Good Normal Dimension Large Small Minimum Intergration No Yes Typical FBAR Structure

25 RF& Microwave Hybrid Integrated Circuits
Vertical Hole MEMS Filter (2-50GHz) With vertical hole of silicon cavity structure, we achieved the 2nd generation MEMS Filter by decreasing the dimension to 1/3, and increasing the rejection from 60dB to 80dB. 1st Generation Silicon Filter VS. Traditional Cavity Filter 1st Generation Silicon Filter VS. 2nd Generation Silicon Filter

26 Microwave& Millimeter-wave components, modules and subsystems
The Microwave& Millimeter-wave Division has been providing high reliable Microwave and Millimeter-wave modules and subsystems to the market since 1960s. The division offers Microwave and Millimeter-wave T/R Modules, Power Modules and subsystem, single/multi channel T/R subsystem, Control Circuits and Frequency Source subsystem. Products are widely served in Radar and Satellite market.

27 Microwave& Millimeter-wave components, modules and subsystems
C band Chip T/R module 30mm×30mm×8mm,15g Gain:>30dB Psat:>39dBm Power Fluctuation:<±0.3dB P.A.E:>25% X band Chip T/R module 20×20×6mm Frequency:8.6GHz-9.6GHz; Power Output:2 W; Rx Gain:23dB; Rx Noise Figure:4dB;

28 Microwave& Millimeter-wave components, modules and subsystems
6-18 GHz wideband Minimized T/R module 80mm×50mm×7.4mm Frequency:6GHz~18GHz Tx Power Output:4W Rx Gain:23dB Rx Noise Figure:5dB 34-36GHz 8 Channels T/R Module 40mm×35mm×4.3mm Tx Power Output:26dBm Rx Gain:16dB Rx Noise Figure:4.2dB

29 Microwave& Millimeter-wave components, modules and subsystems
X band Minimized Chip T/R module 80×30×8mm3 Frequency:8~12GHz; Psat:≥10W (CW) ; Tx Efficiency:≥20%; Max Input Power:≥10W;

30 Microwave& Millimeter-wave components, modules and subsystems
Millimeter Wave T/R module solution 6 chips:0.4W/ Gain 30dB (33~37GHz) 5 bits PHS ATTEN 2 chips:24dBm/ Gain 15dB (19~23GHz) Bits PHS 5 chips:0.4W (33~37GHz) 5 bits PHS ATTEN 2 chips:24dBm (19~23GHz) 3 chips:0.2W/ Gain 30dB (33~37GHz) 5 bits PHS ATTEN

31 Optoelectronic devices and modules
The research and development center of Optoelectronic division engages in the opto-semiconductor technologies and the commercialization of solid state lighting solutions, across both visible and non-visible spectrums. Core products include High Power Semiconductor Laser Arrays, Pulse Laser Arrays, High Power LED and AlGaAs/GaAs Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector ( QWIP ). Products have been widely served in fiber optics, navigation, telemetry, avionics, guidance, identification and lighting industries.

32 MEMS devices and modules
The MEMS division is one of the earliest and largest MEMS Industrial Research Centers in China. Products include Micro Inertial Devices, Microsensors, RF MEMS Devices and Opto-MEMS Devices Products are applicable in satellite, aircraft, attitude control of carborne and radar antenna, navigation and guidance markets.

33 MEMS devices and modules
MSG Series Gyroscope MSA Series Accelerometer MPA Series Accelerometer MVS Series Vibration Sensor MFS Series Air Flow Sensor SiMF Series MEMS Filter MOA Series Optical Attenuator MGM Series Gas Meter …… MEMS Gyroscope MEMS Accelerometer MEMS Filter Air Flow Sensor

34 High g Accelerator Sensor
MEMS devices and modules MEMS Accelerators MEMS Accelerator High g Accelerator Sensor

35 MEMS devices and modules
MEMS Optical Switch and Optical Attenuator MEMS Opto Switch Chip MEMS Opto Variable Attenuator Chip 1×50 MEMS Wave length Selected Switch (WSS) Chip

36 Packaging Solutions The Packaging Division has been providing components and custom integrated packaging solutions for more than 40 years. It is awarded as ‘National Industrial Experimental Base of High-Density Packaging for Large Scale Integrated Circuit’. The division has developed Microwave devices packages, High-Density packages, Micro packages, Optoelectronic devices packages and MEMS packages. A Multilayer Ceramic Package Development & Production Line has been built, and equipped with fully automatic Multilayer Ceramic Package production facility and advanced electronic packaging design system.

37 Packaging Solutions Integrated Circuit Package
CBGA、CPGA、CQFP、CSOP、DIP... MCM Plate LTCC, HTCC HIC Package Microwave Low Noise Pacakge Microwave Package Microwave Power Devices Pacakge Microwave MMIC Package Optical Package MEMS Package LED Package LTCC Package AlN Products

38 Microwave and Optical-electronic Packages
Packaging Solutions Microwave and Optical-electronic Packages

39 Packaging Solutions Main Manufacture Process of Optoelectronic Package

40 METDA Global Partners

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