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CALWORKS WEBINAR SUMMER 2009 MIS Data = $$$$ California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

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1 CALWORKS WEBINAR SUMMER 2009 MIS Data = $$$$ California Community College Chancellor’s Office

2 Welcome Meeting Ground Rules and Details  We have a very large group, please  Mute your phone by pressing *6  One speaker at a time  Type questions in the comment box  This presentation will be archived 90 days and includes both visual and audio items  The PowerPoint will be saved on the MIS

3 Webinar Agenda Presenters: MIS – Bonnie Edwards & Myrna Huffman CalWORKs Program – Patricia Servin- Lemus & Debbie Velasquez Annual Review Data – Barbara Kwoka 10:00 – 11:00 … Presentation, reports and data 11:00 – 11:30 … Program Updates / Q & A 11:30 – 12:00 … Annual Review Data

4 Webinar Goals CalWORKs MIS Data 2009  Attendees walk away with …  Understanding of the MIS data flow  Understanding of Data Elements  Understanding of State Reports  How to find Data Reporting Resources  How to resolve reporting issues  Be able to say…  “Yes, we are ready for allocations”

5 MIS Reporting – Should it be a Priority? “You cannot serve students if you don’t have a program.” “As a new director, the most important thing you can do is call the Chancellor’s Office and get your funding formula.” … quotes from an IT programmer at a district

6 Chancellor’s Office Data Base (Data Mart and Reports) Chancellor’s Office Data Base (Data Mart and Reports) MIS Dept At Districts MIS Dept At Districts Data Submitted External Entities DOF, Newspapers, Legislature, etc. External Entities DOF, Newspapers, Legislature, etc. MIS Reviews Data Data Available Data Source Users Review Data Good Data at the Source = Accurate View of Your College Good Data at the Source = Accurate View of Your College Data Entered Into System

7 Enrollments (SX) Student Demographics (SB) Sections Courses Matric. Emp. Demo. Sessions Calendar Assignments EOPS DSPS Emp. Assign. Cal- WORKs The Chancellor’s Office Database Assess. VTEA Pgm. Awds. Fin. Aid

8 Timeline  Term Data is due to the state 30 days after end of term  Reports are generated after each term submission  Last day to resubmit for allocations is first Monday in August  Please Note: Local IT will require your data sooner than 30 days after term

9 Districts Beyond the Community College System

10 CalWORKs Data Elements CalWORKs Applicant Record SC 01 CalWORKs Eligibility Status SC 02 Case Management Services SC 03 CalWORKs Student Counseling SC 04 Referral to Other Services SC 05 Other Direct Support Services SC 06 On Campus Child Care Hours SC 07 Off Campus Child Care Hours SC 08 Dependants Receiving Child Care SC 09 Total Number of Dependants SC 10 Student Family Status SC 11 Employment Assistance Services Work Activity Record SC 12 Work Activity Status SC 13 Work Activity Area TOP Code SC 14 Work Activity Begin Date SC 15 Work Activity End Date SC 16 Average Hours Worked Per Week SC 17 Highest Hourly Wage Earned

11 CalWORKs Data Elements and Uses CalWORKS MIS Data 2009  Required Data Elements for CalWORKs Reporting Student Characteristics (SB) CalWORKs Applicant (SC) & Work (CW)  Data Uses Funding (CalWORKs) Justification (CalWORKs) Student Demographics (SB) CW

12 CalWORKs Reporting CalWORKs MIS Data 2009 Student Demographics (SB) CW Student Enrolls, Determined Eligible & Attends at least 1 class meeting of a course SB Student Basic Record Met SB Criteria at least 1 term in academic year SC Student CalWORKs Record 1 Record per student / SB reported per term CW CalWORKs Student Work Activity 1 Record for each work activity per term 0 to Many work activities in a term

13 CalWORKs Reporting Attendance VS. Enrollment “the student must attend at least one class during the term. Enrollment does not necessarily equate to actual attendance.” Local Enrollment Record Generated when a student enrolls in a class Attendance Student attends the class(es) for which they enrolled State Enrollment Record Generated only if the student attends the class(es) past first census date or received 1 hour positive attendance or resulted in mark on transcript. Student Demographics (SB) CW Enrollments (SX) Sections Courses

14 CalWORKs Reporting CalWORKs MIS Data 2009 SC01 CALWORKS-ELIGIBILITY-STATUS Indicates whether the student is an eligible participant who was provided services through the community college’s CalWORKs program and is designed to record the CalWORKs participation status of the student. 1 - SELF-INITIATED PROGRAM PARTICIPANT 2 - SELF-REFERRED 3 - COUNTY-REFERRED 4 - EXEMPT 6 - POST-EMPLOYMENT Use 1 code per term, if multiple apply to student select based on the following priority order: 3, 1, 4, 6, 2 Student Demographics (SB) CW

15 CalWORKs Funding CalWORKs MIS Data 2009 SC01 – CalWORKs Eligibility Status  Sum the number of eligible students (SC01) per academic year (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)  Group students by those with enrollment records and without enrollment records  Enrollment records tracked across the district  Work activity records are not required Student Demographics (SB) CW

16 CalWORKs Annual Headcount Report CC District ABC Coll #1 Coll #2 Total Annual Unduplicated CalWORKs Headcount Column: Annual Unduplicated CalWORKs Headcount With Enrollment Record + Annual Unduplicated CalWORKs Headcount Without Enrollment Record. A student will appear in the “Annual Unduplicated With Enrollment “ column IF a single enrollment record in the academic year is found.

17 Analysis Report STUDENTS SERVED CalWORKS Status Student Count With Enrollment Student Count Without Enrollment Self-Initiated Program Participant790 Self-Referred Program Participant10 County-Referred Program Participant3040 Exempt Program Participant50 Post-Employment Program Participant00 Total3890 Matches Data Mart

18 Analysis Report CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Student Count Rcv'd Needs Assessment Services113 Rcv'd Other Case Management Services140 Rcv'd Both Needs Assessment and Other Case Management Services136 Total389 COUNSELING SERVICES Student Count Did Not Receive Counseling382 Received Counseling: CalWORKs/TANF Funding0 Received Counseling: Other College Funding7 Received Counseling: CalWORKs/TANF And Other Funding0 Total389

19 WORK STUDY ACTIVITY DETAILS Work Activity Number of Positions Held Unduplicated Student Count Unduplicated Count of Students Provided Employment Services On Campus Work Study16120 Off Campus Work Study616047 Total777247 Total unduplicated Student07147 WORK STUDY ACTIVITY DETAILS Area of Work Activity TOP Code Number of Positions Held Unduplicated Student Count Unduplicated Count of Students Provided Employment Services Landscape Design and Maintenance010910333 Business and Commerce, General050100110 Retail Store Operations and Management050650221 Logistics and Materials Transportation05100015 14 Office Technology/Office Computer Applications 051400330 Computer Programming070710111 Analysis Report

20 CalWORKs Data Mart Matches Analysis Report

21 Detail & Summary Reports SID These reports are generated during the data submission process and list errors generated during the submission process. Local MIS may need to work with local data owners to correct the issues The error “Student ID not found in production table” means… A CalWORKs record was submitted but a record in the SB(Student Basic) file was not found. College 123

22 Detail & Summary Report  Ex: Rules for CalWORKs Data:  If On-Campus Child Care (SC06) > 0 OR  Off-Campus Child Care (SC07) > 0 THEN  Dependant Children Receiving Care(SC08) must be greater than 0 

23 Data Submission Errors  Errors can be eliminated and/or reduced if…  The data are reviewed and corrected by the program before local MIS submits data to the state  This review process needs to be developed locally

24 CalWORKs Reports Summer Detail & Summary Reports (errors) Analysis Report Data Mart Fall Detail & Summary Reports (errors) Analysis Report Data Mart Winter Detail & Summary Reports (errors) Analysis Report Data Mart Spring Detail & Summary Reports (errors) Analysis Report Data Mart Annual Headcount

25 Finding and Accessing Reports Password Protected: Analysis and Annual Headcount Reports Request the General Access Password from your CISO / Chancellor’s Office / Divisions / MIS / >>Data Submission…  Are my reports available?  Select Submission History  Where is my term end report?  Select Analysis Report  Where is my annual funding report?  Select Annual Headcount Reports  Were there any errors during the data submission process?  View Detail and Summary Reports Local MIS has access to these reports  What is the headcount in my program by demographics?  Select the Data Mart

26 Submission History *If a date does not appear next to “Last Load to Production” then the data has not been loaded.

27 Categorical Year End Validation Local MIS Spring MIS Data Submitted Due 30 Days After Term System Office MIS Annual Headcount Report Created Coordinators /Local MIS Validate / Correct Prior to Funding Password Required Resubmit as Needed

28 Data On Demand: Pre-allocation Reports  Trouble Shoot the Annual Headcount Report Lists all of the students included in the Annual Headcount Report Now you can compare your list to ours to determine missing or “extra” student counts  Or, find out information not available on the existing reports

29 Pre-Allocation Report

30 SIDSSIDS Drill down into term

31 Resources  Data Element Dictionary  MIS Presentations ult.aspx  CCCSO MIS Data Sites  Analysis Reports  Annual Headcount  CCC Data Mart 82/Default.aspx  Submission History   Data On Demand Pre-Allocation Reports (must be pulled by Research or MIS) 

32 Patricia Servin–Lemus Debbie Velasquez Program Update

33 Barbara Kwoka Annual Data Review

34 Annual Review Data August 2009 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 January 2010 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009


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