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CAREWare Training Webinar Canned Reports (Prebuilt Reports)

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1 CAREWare Training Webinar Canned Reports (Prebuilt Reports)

2 Canned Reports Reports CoveredLearning Objectives  Financial Report  Referrals Report  No Service in X Days  Service Detail Report  RDR (Ryan White Data Report)  RSR Client Report Viewer  Client Report  Client Service Report  General Purpose  How to Run  Custom Filters  How to Export to Excel  Examples of How to Use Results at Agency

3 Canned Reports What do I need to get started? You must have the appropriate user privileges to run reports. (Email: if you don’t have access to necessary reports) You should have a number of clients entered in the system so you can see how reports look.

4 Running “Prebuilt” Reports CAREWare comes prepackaged with a number of clinical and service reports. 1. Log into CAREWare and select your domain. 2. Select Reports from the main menu.

5 The various report categories will appear:

6 Financial Report Can be run to determine how much you’ve expended in a specific time frame for any or all service categories and subservices. Used to track clients and units of service -Select the Year or the specific date span that you want included in the report. -Select Funding Source; if you do not, the report will run for all funding sources. -Include Subservice detail if you want to see service category info. -Click Run Report.

7 Financial Report

8 Invoicing Service Utilization Pull info specifically for HOPWA client population using filters (Custom filters for CAPER) Financial Report (Agency Uses)

9 Adding Filters to Reports -Filters are used to reduce the data set (all active clients) down to the data you need (all active clients with unknown insurance status). -Filters can be saved into the system for future use by creating a template. -Filters can be used to include and exclude certain data or variables from your report. Click here to add filters

10 Adding Filters to Reports

11 If you need assistance with creating and applying filters, please contact the LaCAN CAREWare Helpdesk at

12 How to Export Reports


14 Referrals Report



17 Referrals Report Output If referrals are entered consistently any time a client is sent elsewhere for a service, this report can be used to demonstrate what services are needed but not currently provided by your agency.

18 No Service in X Days Report Clients not seen in six months or more are often considered out of care or in danger of falling out of care. Examine the records of individual clients and determine if action is necessary Note: This report does not include Closed or Deceased clients. 1.From the Reports menu, select the No Service in X Days report. 2.Make you selections as detailed below. 3. Click Run Report. A sample result is shown on next slide.

19 No Service in X Days Report

20 Service Detail Report Provides client level information for services provided within the specified time frame. Displays data for all clients 1.From the Reports menu, click Service Detail Report. 2. Select date range for the report 3. Apply custom filters if desired 4. Hide personal identifying information by checking box 5. Click Create

21 Can be used with filters to produce list of clients who've received a specific service, received a service from a specific staff member, etc. (Uses service report filters) Service Detail Report (Agency Use)

22 RDR Provides basic info such as; gender, age, race/ethnicity, income, living arrangements, insurance, and HIV/AIDS status Aggregate level demographics that can be used for grant applications or board reports

23 RDR 1. Select RDR from the reports menu.

24 RDR 3. When finished entering date range, annual review year, and report scope, then click “Create RDR”. 2. Enter the dates for which you’d like to run the RDR. This may be a calendar year, funding year, a quarter, or any other date range.

25 RDR (Output)

26 RSR Client Report Viewer The RSR is the client level data report uploaded to HRSA once per year by all agencies receiving Ryan White funds. Allows you to view ‘live’ aggregate counts of demographic, medical and support services data on all Ryan White clients. System allows you to correct missing/unknown/conflicting information for each client. Creates XML data file

27 RSR Client Report Viewer 1.From the CW main menu, select Administrative Options then RSR Export or Reports then HRSA Reports/RSR. 2.Select the Report Year and Annual or Semi-Annual. 3.Select the type of quality management program at your agency during this period. 4.A filter can be applied if necessary. 5.To create a RSR Client Report, click button. 6. Select Ok when the quality check message appears. Allows you to access 3 different reports.

28 7.Save the new client export file to a safe location on your computer, so that you can access it later. *Keep the file in XML format* 8.Click on the RSR Report Viewer tab to view file. 9.Select F1: Select RSR File and locate the data file. Select F2: Printable Report If you want to just see a printable report of the data. RSR Client Report Viewer

29 Data Elements First Service Date Enrollment Status Deceased Date Birth Year Ethnicity Race Gender HIV/AIDS Status AIDS Diagnosis Year HIV Risk Factor Medical Insurance Core Service Visits Support Services * links are interactive and allow you to launch directly to the client records included in that count. RSR Client Report Viewer

30 RSR Client Report Viewer (Data Validation Report) Used to validate your data against the rules below. Gives you the total number of errors that break the specific rules.

31 RSR Client Report Viewer (Completeness Report) Gives you information about the completeness of your data. Specifically, it provides info about the number of clients for whom a known, unknown and for whom no data was reported. Report is divided into three sections: Demographics, Services, and Clinical.

32 Meeting RSR Requirements Periodic Data Clean Up (at least twice a year) Regular Data Monitoring/Data Completeness RSR Client Report Viewer (Agency Uses)

33 Client Report Reports on information entered on the Demographics and Annual Review tabs To run the Client report, click on the Client Report button from the main client screen. Click Here

34 Client Report To view the client report, click on either “Client Report (One Page)” or “Client Report (Two Page)” depending on how much information you want to display. Client Report Output: Displays; Demographics, HIV risk factors, annual review info, custom tab 1 Displays; Demographic info, HIV risk factors, annual review info, custom tab 1, 2, and 3

35 We currently use the Client Report to check against client files when we conduct site visits. Print out periodically for each client to maintain a current record of their contact and other CW info in their physical file. Client Report (Agency Uses)

36 Client Services Report To generate a report of client services from the Services screen, use the Client Services Report. Click on the Preview Services button to select the services to appear on the Client Services Report. View 1 client only (Data displays by year selected from the drop down) Click Here

37 Select services that you would like to be on the report and click “Create Report” Report Output: Client Services Report

38 Another report that we use when doing site visits to check against actual service logs. Print out periodically for each client to maintain a record of services they’ve received (monthly is suggested) Client Services Report (Agency Uses)

39 Common Error Messages Encountered While Running Reports “Not Responding”- Should actually say “In Progress” because the system is working to create your report. - Fix: Allow the system a minute or two to pull the data. “Timeout Expired”- Per jProg, there are not enough resources available within CW to complete the desired task. - Fix: Completely close out of CW or restart your computer and re- try. “There is no data for the specified report”- There is no data available for your selected criteria. - Fix: Make sure you have the correct data span, funding sources, and filters applied.

40 Resources for Canned “Prebuilt” Reports LaCAN CAREWare Manual m/page/1147 jProg CAREWare Documentation (Quick Start Guides 6, 7, 8) CAREWare-documentation.ashx

41 Questions? Please contact us at with any CAREWare issues or Thanks!

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