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QRP Eric Falkof, K1NUN For the North Shore Radio Association, 08-Apr-2006.

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1 QRP Eric Falkof, K1NUN For the North Shore Radio Association, 08-Apr-2006

2 Sixty Years of QRP History in One Slide! Once radio “happened,” it was big! But Hams (and others) wanted it small. “Compaction” began, and in the 50s, we began to see transceivers Then TenTec opened the gates to the modern era

3 Transceivers helped with compaction Collins KWM-1: the first transceiver and 175 W (1955ish) Cosmophone (UK); 35, 50, and 1000 W (1957ish) Gonset G-76: 100 W AM (1959) Ten-Tec Powermites: 2 W (1966ish) Heath HW-7: 3 W (1972)

4 So, what is QRP? > 100 W > 10 W > 5 W > 1 W

5 Today’s QRP Collection And they just keep coming…!

6 Let’s get right to it… Elecraft MFJ Enterprises (incl. Vectronix) Oak Hills Research Small Wonder Labs Ten-Tec Yaesu There are numerous clubs that develop and distribute accessories and test equipment. See the list of QRP web sites. Many more sites have modification information for kit or commercial products. For example, the MFJ Cub series has extensive modifications as shown, in part, at And several UK, German, Russian companies, too!

7 The Watering Holes CWSSBNovice 1810--- 3560 (3579± colorburst)39853710 7040 (7030)72857110 10106 (10116)--- 1406014285--- 2106021385--- 2490024950--- 280602888528110 5006050885---

8 Excitement! Contests: 28 contests or events between March 9 and April 9 this year. DX, all modes. 40 METER FOXHUNT - Each Friday 0200z to 0329z(Thurs 9 PM to 10:29 PM EST)(Ends Mar 9)Info: http://www.qrpfoxhunt.orgPesky Texan Armadillo Chase (CW) *** QRP Contest ***Mar 9, 0230z to 0400zRules: QSO Party (Ph/CW/Dig)... QRP CategoryMar 11, 1300z to Mar 12, 0100z andMar 12, 1300z to Mar 13, 0100z Rules: QSO Party (CW/Digital/Phone)... QRP CategoryMar 11, 1400z to Mar 12, 0200z andMar 12, 1400z to Mar 12, 2000zRules: http://okdxa.orgAGCW QRP Contest (CW)... QRP/QRPp CategoryMar 11, 1400z to 2000zRules: QSO Party (CW/SSB/Dig)...QRP CategoryMar 11, 1500z to Mar 12, 1500zRules: http://www.elecraft.comSecond Class Operator's Club Marathon Sprint (CW).. QRP Contest!Mar 11, 1800z to 2400zRules: American Sprint (RTTY)... QRP CategoryMar 12, 0000z to 0400zRules: (Belgian) Spring Contest (CW-80m)... QRP CategoryMar 12, 0700z to 1100zRules: QSO Party (CW/SSB)...QRP CategoryMar 12, 1800z to Mar 13, 0100zRules: Straight Key/Bug Sprint *** QRP CONTEST! ***EST: Mar 15, 8:30 PM to 10:30 PMUTC: Mar 16, 0130z to 0330zRules: Mobile QSO Party (CW/SSB)... QRP CategoryMar 18, 0001z to 2359zRules: Spring RTTY Contest Mar 18, 0200z to Mar 20, 0200zRules: DX Contest (SSB/CW)... QRP CategoryMar 18, 1200z to Mar 19, 1200zRules: VHF/UHF Contest (CW)... QRP CategoryMar 18, 1600z to 2100zRules: con/2006/Englisch/agcw-dl0_e.htmVirginia QSO Party (CW/SSB/Dig)... QRP CategoryMar 18, 1800z to Mar 20, 0200zRules: FOR THE BACON (CW) *** QRP CONTEST ***EST: Mar 19, 9 PM to 11 PMUTC: Mar 20, 0200z 0400zRules: http://fpqrp.comAtlanticonMar 24 - 25Info: World-Wide WPX Contest (SSB)... QRP CategoryMar 25, 0000z to Mar 26, 2359zRules: QRP Homebrewer Sprint (CW/PSK31)... QRP Contest!!!!Mar 27, 0000z to 0400z(Sunday Mar 26, 7PM to 11PM EST)Rules: QRP BARBERSHOP QUARTET CONTEST (CW QRP)... QRP Contest!Mar 29, 9 PM to 11 PM EST Rules: DX Contest (CW/SSB)... QRP CategoryApr 1, 1500z to Apr 2, 1500zRules: RTTY ContestApr 1, 1600z to Apr 2, 1600zRules: QSO Party (ALL) Apr 1, 1800z to Apr 2, 0500z Apr 2, 1800z to Apr 2, 2400zRules: Spartan Sprint (CW)... QRP Contest!!Apr 4, 0100z to 0300z (First Monday 9 PM EDT)Rules: ARCI Spring QSO Party (CW)......QRP Contest!!!Apr 8, 1200z to Apr 9, 2400zRules: http://www.qrparci.orgGeorgia QSO Party (CW/SSB)... QRP CategoryApr 8, 1800z to Apr 9, 0359zApr 9, 1400z to Apr 9, 2359z Rules: http://gqp.contesting.comUBA Spring Sprint (80m SSB)... QRP Entries NotedApr 9, 0600z to 1000zRules: QRP-specific: Sprints, Spartan Sprint (distinct from Heavy Metal!), Flight of the Bumblebees, Fox & Hounds, Barbershop

9 Where can I find more? Online BaconBits NewsLetters Adventure Radio Society’s Sojourner text/0302_text/0302_one.html Digital QRP Homebrewing Print QRP Homebrewer QRP Quarterly QRPp And QRP columns in QST, CQ, Worldradio, and others in the US and abroad.

10 My Show & Tell Transceivers: Knight SMiTe 40 m CW transceiver $10 Small Wonder Labs DSW-40 40 m CW Transceiver $95 (case $35) Small Wonder Labs RockMite 40 m CW transceiver $25 Transmitters and receivers: Home brew Columbus (OH) QRP Club MRX40 40 m receiver $20 Test Equipment: SQRPion Stinger Singer frequency counter $20 VE3NL Marker/Generator $12 NoGA (Northern Georgia ) QRP Power Meter $20 NorCal FCC-1 frequency counter $25 Tenna-Dipper SWR analyzer $25 Accessories: P-TiCK Keyer, with paddle $10 NJQRP Balanced Line Tuner $25 Total: $357

11 Promise of the Future… Software Defined Radios What is a SDR? Hardware is minimal, software is king. Soundcard technology evolving further for receiver image detection and demodulation. Evolution of softrock, from $15 with narrow slice of 40m, now two-bands only $15. Transceiver in development!

12 SOFTWARE A real quick primer about Digital Signal Processing (DSP)… … and the omnipresent waterfall display

13 The New Realm

14 How do you control a radio the size of a stick of gum?

15 Significant Processing Power

16 Where do YOU think it will go? The future has no end… But this presentation does!

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