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Ham radio fun without complexity Roger G3XBM

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1 Ham radio fun without complexity Roger G3XBM
“Kitchen Sink” Radio Ham radio fun without complexity Roger G3XBM

2 Tonight My approach Homebrew techniques Ideas for homebrew fun
Useful links Good kits Good value commercial rigs

3 My Ethos Modest power Simple equipment Simple antennas
Small is beautiful Simplicity is elegance Don’t waste money

4 Homebrew Approach Bursts of energy – long gaps without building much
Go for projects that will get finished PCBs not required for “one offs” Projects that don’t need lots of test gear. Go for good kits Hasn’t got to be amateur radio related. Use the gear you make/own.

5 Components Choice Ugly construction Discrete parts
VXO/crystal controlled Standardise on parts: 2N3904/6, MPF102, T50-2, T50-6, 0.1u, 10u, 1k, 10k etc Re-use parts Recycle boxes

6 The Humble Crystal Set Simplest radios to get going
Possible to hear real BC DX on HF More to them than you might think Amateur band DX reception possible -55dBm

7 40m Regen Receiver 9 parts, works well CW/SSB, -100dBm

8 Single FET transceiver
Sensitive, stable, non-fiddly, regen RX 1 active device Stable, crystal controlled, TX 14 parts !


10 VLF/LF Converter

11 Micro 80 4 transistor HF transceiver PA is the mixer

12 Pixie 250mW HF transceiver PA is the mixer Breakthrough problems

13 OXO HF QRP Transmitter Any HF band, 1W, VXO controlled

14 Pipit 15m CW transceiver

15 Kitten 10m CW transceiver
Pipit derived cct. 0.5W RF out 0.5uV sens. Full break-in 25kHz VXO 5 transistors

16 Fredbox 2m Transceiver

17 Homebase 10 Antenna Simple horizontal halo for 28MHz
Low cost, easy to build and tune up Works well

18 70cms Moxon Antenna Made in 30 mins from a metal coat hanger !
3-4dB forward gain 100 degree -3dB points Best DX 327kms with 5W

19 Earth Mode Communications
Communicating at <10kHz through the ground Use audio power amps and ground rods Ranges 0-10kms (typically <1km) PC based RX/filters & QRSS for greater range

20 Useful “Simple” Links HOMEBREW GQRP club
Rick Anderson JF1OZL Harry Lythall / Gollum’s Xtal RX Hans Summers N4DKD G3XBM KITS Elecraft Small Wonder Hendricks QRP

21 Some Good Kits MFJ Cub Elecraft T1 ATU Elecraft K1, K2 and K3
Hendricks kits SoftRock RX

22 MFJ Cub 15m 1W QRP CW 8000kms DX with a dipole Easy 3-4 hour build
Decent superhet RX

23 Elecraft T1 Auto-ATU Matches 160-6m
Instant retune when band changing FT817 No-hands retune from 80-10m 6hrs build

24 Elecraft K1 4 band CW Transceiver
Excellent kit in the Heathkit style 5W on 40, 30, 20,15m Narrow CW filters Keyer + memory modes Auto-ATU Works well

25 Elecraft K2 “The best kit in the world producing a first class HF transceiver” K3 now available

26 Future projects 500kHz QRP TX 10m QRP DSB transceiver
Improved single FET transceiver A DSB Fredbox Earthmode comms tests with QRSS

27 The G3XBM Shack Fits in corner of spare bedroom
Homebrew rigs plus FT817 and IC703 “Lab” in back of the garage

28 FT817 Simply the best HF/VHF rig for the price
Worked 4 continents on SSB handheld!

29 Miracle Whip Auto-transformer matched 1.5m whip
With counterpoise is just 2 S-points (12dB) down on a decent vertical DX 11000kms from the bedroom table with 5W SSB!

30 IC703 First class QRP radio 0.5 - 10W 160-6m Speech processor Auto ATU
DSP filters

31 Summary Build something simple this weekend!
Nice to own a few commercial rigs DXCC with QRP SSB and CW possible with simple antennas (even handheld) Operate – use the bands Call CQ Diversify Have fun!

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