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OMS/ComplianceWire Integration

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1 OMS/ComplianceWire Integration
Michael Sheehan IT Analyst DePuy Ireland J&J DePuy Ireland

2 Introduction Topics Evolution of ComplianceWire at DePuy Ireland
What is OMS Project Objectives Delivery of the Project Results Conclusion Questions

3 Evolution of ComplianceWire
2008 CW Launched at DePuy Ireland Replace Legacy Training Tracking System (TTS) Phased In by Department Manual Load of Assignments and Curricula Support functions complete Q3 2009 OMS/CW Integration October 2009

4 What is OMS

5 Operations Management System
Plant Manufacturing Execution System (MES) 400 Production Associate User Population Used by Planning, Quality and Engineering Interface with JDEdwards ERP system Tracks flow of Product through Production 21 CFR Part 11 Device History Record

6 Project Objectives Automate the Training Verification Process
Real-Time Verification Prevent the booking of Product if user not trained Verify Training against Multiple Curricula Incorporate Electronic Certification Module Provide link to CW ToDo list from OMS

7 Delivery of the Project
Collaboration Training Kaplan IT

8 Delivery of Project cont.
Curricula Creation (MPS, QPS, ECC’s, JSA’s) Map to OMS Product/Operation One to One Relationship Naming Convention Eg. CKOOPSVSHips_C_FEM_1_ROB_POL Multiple Products, Multiple Operations Curricula Load OMS/Kaplan Development

9 Results

10 Results cont. CW queried to verify associate trained to Basic Curriculum and Product/Operation Curriculum Result of query is less than 5 seconds If trained, OMS operation can be processed If not trained, associate presented with dialogue box detailing required training Link to CW ToDo list embedded in dialogue box



13 Conclusion High User Satisfaction Zero overdue training for Operations
High Level of Compliance Relationship with Kaplan Automate verification of support staff training??

14 ? Questions

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