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ManTech Database Migration Products and Services IBM DB2 Gold Consultants Briefing San Jose - September 18, 2000.

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1 ManTech Database Migration Products and Services IBM DB2 Gold Consultants Briefing San Jose - September 18, 2000

2 Summary of ManTech Privately Held Professional and Technical Services Firm Provides Technical, Engineering, Scientific, Analytical, Logistics, Software Development, Program Management, Publications, and Support Services Worldwide Professional and Technical Resources Corporate Headquarters in Fairfax, VA Current backlog of over $1 Billion Established in 1968 5,000 Employees Worldwide 120 U.S. Locations 30 International Locations Over $500 Million in Annual Revenues

3 ManTech International Corporation ManTech International ManTech Systems Solutions Corporation ManTech Advanced Systems International ManTech Europe Limited (MEL) ManTech Systems Engineering Corporation ManTech Environmental Corporation ManTech Australia GSE Systems PRAXA Limited Telecommunications and Information Systems Corporation ManTech Database Services Europe ManTech Database Services Europe

4 Competencies: Software MVS, CICS, UNIX, Linux, Windows NT  Installation/Configuration/Tailoring  Tuning  Troubleshooting Performance Monitors Database Management Systems  IBM DB2/Universal Data Base  IMS  IDMS  Total/TIS/Supra  Oracle  Informix  Microsoft SQL Server  Sybase

5 Competencies: Application Development Languages  Legacy  COBOL  PL/1  Assembler  4GL  ADS/O  MANTIS  Natural  Ideal  Client-Server/Web  C/C++  Visual Basic  Java/Websphere  Developer 2000  Powerbuilder  ObjectView  Vision  DHTML/ASP/IIS CASE Tools  VisualAge Generator  ADW  Designer 2000 Architectures  Host-centric  Client/Server  Distributed  Web-based Hardware Environments  IBM Mainframe  Various UNIX  Intel Software Environments  MVS  AIX/UNIX  OS/2  Windows

6 Competencies: Database Services Database and Application Conversion Database Design, Development, & Warehousing Website Design, Development, and Hosting

7 ManTech’s Relationship with IBM ManTech has provided database migration services and tools targeting DB2 since 1993 –IBM Premier Business Partner –Worked with IBM Santa Teresa and Toronto Labs in requirements definition and testing/acceptance of recent DB2 functionality support in our software –Service Provider to IBM Software Migration Project Office (SMPO) –IBM license of Stored Procedure Conversion Tool (SProCT) for general distribution

8 SQL-CW Offerings Version 3 (SProCT) –FREE DOWNLOAD IBM licensed V3 for individuals and businesses targeting DB2 through 12/01 –Free License Agreement does not support 3 rd party service provider or consultants –Can join ManTech Business Partner Program Provides: –Metadata extract from source environment –Automatic generation of target DB2 schema definition that can be customized –Generate DDL, unload, and load procedures –Conversion of Sybase Transact-SQL, Microsoft Transact-SQL and Oracle PL/SQL procedural language to DB2 SQL Procedures Language (DB2 SPL) OS/390 V6 and UNO V7 Support Approx. 950 registered users since 4/19/00 GA with DB2 UDB V7 on 6/16

9 SQL-CW Offerings Version 4 Distributed by the IBM Software Migration Project Office (SMPO) for 90-day trials Licensed through ManTech thereafter Provides: –All features of Version 3 –Pro*C and Pro*COBOL embedded conversions

10 Additional Functionality in Version 3/4 DB2 SPL DB2 V7 Support Data migration mapping changes and enhancements Added Sybase 12, Microsoft 7, and Oracle 8 support to existing Sybase V4.x, 10, 11; Microsoft V6.5; Oracle 7.3 support

11 An Automated Migration Minimized manual effort and repetition Increased code modification and data definition accuracy Increased maintenance quality through consistent source modification Reduced hardware capacity requirements Reduced time and cost

12 ManTech Conversion Approaches Automation  SProCT/SQL Conversion Workbench ®  Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix (services), and Oracle to DB2  Cincom Supra to DB2 (services)  WORx  Adabas/Natural, IDMS/ADS, and Datacom DB/Ideal to DB2/COBOL  COBOL to VA Gen Manual  All of the most widely installed mid-tier data bases to DB2  All of the most widely installed legacy mainframe databases to DB2

13 Scan source code/ Questionnaire Conversion Assessment Plan Perform Pilot Test Conversion “Ballpark” Assessment Assessment Getting to Conversion is (Usually) Incremental

14 Process is Key System Test andProductionCutover ConvertCodeandData Convert and Adjust DB StructureAssess and andPlan DataModellingandEnvironmentSetup UnitTest Project Management Quality Assurance

15 ManTech Differentiators 12 years of DB2 migration, development, and administration experience Unrivaled knowledge of source and target platforms Conversion management and methodology experience Optimization of DB2 and resulting performance benefit Availability of highly technical consultative services as part of the ManTech conversion package ManTech tools, with additional automated capabilities: –DB-Lib/CT-Lib to X/Open CLI/ODBC –Powerbuilder –Triggers –Informix/Informix 4GL –Cincom Total/Supra

16 ManTech Migration Services Engagement Cost and duration estimates based on questionnaire or code scan Assessment and planning –Sizing of conversion and testing effort –Initial Plan –Roles and Responsibilities –Technical infrastructure impact –Identify co-existence or bridging strategy if phasing is required –Potential Prototype

17 ManTech Migration Services Engagement Migration –Verification of Metrics –Detailed project plan –Management reporting –Configuration Management –Acquire integrity test resources –DB schema and data –Procedural code –Application code –Quality Assurance –Fixed price through integrity test –Performance history/assurance –Optional implementation and skills transfer support

18 For More Information… Carroll Hummer ManTech Systems Solutions Corporation 2700 S. Quincy St. – 4 th Floor Arlington, VA 22206 (703) 575-3063 Martin Spratt IBM SMPO DB2 Migration Team (DB2 Migration Business Partners) (309) 797-7312

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