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IN COLD BLOOD SECTION. 11 Terence Stevenson Destiny Cruz.

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1 IN COLD BLOOD SECTION. 11 Terence Stevenson Destiny Cruz


3 CHARACTERS  Dick  Perry  Nye  Detective Dewey  Clarence Duntz  Roy Church  Bobby Rup

4 WHERE  Beginning: Miami  Middle: Las Vegas  End: Garden City, Kansas

5 CONFLICT/IMPORTANT EVENTS  With no money Dick and Perry head back West in search for work. As they pass through Texas they pick up two hitchhikers, a young boy and his lame grandfather. Dick and Perry get into an argument over what to do with their two passengers when suddenly the young boy asks Dick to stop the car. The men are amazed at the boys ability to find the cans in the snow.  Dewey receives a call that a fellow police officer spots the license plate number of the stolen truck in Las Vegas, after Perry picks up mail from Mexico City to his old hotel. In the police station Dewey, Nye, Duntz, and Roy are preparing to question Dick and Perry. The two men believe they are being questioned for passing ‘hot checks’.

6 CONFLICTS CONT.  Nye and Church question Dick. Dick tells them a bogus story of him and Perry going to Fort Scott, the failure of locating Perry’s sister, and the night spent with the prostitutes. Dick is proud in memorizing every place and address they went to. However, Nye comes to the point where he accuses Dick of the murders. Dick denies any involvement with the murders but is visibly shaken up.  Duntz and Dewey question Perry. They come to the same conclusion as Nye and Church. Perry becomes upset as he lies in the cell, as does Dick. The next day, Dick breaks down when he is shown photographs of the crime scene. Dick blames the murders, the actuall killings, on Perry.

7 CONFLICT CONT.  Perry doesn’t confess until Dewey tells him the story about killing the black man. The story is something only Dick would know of which proves that Dick confessed. Perry then gives a full, detailed confession. He ends his confession with saying that He shot the two downstairs(Mr. Clutter and Kenyon) and Dick shot the two upstairs(Nancy and Mrs. Clutter)


9 CHARACTERS  Wendle Meier(assistant sheriff)  Josephine Meier(Wife)  Don Cullivan(Perry’s old army friend)  Floyd Wells

10 WHERE  Garden City Jail  Courthouse

11 CONFLICT/IMPORTANT EVENTS While in Garden City Jail Dick makes a makeshift “shiv” and hides it under his bed but Sherriff Meier finds it. Dick is portrayed as laid back and easy going as he is reading books while in his cell. Perry on the other hand dreams of his big yellow parrot coming to rescue him from jail.(Man vs. Self) The trial begins. There is a suggestion of change of venue by the state-appointed counsel but are denied. The jury is selected on the first day as well. Perry pays little attention as he reflects on the autobiography that the psychologist asked him to write. Perry writes about the traumatic events in his life, Dick does the same but is more casual. Dick pays some attention to the jury selection.

12 CONFLICTS CONT.  The next day, the state begins to present their case. Witnesses are called to the stand. This is when the prosecutors bring in Floyd Wells to testify against Dick and Perry. Dewey is the last witness to testify as his testimony is the most valuable.  When the defense forms their case the only witnesses they have are the psychologist which tested Dick and Perry while at the jail.

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