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Advanced LexisNexis Training Advanced Legal Research Feb. 16, 2012 Mary Whisner.

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1 Advanced LexisNexis Training Advanced Legal Research Feb. 16, 2012 Mary Whisner

2 Lexis, Lexis, Lexis (law school) Lexis Advance Lexis for Microsoft Office (LexisNexis Academic)

3 Lexis for Microsoft Office Video Live demo

4 & Lexis Advance How should I organize this class? One system at a time? – Which one first? Both systems, concept by concept? – What concepts?

5 Research Tasks (Macro) QuestionFind infoAssess NotesResults

6 Research Tasks (Specific Examples) Find a known item (case, law review article, statute) Find some documents that do X – recent articles that discuss assisted reproductive technology – Supreme Court cases reversing the 9th Cir.

7 Research Tasks (Specific Examples) Get an introduction to a topic – What are the main elements of the Affordable Health Care Act? – What are the basics of community property law? – What are the basics of personal jurisdiction?

8 Research Tasks (Specific Examples) Answer a legal question – In WA can holder of promissory note sue for payment eight years after note was signed? – In WA can estranged wife testify against her husband if she chooses to? – Under what circumstances can non-Indian parents adopt an Indian child?

9 Research Tasks (Specific Examples) Check validity of case – Has it been overruled, reversed, affirmed? – Has another court cited it? Positively, negatively? Find news – How does Newt Gingrich propose controlling federal judges? – Have rates of malaria fallen or risen since 2005?

10 What could make you more efficient at finding info? Knowing where to look Getting there easily Knowing how to search – Control? Being able to sift through results better Being able to leverage results to get more

11 Search for Known Item 37 Rutgers L.J. 1169 RCW 4.20.010 Article by Ralph Johnson about the public trust doctrine U.S. Supreme Court case about grandparent visitation in Washington 9th Cir. sex discrim. case about bartender required to wear make-up

12 Using One Source to Find More Legal Issue Trail (Lexis Advance) – uses citations Search Using Selected Text (Lexis Advance) More Like Selected Text ( – runs search Shepard’s (both) – uses citations

13 Shepard’s Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57, 120 S. Ct. 2054 History – Map (only Lexis Advance) Citing References – Grid (only Lexis Advance) Restrict ( / Narrow (Lexis Advance) Focus ( / Terms within results (Lexis Advance)

14 Search for Examples Find some examples of state courts interpreting state constitutional provision differently than federal equivalent. – Lexis Advance search options – search options

15 Search Precisely and Comprehensively Find every case that cites Wash. Const. article 1, section 7

16 Search for News What coverage is Washington’s new marriage law receiving? – in Washington? – nationally?

17 Search Treatises Find an overview of fair use doctrine. – encyclopedia? – treatise? Find summary of McDonell-Douglas test in employment discrimination law

18 Recap – Finding databases Customizing (tabs, recently used sources, preferences) Natural Language; Terms & Connectors Focus History Alerts Document management

19 Recap – Lexis Advance Select database first or later Narrow, Search within Results Can use Terms & Connectors My WorkSpace – Alerts – Folders – History – Filters

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