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Simulation Exercise Discussion of Management Issues.

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1 Simulation Exercise Discussion of Management Issues

2 Members of the EOC Functions selected for representation on the Health Sector EOC? Why?

3 First flight to Neper LEVEL: CENTRAL 10 Subject: relief flight Time after impact: 4 H Source: M o D (Defense) Addressee: M o H The relief flight is leaving in app. one hour. The director of the military hospital in Sto Foligro is sending a medical team, equipment and supplies. Is the MoH sending some one? There are up to three seats available. Other flight will leave in the afternoon, whether permitting. A convoy of military and civilian trucks will also leave later in the day.

4 Mass media LEVEL: CENTRAL 5 Subject: hospital damages Time after impact: 3H 40 M. Source: CNN Addressee: None The secretary of the Minister informs that CNN is broadcasting that: The main hospital would be severely damaged in Neper. CNN also reports that, according to one international NGO, the number of casualties would be very large and remain without attention. In a satellite telephone interview, a doctor in the hospital of NEPER is requesting immediate assistance with blood, drugs, equipment and any other assistance. The hospital has been almost destroyed and patients are treated in make-shift facilities outside. The Ambassador of Dearland in Washington is making an emotional appeal for immediate medical assistance for the victims and is expressing his fears of cholera and other epidemics

5 LEVEL: LOCAL 15 Subject: Warehouse of medical supplies Time after impact: 4H Source: Hospital Pharmacist Addressee: Chief Pharmacist The director of the General hospital has been heard that the main warehouse of the MOH, where all medical and surgical supplies for the State are stored, has been destroyed. He reiterates the urgent need for medical supplies and also for additional staff. Hint: The warehouse is located 8 Km outside Nepercity. Validating information

6 Preliminary Statistics Damage caused by the Earthquake (10 h after impact) DistrictPopulationAffectedDeadMissingInjuredHomeless Nepercity 370,000125,0003471273,76327,000 2 70,00040,000279371,24512,000 3 71,000 4502670 4 69,00045,0005454731,23118,000 5 40,0005,0001700540 6 130,0007,540200135 7 110,0006,23000725 Total 860,000299,77012356376,51357,700 Information compiled from approximately 65% of the municipalities

7 Statistics District 3 LEVEL: LOCAL 105 Subject: Medical casualties Time after impact: 30 Source: Red Cross Addressee: All The local Red Cross is estimating the number of deaths and missing in District 3 to 6,500. This number has been reported in the situation report of the IFRC. Hint: Figures do not match according to sources… what do you do?

8 Information from remote areas LEVEL: LOCAL 30 Subject: Number of Victims Time after impact: 7H 30 Source: District 3 Addressee: The first news is coming from one rural municipality in District 3. A Ham Operator is reporting at least 1000 bodies at the local cemetery and thousands of injured victims in one small town. The information can not be confirmed. Ambulances, medicines, Blood, food and tents are urgently required for the entire population of the district.

9 LEVEL: LOCAL 30 Subject: Number of victims Time after impact: 9 H Source: District 4 military commander Addressee: HQ in Nepercity The military forwards information from the Mayor of the district 4: 545 dead, 473 missing and 1,231 injured (Red Cross and public health centers data). The MoH local clinic (35 beds) is destroyed and two patients and one nurse died in the partial collapse of the structure. An estimated 60% of the houses are damaged in the main city (population 34,000), 10-15% have totally collapsed...

10 Preliminary Statistics – Red Cross LEVEL: LOCAL 45 Subject: Time after impact: 12 H Source: Addressee: The Red Cross issued and disseminated statistics of at least 2,000 deaths, 9,550 injured and 85,000 homeless. They claim that the government is minimizing the impact of the disaster and not including some of the information they provided Hint: Which figure will prevail?

11 International appeal LEVEL: CENTRAL 15 Subject: Field Hospital Time after impact: 5H Source: Director of civil protection Addressee: Minister of H The President has called a press conference. He has pledged immediate assistance to the victims of the EQ. He requested international assistance and in particular the dispatch of foreign medical teams and field hospitals to provide medical assistance. The MoH is requested to provide information to the countries interested in assisting.

12 Assessment of Needs LEVEL: CENTRAL 30 Subject: UNDAC Time after impact: 10 H Source: UN Coordinator Addressee: Civil protection The UN coordinator is informing that a UNDAC team will arrive within 24 H. Six experts in disaster needs assessment (incl. one health specialist and one water expert) will assist the UN Disaster management Team to coordinate the assistance.

13 LEVEL: CENTRAL 95 Subject: Arrival of Fact finding missions Time after impact: 25 H Source: civil defense Addressee: all Two assessment teams from donor countries arrived. They plan to travel to the affected areas to determine the needs for humanitarian short and medium-term assistance. They request a briefing from the health sector and information on pending needs. They diplomatically expressed concern that the government of Dearland has not clearly indicated what support is needed yet. They offer their assistance to formulate priorities and identify gaps. Hint: Donors are submitted to strong pressure for quick action and allocation of resources. How to retake the leadership?

14 Coordination : WHO LEVEL: CENTRAL 35 Subject: WHO guidelines Time after impact: 7 H Source: WHO/PAHO HQ Addressee: WHO Representative HQ is confirming that its expert on Disaster Management with one epidemiologist and one hospital expert will arrive tomorrow morning to increase her office capability. She is also reminded that WHO post guidelines for disaster response in its Webpage. HQ suggests that she shares this information and copy of other material with the MoH experts. HQ also stresses the urgency of getting information on the health needs to launch an appeal, if justified, as soon as possible. Hint: Guidelines might be available from the group coordinator. Is WHO actively involved in the EC?

15 WHO Any attempt to negotiate or renegotiate the budget of WHO?

16 WHO/PAHO appeal LEVEL: CENTRAL 100 Subject: WHO appeal Time after impact: 31 H Source: WHO rep Addressee: MoH PAHO/WHO regional office is eager to make an appeal for international assistance but it needs some information on the health situation. The WHO rep is instructed to report ASAP as the appeal should be issued today (Thursday). If issued on Friday, with the time lag, it may not be acted upon by donors before Monday. She also stresses that IFRC and large NGOs have launched an appeal for health relief for an amount totaling $ 3.5M. What should she reply to her HQ? Hint: Wait for full assessment? Go ahead and suggest technical areas to be covered? Mass casualties? Others?

17 Coordination – Private Sector LEVEL: CENTRAL 55 Subject: offer Time after impact: 8H Source: Private Company in USA Addressee: MoH My company Tecnodesastre is offering modular hospitals that can be airlifted by helicopter and be operational in a matter of hours. They come fully equipped and ready to use with one operating room. Tecnodesastre has a considerable expertise and has deployed this equipment in several recent humanitarian operations such as in Kosovo, Bosnia and Turkey. Modules are available at very short notice. Hint: Which questions to ask?

18 LEVEL: CENTRAL 10 Subject: relief flight Time after impact: 4 H Source: M o D (Defense) Addressee: M o H The relief flight is leaving in app. one hour. The director of the military hospital in Sto Foligro is sending a medical team, equipment and supplies. Is the MoH sending some one? There are up to three seats available. Other flight will leave in the afternoon, whether permitting. A convoy of military and civilian trucks will also leave later in the day. Hint: Who should travel? Why and to do what? Military-Civilian Coordination

19 LEVEL: LOCAL 20 Subject: Arrival aircraft Time after impact: 6:30 Source: Military commander Addressee: MoH The commander informs that a C130 from the Air Force is expected within three hours. It carries medical personnel from the armed forces, equipment and supplies (unknown quantity and nature). Hint: Who is coordinating whom? How to improve this?

20 NGO’s LEVEL: LOCAL 20 Subject: Offer of assistance Time after impact: 5 H Source: NGOs Addressee: M o H A group of NGOs active in the health sector offer their assistance. Medical personnel in field projects in Neper have reported high casualties in district 3 and 4. One small (1,200 Inhabitants) isolated municipality (District 3) where MSF is working has app 75 injured and 9 deaths. The local health center is intact and the staff of MSF is working closely with the local nurse. Supplies are short for the following items: Gauze, syringes, anti-tetanus vaccine and serum and analgesics. The sock of antibiotics and local anesthetics is low but will last 24 h more. The HQs of NGOs are certainly aware of the tragedy and additional assistance is expected within a matter of days. How can they assist and what is mostly required from them? Hint: are they integrated in the committee?

21 NGOs LEVEL: LOCAL 15 Subject: NGO Time after impact: 4H 10 Source: An assistant to the minister Addressee: MoH An assistant to the minister reminds him that MSF and the Adventists have a large medical program in Neper. Surely, they should have large stocks of supplies that the Ministry could requisition. Hint: A good idea?

22 Bridge for Peace LEVEL: LOCAL 20 Subject: Less-Than-Friendly country Time after impact: 4:30 Source: The MoH from the neighbor country Addressee: MOH The minister of this “less-then-friendly” neighbor offers his condolences and places at the disposal of the Minister the services of the trauma hospital located at 25 km from the border. Three medical units and one team of public health experts sent to provide services to the affected district are held at the border post. If the immigration matter can be arranged, they can be on site within one hour. His assistance is kindly requested to facilitate their arrival. Hint: In spite of the constant frictions at the border, the ministers of health often meet and cooperate at international meetings. Who can help?

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