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Fundamental Physics as Number Theory Conclusions of a Researcher Lucian M. Ionescu NPA 2012 "Remarks on Physics as Number Theory, 2011"

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1 Fundamental Physics as Number Theory Conclusions of a Researcher Lucian M. Ionescu NPA 2012 "Remarks on Physics as Number Theory, 2011"

2 ABSTRACT - Quantum phenomena and logic imply: reality is quantum digital ("machine code" level); - This explains the various trends and glimpses of researchers that the "Ultimate Physics Theory is Number Theory" (e.g. Volkov etc.) - The Universe is a Quantum Computer and the corresponding network has feedback loops with coherent modes of vibration (resonances) reducible to integers; so, the "new age" science foundations: from Number Theory to Operating Systems and Game Theory =)

3 A1) Fine-structure Constant and Riemann Zeta Function - What do they have in common? The Primes! - Approximate relation: -2/log a = Sum 1/p 2, suggesting that its logarithm is the L 2 -norm of the Lie module (base / spectrum) of rationals as an algebraic quantum group (partition function as a harmonic mean!?). - Riemann Zeta Function is the partition function of the Primon Model (Riemann gas).

4 A2) Quarks and Fermat Primes - What do they have in common? Their the building "blocks", but as internal symmetries... - "Quarks" are degrees of freedom and should correspond to qubits, under the hermitian correspondence "2+2*=3+1" (Quantum Computing interpretation of Special Relativity, corresponding to Dirac's equation). - Primes, as finite fields / cycles, have an internal structure as Klein spaces (geometry). Their building blocks are the (conjectured) five Fermat primes, together with F -inf =2.

5 Plan of Talk - Goal: to "advertise and mobilize" (see my articles for math details, concepts and ideas!!) - Levels of description of reality - Reality is Digital (classical and quantum) - U(1)-EM, Non-linear Optics and U(2)-QID -Logic mandatory & experimental coincidences: a) Fine-structure constant Zeta function b) Quark masses Fermat primes - Fundamental constants should reduce to Multiplicative Number Theory (AQG duality) - New Paradigm: We Need Financial Support!

6 Levels of Description and Targeted Audience - Mathematics "brain programming" languages: DE, Differential Geometry (metric / connections), Group Theory (Klein Geometry), Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory and Categorification (Abstract & yet concrete: relations, interactions and Path Integrals). - Physics Models of Quantum Interactions: from Gauge Theory to Lattice Models & QID - Quantum Computing interpretation (energy and Information): back to making sense!

7 Supporting Evidence that Reality is Quantum Digital - Kontsevich's Formality Theorem and consequences: Poisson Dynamics vs. Dynamical Lattice Models; - Quantum Information Dynamics: Maxwell's methods applied to EM, but with U(2)- symmetry (Lattice gauge theory); - Quantum Hall effect (magnetic flux is quantized: magnetic "charges" / periods) and Wheeler-Misner network model; - EM and Aharonov-Bohm; Maxwell's EM is a quantum theory (depends on what "space" is).

8 Spectra (Phys and Math) and Primary Modes of Vibration - Spectrum of Hydrogen and of Integers - New model of Hydrogen: - Must be a qubit - Double vortex model - Bohr-Sommerfeld were right (& J. Post). - Riemann gas and its partition function, the Riemann Zeta Function - Primes and Finite fields as Klein spaces - The Hierarchy of Structure (POSet of Primes)

9 The High-level Emerging Big Picture (Excerpts from Tesla talk) - Supersymmetry and strings make sense intuitively: orbitals in plain site (quantum computing, Aharonov-Bohm, Tesla longitudinal waves, palm channels and aura etc.) - The transfer of energy-momentum: conduits / channels of QI, or packets ("clouds") - What's wrong with String Theory (Peter, of course it IS wrong!) - Expressed in various other languages: torsion fields, Meyl vortices/scalar waves etc.

10 The New Paradigm is Ready... where is the Money? - Enough talking & fighting amangst "us" (main ideas are compatible - we just use different languages / wrong translations...) - The funds go to main-stream research, for stability / maintaining the current "order" (leads to cut-off progress, until critical mass is reached; debunkers abuse: to limited & afraid of change, or paid to sanction); - Need funds; petition at (bilions -> NSF: not bad, but now it's time to build a new protocol for distribution of research funds!)

11 Conclusions - Focus on obtaining funds is more important than debating the details; - Use high level languages and science interface (Feynman: physics vs. mathematics) - Modeling reality is a much simpler business (Math as an art will keep developing) - Physics should focus on low energies - Fundamental constants are invariants in disguise (Flows on networks, Hodge periods)

12 Greg, Please Add to Your To Do List :) - Break-through technology advances anyways (Tesla waves, magnetic motors and free energy), but aside mainstream research, and in spite of funding policy. - Must claim the funds, from "lion's share" :) - First step: NPA, support the speakers (GP 2 NSF - unlikely; world wide support - maybe:, - Second step: pay yourself :) etc. - THE END -

13 Additional selected bibliography - Volovich: Number Theory as the Ultimate Physics Theory (general ideas only); - L.M. I.: 1) arXiv: Feynman legacy, On the arrow of time; 2) ISU Talks on Multiplicative Number Theory;arXivISU Talks - Misner, C.; and Wheeler, J. A. (1957). "Classical physics as geometry". Ann. Phys. 2 (6): 525 (e & m as charges; EM on a network) - J. Post, Quantum reprogramming (More bibio available on request; individual instruction contra cost also available :)

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