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Dr. Tom Harris Professor Emeritus University of Alabama.

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1 Dr. Tom Harris Professor Emeritus University of Alabama

2  Demographic analysis  Dispel the myth of common sense  Rich portrait of where we are and are headed  The most striking social, racial and economic shifts in a century  “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they are not entitled to their own facts.”

3  New milieu—mixed race  Broad categories: Millennials (born after 1980, idealistic); Generation Xers (1965- 1980, Reactive); Boomers (1946-1964, idealistic); Silent Generation (1928-1945, adaptive).  2

4  Breakdown. 1960-85% white, 10% black, 4% all other  2010-64% white, 12% black,16% Hispanic, 5% Asian, 3% all other  Politics. 2012-most racially & ethnically diverse driven by Hispanic & Asian immigrants  Religion. No traditional religious belief or practice has increased in recent decades.

5  Generational Showdown. Demographic changes have left no realm untouched. Growing older, more unequal, more diverse, more mixed race, more digitally linked, more tolerant, less married, less Fertile, less religious, less mobile, & less confidant.  Immigration. Replenishes workforce.  Middle Class. Worst economic run since the Great Depression. Hallowing of the middle.

6  Boomers-having trouble coming to terms with getting old; Millennials – trouble growing up.  Generational interdependence. “It’s hard to start a generational war from your bedroom.” 40% boomeranged back home. Millennials at risk of being the first generation to have a lower standard of living. 10,00 Boomers retiring every day “Young and old are poles apart.”

7  Marriage. Fewer trying it.  Religion. No traditional religious belief or practice has increased in recent decades.

8  Millennials information ecosystem & social platforms vastly different – digital natives  Shift from relatively slow research process to a fast-paced, short-term exercise  Mobile connectivity  Networked individuals using information  Generation M (media). Graphic literacy & navigation literacy  3

9  Graying of the world’s population-enormous stress – because of better healthcare & fewer births.  History – life nasty, brutish, and short.

10  Education & Employment.  Biggest gap between those who didn’t go beyond high school and those that went to college.  Unemployment rate-3.8% college; 12 % high school.  College graduates- albatross of debt

11 1. They expect to start at the top 2. In spite of past successes, they have little experience in long-term employment, career development, or the cultural complexities of most organizations. 3. Facebook and other social networks are the chose form of interaction. 4. Meaningful experiences & work are very important to millennials. 5. Organizations preach collaboration and for this group collaboration is a core value. 6. Speed is inbred in their behaviors.

12  Where are we now?  Where do we want to be?  How do we get there?  How do we get the collaboration of key individuals?

13 1. Feeling of entitlement 2. Not “spoiled” 3. Praised & appreciated 4. Learn best by doing 5. Flexible and used to diversity 6. Appreciate flexible schedules and independence 7. Do not take criticism well 8. Ambitious 9. Salary is important 10. Good benefits 11. All (men and women) are confident

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