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Corporate 28th June 2011 Profile. ‘About us’ 28th June 2011.

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1 Corporate 28th June 2011 Profile

2 ‘About us’ 28th June 2011

3 About us 28th June 2011

4 Philosophy 28th June 2011 Airovient team to always stay focused on reducing the initial cost of the product / systems with an aim to operate at a bare minimum operational cost

5 Vision 28th June 2011 Establishing ‘Airovient’ as the Leadership brand in the ventilation industry and be recognized as a complete solution provider by delivering the highest quality of products & services to its esteemed customers

6 Mission 28th June 2011 Deliver high quality energy efficient products and services at a reasonable price to Real Estate Developers & HVAC organizations. Translating our services as value for our customers

7 28th June 2011 Our Commitments

8 Founder of Airovient offering 30 years of experience in fan industry. Excel in steering operations emphasizing on attaining overall organizational goals & objectives with an aim to service their customer with innovative cost effective solutions. 28th June 2011 The FounderThe Founder Dilip Kumar Nemani CMD

9 28th June 2011 Quality Policy At Airovient, we ensure International Standard quality processes are followed across our business process to deliver quality products and services which ensures high efficiency and committed results for our customer requirements.

10 28th June 2011 ‘Key services’

11 28th June 2011 Ventilation Systems Design Designed to Perform Airovient designs the most efficient and cost effective car parking ventilation systems. Airovient aims in delivering an optimum usage of air exchange rate on one hand while reducing the cost of implementation & operations on the other. It is an absolute measured deliverable by Airovient

12 Assessing the load requirement Selecting right mix of air moving devices that has low noise and energy efficient Defining logic of operation at varying pollution levels Analyzing and validating the design engineering through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Controls system is designed for automatic operation. These are with digital variable speed setup to reduce the operational cost. 28th June 2011 Ventilation Systems Engineering Engineered To Optimize

13 We seamlessly combine world-class technology with our engineering. Our Project Implementation follows standards which are best of practices From Project Initiation to Go-live scenario we follow work- breakdown-structure model to ensure every delivery milestones are implemented to our customers 100% satisfaction and meet our corporate philosophy 28th June 2011 Project Implementation Implemented to Perfection

14 Post implementation of projects, we conduct cold smoke test to demonstrate post fire smoke clearance, sight length and total time taken to completely clear the smoke. This test is the only practical tool to validate the system effectiveness. 28th June 2011 Compliance Certification Secured to Safety

15 ‘Landmark projects’ 28th June 2011

16 Statistics says

17 KOLKATA PROJECT OF BENGAL AMBUJA – Backdrop – This project, when planned, was supposed to get power supply from State Electricity Board after considerable delay as a reasons entire building was operable through its own power generation. – Client wish - Client preferred the system which could be run consuming bare minimum load. – Airovient solutions - We designed and executed this project in 2007 where we operated all the jet Induction units & smoke spill fans through VFD’s to regulate the speed depending upon the CO Level. – Result - The system on an average consumed only 11 KW load of the total installed load of 170 KW. Smoke clearance test was conducted and the design was validated. 28th June 2011 Rajarhat, Kolkata City Centre New Town

18 PROJECT OF DAINIK BHASKAR GROUP – Airovient Solution - System installed is based on 12 & 30 ACH during normal pollution & Fire Mode but the operational logic was designed to achieve between 2 ACH and 6 ACH maximum step-lessly depending upon the CO level. – Result - The system draws only 22 KW on an average against installed load of 352 KW. 28th June 2011 Bhopal D B Mall

19 A PROJECT OF TISHMAN SPEYER & ICICI VENTURE – Backdrop – Wave-Rock has a world class office campus serving over 20,000 professionals, providing 2.45 million sq.ft. of Class A office space in a Special Economic Zone. The project is LEED certified green building – Client wish - Reduce carbon foot-prints – Airovient Solution - Two level basement having parking area of 46821 sq m where we engineered and provided ventilation using only 363 KW load as against tender load of 874 KW – Result – A net saving of 511 KW giving client huge saving in both capital cost and operating cost 28th June 2011 TSI WAVEROCK – Hi-tech City Hyderabad SEZ GREEN BUILDING

20 Airovient Solution - We helped the client convert the system from using 2 speed exhaust fans to single speed fans with correct estimation on load and from manual to fully automatic system with DCV feature Result - 20% cost was reduced in spite of the system being automatic following DCV philosophy Current Status - Tower 2 & 3 is also under execution 28th June 2011 India Bulls – Finance Centre Parel – Mumbai Tower 1

21 A PROJECT OF TATA GROUP Airovient Solution - Fully automated system with demand control philosophy using combination of Jet Induction & Impulse fans and smoke spill fans. Results - Consumes only 14% of the installed load in 6 & 12 ACH system. 28th June 2011 Tata Communications BKC – Mumbai

22 28th June 2011 Project Realizations

23 28th June 2011

24 ‘Connect us’ 28th June 2011

25 Geo-spread

26 28th June 2011

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