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Multimedia Presentation Part One

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1 Multimedia Presentation Part One
Shavone Smith

2 Students running Technology
When teachers help students use technology in ways that students wouldn’t think possible their faces light up. Students enjoy doing their schoolwork or homework with technology. Students are realizing that schoolwork can be fun and engaging to them while they use technology. Some students get excited about wanting to do their school work or homework with technology because they really like to use technology in their free time in the first place. Therefore, students are wanting to learn and gain basic information from some kind of technology.

3 Ways children need to know how to run some kind of media.

4 What children gain from technology.
It enhances their thinking skills. Enhances their learning. Enhances their media skills. Technology helps them with their research when they have to write a research paper. Teachers are seeing improvements from their students.

5 Children Gaining Knowledge from Technology

6 Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom.
Children expand more when they are able to use technology. Students find homework fun and exciting. Everyday students want to go to school. Teachers want to teach more about from math to science as well as making sure each of their students are having fun with learning. Cons: Sometimes children don’t want to pay attention when they have a technology device in front of them which they want to do something else. Some students find homework harder due to them not knowing how to go onto something that they need to use like power point. Some students still don’t want to get up for school. Some teachers find technology as a distraction in their classrooms.

7 Positives and Negatives of having Technology in the classroom

8 Inspite of Having pros and cons of technology in the classroom
Even though technology has its pros and cons in the classroom it can still be beneficial to the average classroom. What I mean by that is students get excited about having technology in the classroom since they use it in their free time at home in the first place. Each child learns differently so technology can be a huge positive for them because it does really excite each child when they get to use technology in the classroom. Every student looks forward to gaining some kind of knowledge so it is very crucial that they learn it in a way that will excite them so technology can be used in so many positive ways in spite of cons.

9 Inspite of having pros and cons by using technology in the classroom.

10 The End

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