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Unit 2 Vocabulary.

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1 Unit 2 Vocabulary

2 Words 1-5 1. adjourn: (v.) to postpone, to discontinue. 2. alien: (n.) a citizen of another country; (adj.) foreign, strange 3. comely: (adj.) having a pleasing appearance, attractive 4. compensate: (v.) to make up for; to repay for services 5. dissolute: (adj.) loose in one’s morals or behavior , immoral

3 Completing the Sentence Words 1-5
1. The fact that you say you are truly sorry does not __________________ for the pain I have suffered as a result of your cruelty. 2. The speaker advised us not to imitate the ________________ kind of person who engages in illegal activities. 3. When it is time to end one of our meetings, a member must make a motion to _____________________. 4. People coming from other cultures may view our way of life as _________. 5. Though she is not a beautiful woman she is certainly ______________ and appealing.

4 Words 6-10 6. erratic: (adj.) irregular or inconsistent; different from what is ordinarily expected; undependable 7. expulsion: (n.) the process of driving or forcing out 8. feint: (n.) a deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense (v.) to make a deceptive movement 9. fodder: (n.) food for horses or cattle 10. fortify: (v.) to strengthen, build up

5 Completing the Sentence Words 6-10
1. Though he had a great sinker ball, he was so __________________ on the mound that fans started to call him “Wild Pitch Hickok.” 2. Their so-called peace initiative proved to be nothing more than a clever _________________ designed to lull the enemy into a false sense of security. 3. Some people drink quantities of orange juice and swallow vitamin C tablets in a valiant attempt to _________________ themselves against winter colds. 4. The farmer must provide storage facilities for the ________________ he plans to set aside for his cattle during the long winter. 5. He was a changed young man after his dissolute behavior earned him an ________________ from West Point for “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.”

6 Words 11-15 11. illegible: (adj.) difficult or impossible to read 12. jeer: (v.) to make fun of rudely or unkindly; (n.) a rude remark 13. lucrative: (adj.) bringing in money; profitable 14. mediocre: (adj.) average, ordinary, undistinguishable 15. proliferate: (v.) to produce, increase, or spread rapidly

7 Completing the Sentence Words 11-15
1. When the national economy is expanding, new housing developments begin to _______________________; when times are lean, construction slacks off. 2. A(n) _____________________ student is one who neither fails any subject nor receives any marks that are above average. 3. Despite all my efforts to make this a(n) _____________________ enterprise, it continues to lose money. 4. Their only response to my warnings was to ___________________ at me and go ahead with their plans. 5. Our doctor’s handwriting is so ________________________ that my brother used one of his prescriptions as a teacher’s pass.

8 Words 16-20 16. subjugate: (v.) to conquer by force, bring under complete control 17. sully: (v.) to soil, stain, tarnish, pollute 18. tantalize: (v.) to tease, torment by teasing , to tempt 19. terse: (adj.) brief and to the point 20. unflinching: (adj.) showing no signs of fear, not drawing back

9 Completing the Sentence Words 16-20
1. A telegram was usually as __________________ as possible, since there was a charge for every word used. 2. To enlarge the areas under their control, kings of old sent out their armies to ____________________ their neighbors. 3. In spite of all the adverse criticism her ideas have received, she remains ____________________ in her determination to improve our community. 4. The thoroughly disgraceful behavior of a few dissipated officers effectively _____________________ the honor of the entire unit. 5. How can you be so cruel as to ___________________ those poor dogs by offering them tidbits that you will never let them have?

10 SYNONYMS Found myself in unfamiliar territory _____________________
Ordered to reimburse the victims of the real estate scam_________________ The powerful ruler tried to gain control of other countries_______________________ A reputation for being unpredictable ______________________ Ordered the eviction of those who had not paid their rent__________________ Dodged to the left and ran for a touchdown _____________________ A supply of necessary food for our animals__________________ Written in an indecipherable scribble ______________________ Stop the discussion because of the late hour ________________ A brief answer _________________________________

11 Antonyms An virtuous lifestyle _________________
Handwritten text that was comprehensible _______________ Delivered a verbose speech about the economy ___________________ The villagers were forced to yield to the invaders ___________________ Judged the work to be exceptional __________________

12 Choosing the Right Word
We all experience fear and panic, but the leader of a great nation must be able to (tantalize, subjugate) such emotions. Though a veteran soldier is often a well-tuned fighting machine, a raw recruit must be trained to avoid becoming cannon (feint, fodder). His behavior was so (erratic, terse) that we never know what to expect from him. When I first noticed how (illegible, lucrative) my roommate’s handwriting was, I suggested that he sign up immediately for a course in penmanship. I would be unwilling to vote for the (expulsion, fodder) of club members just because they are behind in their ideas. The desire to force everyone to accept the same set of ideas is completely (illegible, alien) to the spirit of democracy. After the formal dinner was over, we (adjourned, tantalized) to the den in order to continue our conversation in a more relaxed atmosphere. At one point in our fencing match, my opponent unexpectedly (sullied, feinted) to the left and threw me completely off guard.

13 Choosing the Right Word
9. The Rake’s Progress paints a grim and uncompromising picture of some of the more (dissolute, alien) and degrading aspects of human behavior. In my opinion, his writing is so bad that he will have to improve a great deal just to reach the level of (mediocrity, compensation). To keep my self-respect, I must stand (comely, unflinching) before the authorities and tell them the truth as I see it. For centuries people have turned to the support of their friends and family to (fortify, proliferate) themselves against the shocks of daily life. “No,” she said, “I won’t (sully, adjourn) your ears by repeating those mean and nasty rumors. All great athletes should know that the same fans who are cheering them today may be (jeering, subjugating) them tomorrow. As soon as I entered that charming little cottage, I noticed that everything in it was neat and (erratic, comely). Over the years I’ve noticed one thing about rumors: Where the facts are few, the fictions (proliferate, fortify). A best-selling book that is then made into a movie may be more (dissolute, lucrative) than the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

14 Choosing the Right Word
18.The nation was faced with a (dilemma, brigand) in which to advance or to retreat might endanger its vital interests. 19. The organization of some government agencies is so (cumbersome, perennial) that it is all but impossible to know who is responsible for various activities. 20. How can you expect to succeed at your new job when you are (diffused, predisposed) to believe that its “not right” for you? 21. After we agreed on the lineup of songs, we then (salvaged, deadlocked) over the choice of a name for our band. 22. When his precious collection of (perennials, debris) was torn up and trampled, the gardener was first heartbroken, then angry. 23. Although he was the world’s expert on the subject, his lectures were so (unbridled, diffuse) that even his greatest fans grew bored. 24. When we discovered that she had never completed college, we knew that her claims of having once been a lawyer were (spurious, opinionated). 25. In spite of weeks of practice, he made a (breach, muddle) of his performance.

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