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Brain States: Learning to Read Children’s Behaviors

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1 Brain States: Learning to Read Children’s Behaviors
A Conscious Discipline® Presentation Presented by: Belinda Lorch, CDCI BrainBridge Connections® with Conscious Discipline®


3 Sound familiar? “Mom, she’s touching me!” “I HATE math!”
“Why do I have to unload the dishwasher?” “He took my doll!” “I never get to do anything fun!” “Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! Moooooooom!” “You’re the worst mom in the world!! I hate you!”




7 1-800-842-2846
Survival State


9 S.T.A.R. Stop Take a deep breath And Relax You’re safe. Breathe with me. You can handle this.

10 Emotional State COMPLAINING JUDGMENT BLAMING “He is touching me”
“Moooomm, when are we going to get there” JUDGMENT “She always get to sit in the front” BLAMING “He is touching me” Namecalling, Whining and Tattling Developmental Age 15 months-4 years old



13 Emotional State


15 Executive State (Problem Solving)

16 These skills are only accessible when the child is responding from their executive state
Child does not start assignments (dilly dallies) and is not finished Child is constantly off task; in that time disrupts others Child hits, pushes, grabs in his interaction with others Child is verbally abusive to others & disrespectful to teacher Attention- sustain in spite of distractibility Time Management Organization Planning/Prioritization Working Memory- hold info in memory while doing tasks Impulse Control- think before you act Flexibility- revise plans Empathy- see from another’s point of view Metacognition- observe self Goal Achievement- follow through Task Initiation

17 When you feel stressed you lose access to Pre-Frontal Lobe Skills
Children who have A.D.D. = 20% less of these skills to begin with.

18 Frontal Lobe Development
Just before age 2 – development begins 4 ½ - 8 – Big growth spurt 11-12 – Another growth spurt Teen (13 – 16) – Offline 18 – 19 – Frontal Lobe comes back online 25 – Fully Matured!!

19 Life comes at us through our Limbic System


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