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Diagnosis und Therapy of Subacute Infections with Applied Kinesiology Bacteria and Virus Dr. Gerhard Friedl Vienna, 26. - 28. May 2006.

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1 Diagnosis und Therapy of Subacute Infections with Applied Kinesiology Bacteria and Virus Dr. Gerhard Friedl Vienna, 26. - 28. May 2006

2 2 Study at the orthopedic station Wr. Neustadt 20 hip-TEP, knee-TEP infections (2000/2001) Possibilities with AK with acute infection: Diagnose bacteria infection Find the proper antibiotics Recognize side effects Differentiate: Bacteria - virus Differentiate wound secretion: Infection Healing process disturbed Allergic reaction from material Determine the shortest duration of antibiotic therapy

3 3 Early diagnosis of subacute infections Difficulties in diagnosing Clinical: No typical infection symptoms Positive acclamation from patient confirming AK - diagnosis: Coughing in the morning, urinating often, „yes, since I have been sick, I´m feeling fatigue“,... Labor: No or minimal inflammation signs Blood sedimentation sometimes increases CRP negative  AK determines subacute infections

4 4 Diagnosis of infections with AK

5 5 Diagnosis of subacute BAKTERIA infections with AK Examination : GHT NC: Zink, vitamin C No reaction to multivitamines! H: Liver 14 right! Alarmpoint liver NC: Liver 14 right through proper antibiotics, … DTL: Lymph 1 (left or right) + Liver 14 right

6 6 Diagnosis of subacute VIRUS infection with AK Examination: GHT NC: Zink, vitamin C DTL: Ly 1 – KG 17 No DTL Liver 14 right! NC: KG 17 through zink, vit C, homeopathy... Exception: Mycoplasma – NC: KG 17 through proper antibiotics Only cell membrane, no cellwall Histological tissue reaction primary lymphozytical!

7 7 LOCALISATION of the subacute bacteria infection with AK DTL: Infected region Sinus cavaties, Joint Insect bite point … Alarmpoint infected organ + Ly 1 or Liver 14 right Li 14 right + testmuscel associated to the infected organ DTL: Li 14 right - Rectus femoris NC: Li 14 right through antibiotics… Infection of small intestine

8 8 Determine antibiotic side effects with AK Optimal antibiotics In spite of oral contact normotonus of all alarm points Especially stomach, intestine, kidney, forehead ZNS side effects – especially gyrase inhibitors! Warning: The patient must get the prescribed antibiotic!

9 9 Indirect clinical hints to a subacute infection Anamnesis Magnetic field, galvanic therapy, injections worsen symptoms NSAR mitigate, doesn`t work long term Cortison Improves abruptly, symptoms appear again after cancelling the medication Troubles with sleep Wake up:  1-3 am in the morning  4-6 am in the morning while septic processes Sleep is not restful

10 10 Indirect clinical hints to a subacute infection BACTERIA AND VIRUS Tongue signs for infection Slightly white film Free standing fine, bright red papills at the tip of the tongue and collateral

11 11 Therapy of subacute bacteria infections

12 12 Therapy of subacute bacteria infections with AK in my orthopedic practice 2001 – 2003 Therapy with the proper antibiotic (AK-tested) Alternative: Optimal homeopathic Any switching, any TL, any meridian normoton – Criteria cannot always be fulfilled! Search for alternatives: Deficient compliance Skin disease Stomach - intestinal diseases Pregnancy

13 13 Treatment of infections with potentated blood (Baden-Baden 2003) 1 drop of blood + mixed homeopathics (Heel) + vials prepared with 100 drops of 30% alcohol – potencies C7 - C12 Adults: Up to 6 subcutaneous injections Children: Oral therapy (5 drops) Questions: Alternative to antibiotics? Is it possible to determine the optimal potency with AK? Would adults also benefit to oral treatment? Is it possible to produce the potentated blood cheaper? How can you recognize the effect of potentated blood with AK?

14 14 Potentated blood treatment modified with AK 100 drops 30% quality- cognac in 30ml vails + 1 drop of blood + mixed homeopathics NC at TL KG 17- Immune system, thymus Potentated until NC: Liver 14 right Normal tension remains 2-4 potencies, afterwards liver 14 right is in hypertension again

15 15 Studies: Therapy of subacute bacteria infections 1. Blood + AK- tested mixed homeopathics NC Li 14 right: C 35 – 46 78 patients Colleague, homeopath: „ This is isopathy. Results are from the homeopathics!“ 2. Blood drop PURE NC Li 14 right: C 45 – C 66 18 patients 3. Blood + AK- tested local anaesthetic (LA) I took the blood out of the needle with a LA NC Li 14 right: C 24- C 26 291 patients 4. AK– tested local anesthetic intravenous: 160 patients

16 16 Therapy of subacute bacteria infections with Potentated blood and Intravenous Neural Therapy March 2004 until October 2005: Almost 10 % of the orthopedic patients had a subacute infection Treatment of 387 infections with potentated blood, 160 infections with intravenous neural therapy AK – infection controlle after one week 100 % negativ  Only 3 patients did not come to the control check

17 17 Resume: Therapy of subacute infections with Potentated blood Effective alternative to antibiotics when there is a subacute infection (acute?) Alternative when there is a subacute infection during pregnancy Positive effects for skin diseases Quick treatment, inexpensive, without side effects Disadvantage: No defence against reinfection compared to antibiotics

18 18 Resume: Therapy of subacute infections with Intravenous Neural Therapy Effective therapy against infections virus und bacteria Infections difficult to reach Teeth infections Implanted metal Minimal time exposure, inexpensive Unspecific „homeopathy“ Normalises immune reaction Influence on scars

19 19 Treatment of infections Treating the bacteria Eradication of the bacteria Antibiotics Neutralisation of the bacteria Homeopathy, potentated blood therapy, Neural therapy... Treating the results of the infection Inflammation Pathologic muscle tension Blockages Swelling Synovitis  Relief of symptoms after treating the results of the infection!

20 20 Two phases of treatment 1.week: Avoid strong stimulation! Orthomoleculare therapy Vit C, zink, b + zink (HOT), magnesium iv. NSAR Acupuncture Meridian balancing Alimentation regards Acid – base balance, FX Mayr guidelines … From 2.week on: No restrictions! Every method which reaches normotonus

21 Subacute infection causing orthopedic complaints

22 22 Herniated disc Neuroforamenstenosis aggravated by infection Inflammation and swelling as a result of infection causes complete compression of the nerve Due to the treatment of infection resulting in freedom of pain!

23 23 Spondylodiscitis Clinic: Deep-seated pain with every movement Pain increases during night Radiological: Corresponding vertebral – edema of neighbouring vertebrals unsharp figured upper- and baseplate DD: Osteoporosis - Infection Differenciation with AK Therapy: Eradication of bacteria Highly dosed vit C infusions, magnetic field therapy

24 24 Nerve compression syndromes Carpal-, Tarsaltunnel-, Scalenus syndrome Increase of muscel tension caused by the infection Pulmonal infection – neck, sholders Urogenital infection – lumbal pain Synovialitis of tendons Reduced capacity when there is an infection Inflammation increases when overloading Swelling of tissue Insufficiency of liver Hormone disbalance + infection Lymph accumulation, -drainage disturbed

25 25 Arthritis 1. Pre - arthrosis Many years no pain! Suddenly pain without cause! 2. Overloaded joint Local synovitis aggravated by the infection 3. No pre disposition Reactive, synovia inflammation in spite of minimal load  Free from pain after therapy!

26 26 Back pain Pain in the neck, thoracal, headache ascendent Infection pulmonal – pleura – thoracic muscles HNO-, Sinus cavites – Adler-Langer reflex zones Lower back pain very often first symptom of an infection in the urinary tract Infection urogenital- psoas- lumbar spina Lymph reflex zones lumbal- Infection urogenital, enteral

27 27 Hidden bacteria infections in auto immune diseases

28 28 Rheumatoide Arthritis (12) M. Reiter (3) Psoriasisarthritis (3) M. Boeck (1) M. Hashimoto (1) Osteomyelofibrosis (1) Blood treatment periodically necessary Potentated blood therapy Orthomoleculare substitution For 2 jears normal blood count, good general condition Myositis ossificans (1): CK values increased in spite of therapy – friction to chalk in the muscel? No more worsening! Remission achievable! Often: Infection + parasites

29 29 Subacute infections urogenital

30 30 Cystitis resistent against therapy (5) Recurrent abortus (10) Controll the partner! Often subacute infection! Patient and partner (90%)! Synchrone therapy of infection necessary! Cystitis disappears Desire to have children: Untroubled pregnancy after synchrone therapy

31 31 What happens, if nobody diagnoses the infection: Positive way Sometimes immune system strong enough - acute symptoms occur, which will be treated properly Eradication of the bacteria when an infection anywhere else is treated Treatment with LA works against infection Infaust way Continuously infection Chronification of complaints Immunological Dys-, Overreaction Take medications with many side effects Medication against side effects Psychic symptoms Inability to work Social, financial, family burden

32 32 Summary: Importance of AK with subacute infections

33 33 Diagnosis Sensational method to diagnose subacute infections! Harmless infections Impressive for the patient Grave infections Auto immune diseases Resistent complaints: Seronegativ, clinical no hint for infection  Only clinical, radiological or laborchemical noticeable infections will be treated adequate!

34 34 Therapy Possibilities with AK : 1.Select and control the effectivity of therapy 2.Control the pathway 3.Diagnose and treat the cause from the infection  Hyperacid situation  Vitamine-, mineral deficiency  Blockages …

35 35 Thanks! George Goodheart for the gift of AK all AK- teachers many friends and coleagues for valueable discussions

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