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The Crusader States And the Military Orders. The Modern Middle East.

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1 The Crusader States And the Military Orders

2 The Modern Middle East

3 ME in 6 th Century

4 The Strategic Setting A Bi-Polar World Two Major Powers –Sassanian Persia –Byzantine Empire –World War for Ten Years

5 Mean Rainfall Determines All

6 The Hydraulic Theory Too little water Unevenly delivered in space and time. Drought drives waves of immigration. Such a drought drove Islamic expansion.

7 Muhammad

8 Allah

9 The Shahada

10 Early Expansion

11 Early Stability Equilibrium quickly reached. Christian pilgrimages permitted Holy Land in the hands of Egyptian Fatimids in 11 th Century.

12 Seljuk Turks Ended That Battle of Manzikert in 1071 Byzantine Defeat Catastrophe for Christendom Emperor appealed to pope for help in spite of schism.

13 Seljuq Turk Invasion

14 Onset of the Turks Manzikert 1071

15 Seljuqs

16 Emperor Alexis Comnenus

17 Urban II Preaching the Crusade

18 Clermont

19 An Armed Pilgrimage

20 Muhammad’s Trip to Paradise

21 Crusader Routes

22 Alexius Comnenus

23 Anna Comnena

24 Godfrey, Bohemund and Tancred

25 Raymond of Toulouse

26 Christ Leading the Crusaders

27 Dorylaeum

28 The Siege of Jerusalem 1099

29 Jerusalem Besieged 1099

30 Godfrey and his men at the Stone of Anointment

31 May God Forgive Me

32 Duke Godfrey of Bouillon “Advocate of the Holy Sepulchre”

33 Royal Arms of Jerusalem

34 The Crusader States

35 The Holy Sepulchre

36 12 th Century Knight

37 Near East 1135

38 Founder of the Hospitallers The Blessed Gerard



41 Templars

42 After the Fight

43 An Aged Templar

44 Teutonic Knight


46 Kerak of Moab

47 Belvoir Castle

48 Shawbak Castle

49 Krac des Chevaliers

50 The Moat at Krac des Chevaliers

51 Kerak Castle

52 Another View of Kerak

53 Baldwin’s Leper Mask

54 Baldwin the IV and William of Tyre

55 The King Baldwin IV

56 Saladin

57 Sybilla, Queen of Jerusalem

58 Guy De Lusignan

59 Battle of Hattin

60 Defeat at Hattin

61 Defense of Jerusalem 1187

62 After Hattin 1190

63 The Military Orders

64 The 3 rd Crusade

65 King Richard at Acre

66 A Modern Muslim Image of Saladin

67 King Richard

68 The 13 th Century

69 Emperor Manuel Comnenus

70 Crusade in Egypt

71 Defense of Acre 1292


73 The Defense of Rhodes by the Hospitallers

74 Bodrum, St. Peter’s Castle

75 Muslim Distribution

76 ME Ethnicity

77 Knights in Prayer

78 In the Name of God…

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