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Aravind Chinchure Reliance Innovation Leadership Center, Pune November 14, 2013 Opportunities and Challenges of Inclusive Innovation.

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1 Aravind Chinchure Reliance Innovation Leadership Center, Pune November 14, 2013 Opportunities and Challenges of Inclusive Innovation

2 2 This presentation is based on my experience and interaction with industry leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs etc. It is my personal view and not that of my company

3 My Experience 3 R & D IP Innovation Strategy Policy My associations (Examples); Europe - Max Plank Institutes - TU, Dresden - Oxford University - PSI, Zurich - USA - MIT - Harvard - Stanford + Development, Entrepreneurship, Investments, etc. - Mentor to several startups - Advisor to the Govt. of India and state governments, industry body

4 Acknowledgement 4 Dr. R.A. MashelkarProf. C.K. PrahaladDr. Gururaj Deshpande

5 5 Inclusive Innovations Frugal Nanovation Gandhian Engineering Indovation East to West Reverse Innovation Jugaad New words/phrases on innovation in the dictionary

6 Why Inclusive Innovation?  1.4 billion people in the world live below an income of US$1.25 per day, and  2.6 billion live below the US$ 2 level worldwide ( That’s a cost of Starbucks Coffee or a pack chocolate..)  75 percent of India’s population live on income of US$2 a day or less.  Emerging middle class with strong aspirations NEW MARKET OPPORTUNITY WITH SOCIAL IMPACT 6

7 7 ACCESS EQUALITY In-spite of ECONOMIC INEQUALITY Technology is a Greatest Equalizer Leads to “including” the “excluded”

8 8 Inclusive Innovations - Indian Examples

9 9

10 10

11 Chaired a session at Development Dialogue on “Technology for Growth” 11 Anup Akkihal, CEO, Logistimo Neil Patel, CEO of Awaaz.De. Sorin Grama CEO, Promethean Power

12 Anup Akkihal 12

13 Neil Patel 13

14 Sorin Grama 14

15 Anup, Neil and Sorin left good corporate jobs and life in US to solve India’s local/social problems through inclusive innovation 15 There are more….

16  Founders of Forus clearly understood that blindness is a very serious global problem and more so in emerging countries with 80% of blindness are needless.  3nethra is an intelligent, portable, non-invasive, non-mydriatic, low cost device that helps in pre-screening of five eye major diseases - cataract, diabetic retina, glaucoma tools, and cornea issues  1/6th the collective cost of the current devices used presently 16

17 Inclusive Innovation – Global Efforts 17

18 Prof. George Whitesides  A Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Professor at Harvard University.  One of the most decorated living Scientist in the world  Author of over 1000 research publications He is not only the world's most-quoted chemist, but also reportedly the most-cited scientist in any discipline.  Holds over 100 patents in fields running from chemistry and nanotechnology to materials science and molecular biology  Co-founder of 12 companies with a combined market capitalization of over $30 billion. 18 Co-founder/Advisor to; 1.Genzyme, USA 2.GelTex, USA 3.Theravance 4.Surface Logix 5.WMR Biomedical 6.Rohm and Haas 7.Nano-Terra 8.Diagnostics for All 9.Others

19 19

20 20 paper = i. pre-bake ii. align under a mask i. expose to UV light ii. post-bake i. develop ii. wash “Zero Cost” Diagnostics from Prof. George Whitesides glucose protein hydrophobic polymer hydrophilic paper soak in photoresist Any one of us could have thought of the idea of using paper for diagnostics applications!! Paper based new diagnostic technology being developed at Harvard for developing countries like India Prof. Whitesides is developing simple and low cost diagnostics technology to cater to the needs poor Indians and other developing countries

21 21

22 22

23 Understanding Inclusive Innovations 23

24 24 Inclusive Innovation RELEVENCE + INNOVATION = IMPACT Frontier/Technological Innovation INNOVATION + RELEVANCE = IMPACT Inclusive Innovations

25 Relevance based Innovations - Examples 25

26 26 Framework for Inclusive Innovations?

27 27 Getting More from Less from Less Engineering Challenge

28 Example – More from Less 28 Paid US $ 700

29 Computer 2 decades before 29

30 Today’s Computers 30 US $ 400 – 1000 Can we have a laptop for US $ 50?

31 31 2.6 billion people Income- Less than $2 a day

32 32

33 Examples of Innovations from India 33 ProductsFromTo Psoriasis Treatment$20000$100 Artificial Foot$12000$28 Hepatitis B Vaccine$18$0.4 Cataract Surgery$3000$30 High Performance at Ultra Low Cost

34 34 Getting More From Less For More (MLM) This means the design and development of products and services with more performance, from less material, less cost, less time, less environmental pollution and for the benefit of not just a privileged few but for more and more people on this planet

35 Opportunities and Challenges of Inclusive Innovation 35

36 New market opportunity 36

37 Doing well by doing good 37

38 If you make a product for poor rich will buy 38

39 39 Inclusive Innovation is not only about technology/product performance – it is also about innovating in business model

40 40 Break the barrier that Functionality and Cost are linear – Affordable Excellence

41 41 Aspiration and Resources It is more about aspiration and less on resources

42 42 Inclusive innovation requires inspired senior/middle level Leadership

43 43 Inclusive Innovation – Products and Solutions need to be  AVAILABLE  ACCESSIBLE  ACCEPTABLE

44 44 To Conclude…

45 45 We have an opportunity to create a new ERA

46 Products and Solutions are developed with;  E XCELLENCE – HIGH QUALITY  R ELEVANCE, and  A FFORDABLE Leads to inclusion of excluded & Making difference to society and world at large….. A new ERA where 46

47 The big question that remains unanswered is “HOW” to create new ERA THANK YOU Aravind Chinchure 47

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